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Badtameez Dil 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar unable to sleep thinking abt marriage lists and suman n buas worried faces, she looks at bua n suman sleeping and thinks of abeers words saying he will always take care of her n her family, abt abeer proposing her and gets up and calls abeer and asks him to meet her right now.
Mehar goes downstairs and meets abeer and says i know abeer ur familys demands aren’t too big but still u know how ma n bua have struggled n so its difficult to afford all the demands, abeer says what are u trying to say mehar, mehar says i don’t know but just that my family cant afford all this, abeer says mehar do u understand what are u trying to say, mehar says abeer but its true in love we forgot that we belong from different status so its for good that we, abeer removes his ring

and says this is what u want here it is lets break us,mehar says no abeer stop, abeer says u want this, feeling bad now seeing me go away,abeer puts back his ring and says what do u think mehar, just by thought of it u are feeling so bad then, mehar starts crying n hugs him and says what to do then how will we manage this situation, how will we marry n not see ma n bua tensed,abeer says i will go talk to taiji ,mehar says no abeer u will not talk to her, taiji has asked ma not to infrom us abt this list so don’t, i find no other way abeer we are losing it abeer and mehar walks away.
Taiji is thinking abt how did she didn’t receive the wedding cancellation news, madhvi comes n says look at this shagun mehars family is arranged it so well, taiji says what is good in it, madhvi says whats wrong, taiji says oh no i was thinking of something else this shagun is good.
Taiji meets kuber, kuber says i cant handle this anymore, taiji says just for few days trust me i wont let this marriage happen, abeer comes n says taiji i want to postpone this marriage, madhvi comes n says what n why, taiji says what happened, abeer says stop all these preparations i need time, madhvi says abeer think of mehar what are u saying, she will break, taiji says madhvi think of abeer first, and if he needs time let us give him time after all its marriage, abeer says plz leave me alone and leaves.taiji says madhvi give him time, i was worried too he is so small age so let him take time and u go get me milk,madhvi leaves and kuber starts laughing n says this is wonderful,taiji says this is the best revenge now we have to do something that abeer cancels this wedding.
Madhvi goes behind abeer n stops him and asks what is it, abeer says go talk to mehar she is responsible for all this plz leave me alone, madhvi says ok go i will talk to mehar, madhvi decides to meet mehar next day.
Mehar goes back to bed and is feeling bad and starts crying, she is thinking abt abeer going away from her, suman wakes up seeing abeers taiji calling her, suman picks up the call, taiji says theres a bad news abeer has decided to postpone the wedding, kuber smiling and enjoying listening to all this, suman asks but why is abeer doing so, taiji says i don’t know even we are worried i can never forgive abeer for playing with mehars feelings, i am sorry but what to do and keeps the phone, taiji turns to kuber n says its time for peace after snatching their peace, kuber says good night, taiji says good night n leaves.
Suman thinks how will i tell mehar abt this news, i have to talk to madhviji tomorrow and goes to bed. Mehar says to herself, abeer u told ur family abt ur decision u didn’t feel like telling me first, and calls abeer,abeer doesn’t pick her call, mehar feels bad.
Next day madhvi goes to meet suman n bua, madhvi asks did kids fight, suman says no , mehar comes worried n asks do u know where is abeer, madhvi says with nisar, mehar says no he is not, i want to talk to him but he isn’t receiving call i am so worried, mehar starts crying, suman says don’t cry he will be fine, madhvi says he told me he is with nisar and said he needed time to think, door bell rings, mehar rushes to door n sees its sasha looking tensed, mehar asks what is it sasha why are u tensed, sasha says mehar actually abeer met with an accident.

Precap: taiji asks servants to remove all the arrangements, and asks where is madhvi and abeer, sevants says madhviji went out n abeer sir isn’t home since last night, taiji says this is fishy i hope nothing is cooking between these two.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. nice episode

  2. Ep was good

  3. Star plus has not a single logical show except for badtameez dil. How can people even tolerate these stupid shows like sath nibhana sathiya where a sister is getting married to a son n elder sister to her father in law n not to even yhm has lost its charm n yeh rista…. uff this show is so boring n what’s good in other shows like tere sheher mei oh my God Amaya is the limit.
    Now even tunnu has confirmed about show going end. Do something. Join the protest against star plus n also email the channel or call in their helpline no. Every information is available in badtameez dil Facebook page.

