Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 14


Recap:Mehbeer’s separation.

Meher falls down infront of Abeer’s house.Abeer gets down his car and rushes to Meher.A car comes infront of them and stops.They turn out to be Bajirao And Mastani.They get concerned for Meher and rushes her to hospital.
Abeer:Thank u so much guys! Waise tum yahan apne film ki promotion ke liye ae ho?(By the way did u come here for ur film’s promotion).
Mastani:We came for promotion but landed up in hospital.
They all laugh.
Doctor comes and informs them that Meher gained consciousness.Abeer stands up to go but stops himself.He goes from there.Bajirao Mastani look at each other.Mastani goes to talk to Meher while Bajirao with Abeer.
Mastani:Ur love brought u here.
Meher:Kaha hain Abeer?(where is Abeer)
Mastani:Tumse goussa hain.(He is angry with u)
Meher cries and Mastani consoles her.She makes her realize Abeer’s love and concern for her.Meher looks on.She hugs mastani and cries.

Bajirao:Wo tera pehla pyaar hain aur tum usse chod do ge?(She is ur first love and u will leave her?)
Abeer:She does such thing.
Bajirao:Because she cares for u.
Abeer looks on.
He brings Abeer to Meher.
Bajirao mastani says that they will meet them tomorrow at their house and promise to patch them up.They leave.Mehbeer look at each other.They have an eyelock.He takes out medicine and give her.She takes it.He gives her water to drink without looking at her.She gets teary eyed and drinks the water.
He goes from there angrily.
Humari adhuri kahani…..plays….

Next morning, meher is at her house.She plays violon remebering Abeer.Mastani calls her and asks her to come to a restaurant tonight.She complies and ends the call.Bajirao calls her and says Abeer is not picking up the call,just inform him to come in the restaurant.She tries to say but the call was already disconnected.She gets ready in a silver long skirt and Pink blouse with a pink scarf on her neck.Her hair are open.She also wears a big circled-shaped pink earing.She looks beautiful.She was about to go just then she remembers Abeer telling she looks cute when wearing Spec.She smiles and puts it.She goes but slips at the door.The spec falls and break.She gets sad as Abeer gifted her.She still goes.

She arrives at Abeer’s house.She likes the house and smiles.
Meher:Tho miss Meher! Yehi hain teri sasural!(So miss meher!This is ur inlaws)
She shies and goes inside.Madhvi opens the door and looks at her.Meher takes her blessings and says she is Abeer’friend.
Madhvi:Meher right!!!
Just then Abeer comes downstair and sees Meher at the door.
Abeer:Rasta bhool gayi kya?Main madat karoun?(Did u forget ur route?Shall I help u?).
Madhvi:Abeer!!! Wo mehmaan hain!.(Abeer!! She is guest!).(turning to Abeer)come meher.
Abeer:Mehmaan nahi aafat ki poodiya hain maa!!!!(Not guest, She is problem herself)
Meher gets teary eyed after listening Abeer’s bitter words.She tries to tell him about Bajirao and Mastani inviting them but he scolds her a lot and goes.She tries to stop him and goes behind him.Madhvi looks on.

Meher runs upstair and asks Abeer to open the door.She has to talk to him.She cries and sits near the door.They both sit and cry…….Mere nishaan sad version……..plays…..

Kuber comes and looks on.
Kuber:Ohh tho tum ho meher!Jisne mere Abeer ko apne jaal mein phasane ki koshish ki?(ohhh! So u r meher!Who tried to trap Abeer?)
Meher:Uncle i…..
Kuber:Main kisi ki uncle nahi houn…Abeer ne tumhe reject ki uske baad bhi aagaye….(I am anyone’s uncle…U came here even after Abeer rejected u?)

He scolds her a lot and she cries.He says enough of her drama and drags her to the door while she keeps shouting abeer listen to me!

Kuber pushes her at the door.(Not push her on the floor).She looks at them teary eyed.

Precap:Meher and Abeer dance romantically while their eyelock continues.She is teary eyed.

Credit goes to:Heera

Sorry guys for the short episode….hey give me suggestions what can i write now plzzzzz…….Love u loads……plzzz suggest….

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