Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 11

Recap:Akshat informs Meher and Abeer that he is gonna get married to Sneha.Abeet looks at him suspiciously.

Its morning,Meher,Abeer,Nisar and Sasha arrive at Sneha’s place.They are happy for her.Abeer goes with Nisar to Akshat while Meher goes with Sasha to Sneha.They help her get ready.Meher excuses herself, after getting Sneha ready and goes to get ready in another room.She wears a dark blue Lehenga with Golden embroidery.Her hair are open.She looks beautiful.She removes her hair from one side and tries to tie her blouse but in vain.Abeer passes there and looks at her.He sees no one is there and goes to her, smiling.Meher shouts Sasha please help me.
Abeer:Namaste madamji.Sasha Dulhan ke saath hain aur yeh naacheez apki madat ke liye aaya hain.(Hello madam.Sasha is busy with the bride and this useless is here to help u.)
She turns and says Abeer!!!!
He comes closer to her and pulls her.They have an eyelock.Mere nishaan….plays…..
Abeer:Ho gaya!(It happened)
Abeer:Apki blouse maine tie karli.(I have already tied ur blouse).
She gets surprised and looks at her blouse in the mirror.She shyingly smiles and looks at him.He holds her waist and says i brought something for u.She signs what? He shows her a kamarbhan.She gets happy.He makes her wear it.They have a romantic moment.

The enagement starts.Mehbeer, Sasha and Nisar come downstair.They bring Sneha and Akshat with them.Meher is standing near Sneha.Akshat intentionally was about to put ring in Meher’s finger,just then, Abeer says
Abeer:Oye kabutar! Pyaar mein itna andaa ho gaya hain ke yeh bhi nahi dekh raha hain ke wo Sneha hain ya nahi?(Oye pigeon!R u so blind in love that u didnt notice if its sneha or not).
Everyone laugh but Abeer looks at him.He gets thinking.Akshat apologizes and puts ring in Sneha’s finger.She does same.All clap.Abeer, infront of everyone bends on his knees and Forward his hand to Meher for a dance.She smiles and they dance on han hansi ban gaye…..plays….Akshat looks on and fumes but fake smiles.after dance,
Abeer:Wow chashmish! Prank ke saath saath theek thak dance bhi kar lete ho!(Wow chashmish!Along with playing.prank, u dance well).
She beats him and they laugh.

After engagement, The priest comes and checks their kundli.He says that their marriage will happen after a month only, not before that.They all get shocked.Sneha gets sad.Akshat on seeing that his plan is gonna fail, drags Sneha with him.Mehbeer look on.Akshat drags Sneha with her and warns her that if marriage did not happen in one week, he will leave her.She cried and asks how can he say that?He points finger at her and threatens her.She says that marriage will happen only when our kundli matches.He holds her hand tightly and hurts her.She cries and asks him to leave her.He warns her again and pushes her on the bed.He goes and she cries.Meher was passing there, just then she sees Akshat leaving the room angrily.She goes inside the room and gets shocked seeing Sneha crying, by the bed side.She rushes to her and asks what happened.Sneha hugs her and cries.She tells her everything.Meher and gets shocked and angry.She says that she will just come and goes to Akshat.She turns him and slaps him hard across the face.Everyone look on.Abeer is surprised.Meher eyes Akshat angrily and slaps him again.He asks what happened?Why r u slapping me?She slaps him and says this if for trying to trap my friend in ur fake love.She slaps him again.This is for hurting my friend’s feeling.She slaps him again.This is for blackmailing her.Akshat looks on, holding his cheek.

Precap:Abeer rescues Meher from a moving truck.He hugs her and cries(Awww!!!!).

Credit goes to:Heera

Sorry for the late update.Hey guys, please suggest me another serial which i can write a fan fiction….plzzzzzzz

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  2. Great fan fiction, please write jamai raja please please please ???

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