Badtameez Dil-The Happy Fan Fiction Intro


Hi guys I am Akira and i wanted to see if u guys would like to have a new fan fiction about abeer and meher?
It might get a little nasty at times… tell me if it offends u guys.
and i dont have writing skills at all.

Abeers family :Kuber Malhotra(dad) ,Madhavi Kuber Malhotra(Mom), Abeer Malhotra(oldest son), and Priya Malhotra(Younger Sister)
Mehers family : Ansh Purohit(dad), Suman Purohit(mom), Tunnu Purohit(Younger brother ), Meher Purohit (Oldest daugther)

It was the first day of junior year(11 grade) for meher and senior year(12 grade) for abeer. Everyone at the school knew abeer because his been to that school since he was in kindergarten, but nobody knew meher because her parents had moved from America to India because most of her family was in India.

Tell me if you guys want me to update more

Credit to: Akira

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  1. Do continue is going 2 b interesting.

  2. awesome intro

  3. Ya akira plz continue but update regularly

  4. Continue plzz

  5. Continue
    Badtameez dil rocks

  6. Obv..upload

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