Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 12


Recap:Mehbeer romance.Sneha and Akshat’s engagement.Meher slaps Akshat for hurting Sneha’s feelings.

Meher holds his collar angrily.
Meher:Tumhe kya laga?Tum meri bestfriend ke saath yeh harkat karoge aur hum tumhe chor denge?(What did u think?U will do this act with my bestfriend and will leave u?)
Akshat pretends to cry and apologizes to Meher.He falls in her feet.She says that if u r really repenting,Then marry Sneha tomorrow.Akshat is shocked but agrees.Meher gets happy and runs to Sneha’s room and tells her evrything.They both hug and are happy.

Next night,Its wedding,Preparations are on full swing.Meher is wearing a pink lehenga with her hair open.She is looking extremely beautiful.Abeer comes downstairs in a red sherwani(He is looking so hot!!!!) And gets mesmerized seeing Meher.Seizing the opportunity,He pulls Meher to a room and closes the door behind her.She has a plate full of flower.She throws flowers on him and tries to run but he pulls her closer and romances with her.He turns her and kisses her neck.He then twirls his finger in her hair and ears.She closes her eyes and blushes.He turns her towards him.Her hair falls on his face.He removes it and kisses her cheek,eyes.He switches off the lights and they kiss…..Mere nishaan……..plays….

Suddenly,Sasha calls Meher.Meher laughs as Abeer calls her Kabaab mein haddi(Bon in the chicken).The lights are still of.She tries to scream Sasha i am here but he pins her to wall and shuts her mouth while Sasha passes there without hearing them.They have an eyelock.Cute music…….plays……He tries to kiss her but she pushes him and goes.He smiles cutely!!!!!

A letter flies to Meher.She reads it and is shocked.It is written

“Dear Meher,
I returned so as to take revenge from u but unfortunately u escaped.But now the arrow has hit the target.I am leaving.I am destroying ur Friend’s life.Save her if u can.She would break down knowing that i have left as i loved u.Good luck Meher!!!!”

Meher cries after reading the letter.
Meher:this is ur misunderstanding that Sneha will hate me!

She comes to Sneha and sees her aready dressed up as a bride.
Sneha:Meher,has all the guests arrive?
Meher nods
Meher thinks:how should i tell u that ur marriage is broken!Akshat has left u!Just because of me!
She musters courage and tells Sneha everything and also that Akshat left because he loved her.Sneha is shocked and cries.She collapses on the floor,cryingly.Meher sits down and keeps her hand on Sneha’s shoulder.Sneha shoves her away.Meher falls and gets hurt.
Meher:I know that i am not forgivable.But please tell me one thing that i should do so that u forgive me!
Sneha:Sacrifice one of ur loved things or……
Sneha:or loved ones.
Meher is taken aback and asks what do u mean?
Sneha:Make Abeer marry me
Meher cries being shocked.She cant believe her ears.

Precap:Meher asks abeer to swear on her head that he will do anything she says.He says yes i swear.She asks him to marry Sneha.He is shocked.

Credit goes to;heera

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  1. Wow heera fentastic twist nice continue, small request dont stop bd written

  2. Very nice episode, interesting twist…precap very shocking. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Bd loving fan

    Dear writer ak request h we know mehbeer is little busy but can they reply once on are comments
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