Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 13


Dear fans,i will seperate Mehbeer in the upcoming track but dont worry,they will reunite soon……

Recap:Akshat runs from marriage.Sneha asks Meher to make Abeer marry her.

Sneha:Kya hua meher?Nahi hoga tha tumse.Pata tha mujhe.Baate bare bare karte ho.(What happened Meher?Wont u be able to do this?U just talk big!).All these talks are good in books only.
Meher(cryingly):Main apni dosti nibhaoungi Sneha.(I will fulfill my friendship)
She goes behind the door and cries.She thinks
Meher:Sorry Abeer.Because of me u wil have to bear such a big punishment.

She comes in the hall and sees Abeer talking and laughing.She comes to to him and asks him to come with her.He complies.

She brings him to a room and closes the door.
Abeer:Wow chashmish!Mera faida utha na chahte ho?(Do u want to take my adavntage)
He smiles.
Meher asks him to swear on her that he will do as she says.He get serious seeing her crying.He swears on him.she cries and tells him that Akshat left the marriage.He gets angry.She then asks him to marry Sneha.She tells him about her conversations with Sneha.He is taken aback.
Abeer:U cant be serious Meher!Mujhe aisi mazak bilkul pasand nahi.Tum Sneha se baat karlo.Wo samajh jae gi.(I dont like this kind of joke.U talk to sneha.I am sure she will understand).
He tries to go but she stops him and cries.He cries and hug her.Humari adhuri kahaani…….plays……
She pleads to him.
He gets angry.
Abeer(teary eyed)(angrily):Iska matlab thats it? Main aur tum……..Tho phir mujhe Sneha se shaadi karna parega.Agar isme hi tumhaari khushi hain tho main karounga.Yehi tum chahti ho na.Par yeh mat bhool na Meher ke I love u!!!(Means thats it? I and u…….Then i will have to marry Sneha?If ur happiness lies in this marriage then i will do it.U want this right? But neve forget that……I love u Meher)
Meher nods and cries.She tries to hug him but he shoves her and goes.She sits on the bed and cries.She apologizes to him in heart.Mere nishaan sad version……..plays…..

The marriage starts.Meher comes to sneha and says i fulfilled my promise.Sneha ignores her and goes with Sasha who looks at Meher,sadly.Meher gets teary eyed.She closes her eyes and prays to lord to giver strength to be able to see their marriage.

She comes down with the bride.She sees Abeer in the groom’s attire with sehra,covering his face.She brings Sneha to mandap.She stands behind them and cries.The priest asks the parents to do the kanyadaan.The parents replies that they dont accept this marriage.They go away.Sneha turns to Meher and says To the priest that Meher will do their kanyadaan.Meher is shocked and looks at her.She steps forward and does their kanyadaan.She gets shocked seeing a thread in the groom’s hand.
Meher(thinks):Abeer ke haath mein tho thread nahi hain.Wo tho yeh sab nahi manta phir……(Abeer doesnt have thread in his hand…..In fact he doesnt believe in all that then……)
She looks at him suspiciously.She ties their dupatta and Stole together and continues looking at him.They take pheras and she cries.All shower flowers on them,except Meher who turns and cries.He then takes magalsutra and puts in on her neck.He takes sindoor(vermillion) and fills her maang(forhead).She closes her eyes and cries.The moment the priest announces that the marriage is completed,Meher runs to her room.She closes the door and cried badly sitting on the floor.Humari Adhuri kahani…….plays…..
Meher:I hope that u forgive me Abeer…..
Just then, someone inside the room claps.
Its Abeer!!!!He comes forward in lights.Meher is shocked to see him.
Abeer:Kya hua ?Bura laga na meher?Dard paucha na?Mujhe laga that jab tumne mujhe kisi aur ka bane ke liye kaha…(What happened?Did u felt bad?Did u felt hurt?Even i felt bad when u asked me to become someone else….)
She asks him he is supposed to be with Sneha…
He tells her that even he has a friend who like to sacrifice and thats Nisar.He married Sneha and not me.She remembers the thread and cries happily.She tries to hug him but he stops her and cries.She is surprised.
Abeer:If u can sacrifice me for ur friend then i dont think that u love me more than anyone else.Its better if we seperate now.She apologizes to him.
Meher:Abeer main aisi galti…..(Abeer i will not do this mistake again…)
Abeer:Aisi galti karoge(will do) meher and i am sure of that.
They suddenly fear of Sneha’s reaction and rush downstair.All are shocked too see Abeer.Sneha is super shocked.She looks at the groom and removes his sehra.She is shell shocked seeing Nisar.She says u and falls unconscious.Meher with other rush her to room.

After some time,Meher comes out of her room and looks for Abeer.Someone informs her that He has left.She sits down and cries.Tujhe yaad na meri aaye……plays…..
Abeer cries in his car.They reminisces their romantic and lovely moments together.Wind blows.It starts raining….Meher walks on the road,fully wet.She gets dizzy and falls down on the road.Abeer passes infront of her and stops his car.He looks on.

Precap:Meher comes to Abeer’s house.She cries and asks him to open the door.Kuber comes and looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Sorry guys if i hurt u by seperating Mehbeer…. i just thought to show how they would be desperate after the break up…….Donr forget to comment and love u loads….I am very happy that u all liked my ff…..keep liking and i’ll keep loving u 😉

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