Badtameez Dil-The Happy Fan Fiction 1


On the first day of school meher gets ready for school in a pink anarkali dress and her hair put down in curls she is looking very pretty. Abeer is not happy to wake up so early in the morning but he is still happy too go to school because he missed all his friends so much because he was so popular in his school. He gets out of his bed and takes a shower and gets ready in jeans and a blue polo shirt. Meher is on her way to school and is very nervous because she doesn’t know anyone. She walks into class and sees a group of kids sitting in a circle and takling about how their summer went. As soon as she walks in she feels unsecure because all the guys are looking at her so she goes and sits in the back corner seat. After a while abeer walks into the class and all the girls are going up to him and hugging him and asking him questions expect for meher she justs sits there an watches all the girls going up to abeer. Meher in her mind is thinking about how all these girls are trying to flirt with him. After a while abeer sees meher sitting by her self and goes to sit next to her but she doesn’t even look at abeer but abeer keeps looking at her. After a while

Abeer says: Hi, whats your name? Are u new here? My name is Abeer
Meher looks at him
Meher: hi im meher and yes im new here
Abeer: where did u come from?
Meher i came from America
Abeer why did u move here
Meher because my family is here.
Abeer oh okay cool.
Abeer ive been watching u since i came into this class u are soo quite.
Meher well im only quite if i dont know u after that im very talkive
Abeer well woul u like to be my friend?
Meher sure
Abeer and meher shake hands

Precap: abeer and mehers friendship

Tell me if u guys want it a little nasty later on
Im sorry for the mistakes

Credit to: Akira

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  1. Nice ff but write a little longer
    Bd rocks

  2. its awsome yaar keepgoing

  3. Guys tell me if u want it a little nasty and im sorry this was a short one

    1. It’s okay if u write nasty ones

  4. ha its so little plz write lengthyone

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