Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 16


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Recap:Mehbeer dining with Bajirao Mastani

Meher cries on the floor.Just then,she gets a message from Abeer asking her to come at Paradise Restaurant.
She wipes her tears and gets ready.
She reaches the restaurant and sees the restaurant empty and decorated.
Flowers shower on her and she looks on surprisingly.

Abeer pulls her closer and dance romantically with her.Janam Janam……plays……
He then bends on his knees and apologizes to her.He cries and kisses her hand.She cries happily and hugs him.He romances with her……
Abeer:Waise bohat bhaou khati ho!(By the way,u gain too much attention!)
Meher:Han han, as if tum bohat ache ho!(Yes yes, as if u are too good!)
They laugh.She turns to go but he holds her and pulls her closer.Mere nishaan…..plays…..
She smiles and blushes.

He returns her home.She smiles and kisses him on his cheek and goes.

Next morning,Meher reaches college.She meets Sneha.
Meher:Sneha main…….
Sneha ignores her and goes.
Meher gets sad and goes to abeer.
Abeer:Kya hua Chashmish! Bhukar hain?(What happened Chashmish!Ill?)
He smiles cutely!
Meher:Sneha mujhse baat hi nahi kar rahi hain! Kuch samajh nahi aa rahi hain kya karoun?(Sneha isnt talking to me!I dont understand what to do?)
Abeer gets an idea and tells her something in her ears.She smiles and hugs him happily.
Abeer:Kuch tho sharam karo!(Have some shame!)
She beats him and they smile.

Meher announces that she is keeping a party in heaven hall tonight.
Meher:Main chahti houn ke mere sab apne aae(i want that all my loved ones come)(pointing to Sneha)
Meher winks to Abeer.He smiles and goes to Nissar.
Abeer:Aaj ki party mein aa raha hain na?(Hope u r coming in today’s party?)
Nissar:Agar sneha aegi tho…..(if sneha comes then….)
Abeer:Oho!!! Looks like someone is in love!
Abeer teases Nisar and smiles.

Precap:Meher sings for Sneha.Sneha and Meher cry…..

Credit goes to:Heera

Sorry for the late and short update guys….plzzz comment and give me ideas…..i dont know what to write next thats why i am not writing everyday… u loads

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  1. Nice…miss u mehbeer

  2. New year celebrations, compleated their college days and goto their marrage

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