Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 18


Recap:Meher and Sneha patch up in the party.

Abeer puts ring in Meher’s finger.Meher puts ring in Abeer’s finger.They get engaged.Meher smiles.She suddenly wakes up and realizes she was dreaming.She smiles remembering the dream.She gets Abeer’s call.
Meher:Main 10 mins aajoungi college.I overslept(I will reach college in 10 mins.O overslept)
Abeer:Ohh chashmish! Apni spec lagao aur calendar ko ek baar dekho!(Ohh chashmish!Put ur spec and take a look at ur calendar.)
She looks at the calendar and comes to know its sunday.
Abeer:Mere pyaar mein itni pagal ho gayi ho ke mujhse milne ke liye itne betaab ho?(R u so mad in my love that u r eager to meet me?)U didnt even notice that its sunday today.
They smile.
Meher:I have to get ready now.Bye.
Abeer:Bye Chashmish!
They end the call.

She comes out of washroom and dries her hair.She imagines Abeer watching her and smiles.She turns and he disappear.She smiles and dances crazily.

Abeer searches his guitar in his room.He imagines Meher coming to him and giving him his guitar.He tries to hug her but she disappears.He smiles and plays the guitar happily.Mere nishaan…plays…..

Meher comes to Malhotra Mansion.She is wearing a red blouse with a black with red dots long dress.She is also wearing a red circled-shaped earrings.She has a scarf on her neck.She rings the doorbell.Madhvi opens the door and gets happy seeing her.
Madhvi:Are Meher! Andhar aao(Are meher! Come inside)
Meher smiles and goes in.
Meher:Wo Aunty, mere yaha jagrata hain.Tho aap ae ge na?(Actually aunty, i have veneration at mine so…will u go?)
Madhvi:of course i will come, but….u know Abeer doesnt believe in all this…i am not sure if he will come!
Meher:Should i try?

Meher runs up the stairs.She clashes with Kuber and all his files fall.She gets tensed and looks at him.
Meher:Sorry uncle….
He tries to speak but Madhvi intervens and pulls Kuber with him.She winks at meher.Meher smiles and goes.

She knocks Abeer’s door.He opens the door and gets surprised seeing her!
Abeer:What r u doing here…
Meher:Wo mere ghar mein…..jagrata….(in my house……Veneration..)
Abeer:Meher u know i dont believe in all this….
Meher(with an innocent face):please.
He hesitates but agress for her.
She turns to go but he pulls her closer….Mere rubaru…plays….
He romances with her and they smile.

Precap:Kuber taunts Meher.She replies back.Kuber is stunned.Meher winks at Abeer.Abeer smiles.

Hey guys plzzz give me ideas….give ur fav ff’s writter ideas please……comment how it was… u loads….

Credit to: heera

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  1. I think u should make abeer realise his love by injuring mehar becoz abeer will be concerned about her

  2. Awaited for nxt epi
    Lob mehbeer

  3. Heera nice episode but 1 thing jagarath is before dasahara u know that, ok continue

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