    1. I agree with u mehbeer fan..guys plz support

    2. Im wit u

      1. Same here m wid u

    3. Plz don’t end badtameez dil

    4. I just love bd…..why is star plus not ending that mohi and tere shehar main they have less trp then bd……its the limit yaar
      I won’t watch sp if bd go off air

    5. don’t do this to bd

    6. You are abouslately right. I think This is the best show in star plus.

  4. Why star plus is closing good shows….

    Can any one tell me what was the reason?

    1. Because sp has gone mad the slogan rista wahi soch nayi is only for namesake n bd has trp of 1.2 it’s at least better than mohi if really want to close than close mohi. N because sp only wants crap saas bahu show

      1. Yes i always want to say this. So just want saas bahu shows like -saath nibhana sathiya, yeh rishta Kai khe Lara hai, tere seher main, mohi, suhani si ek ladki etc etc. this all serial are just boring.

  5. Stupid people of star+ I love this show a lot first man,arziya n now badtemez dil curse u star plus

  6. I will support u

  7. me 2.they are always ending the gud shows

  8. Seriously!!!
    Yeh hhi band kar do taaki sab sirf rondo serials dekhe
    One show which is d best is to be off air 4 sone other time pass serial 🙁

  9. Sath Nibana Sathya, Yeh Hai Mohabatein, Diya aur Bati, suhaani so ek ladki, Yeh Rusta, etc., each and every serial is unethical, unlogical useless no basic storyline… This is the only one with a beautiful clean story which they want to stop in order to savevthe all the other useless serials … Director ji pls approach other channels to telecast this serial … We don’t want to miss Abeer and Meher…

    1. i totally agree. all these stupid shows with a ridiculous plot lines are still there and the fisrt logical and nonstupid show which the heroine isnt ready 24×7 is closed

    2. Dear @ Siri ! Are you the one who comes on DABH page and yhm page and praising their story line and acting!! It is not fair as it is hypocracy!

  10. Nothing is goona happen with our protests online,email,Facebook,Twitter etcetera on virtual’s time to do something big.we must do something manually.we must take a weapon and use it to the authority of star plus.a big stone may be a good weapon.???????????

    1. Count me in……

  11. Nice show..plz plz dnt stp

  12. Badtameez dil is best show of star plus if this show end then i will never watch star plus

  13. shut mohi or tsm they have less trip then bd

  14. Firstly they ended nisha aur uske cousims.. then manmarziyaan.. and mow badtamiz dil..
    I think star plus is out of their minds..
    Plz dont end this..

  15. hate you star plus you will go to minus

  16. I just love bd love mehbeer…..they are such a nice couple onscreen and actors yaar

  17. love mehbeer

  18. 180030007827 tollfree no p call:-)kr k request krea ki wo ye serial khatam m kre

  19. Please do not put badtameez dil off air….
    Its the best..mehebeer is awesome..

  20. i wish all our comments are reaching to the board of directors of star plus and our small efforts could bring effect on their so called damn and disgusting thoughts of closing this show.

    after all this is the only show which is logical and can be viewed by any age group without any boredom……..

    plzzzzzz don’t close dis show ……….keep it on air

  21. How can they do this, in just two months they are chopping off the show. What is this constant hacking off’s? I hate it. They could hv changed the da timings yeah. But, what can we do, I loved dis serial too, Nd now dis is also going off air. Wht fab music n storyline it has…

  22. plz star plus don’t end bd its the only show I watch on starplus please u can change the time slt guys y making it off air place the new upcoming show at 6 pm or 11pm
    plz don’t stop bd I hate starplus for this really sp is a big crap

  23. Please don’t end the badtamiz dil

  24. plz support badteemez dil.. heroine hero really fabulous

  25. dont stop diz show

  26. plz continue pearl is damn good

  27. I am watching the show here in U.S. enjoying the chemistry between the lead characters of the show and thier previous history has been shown little by little but is unfortunate that such good scrip had to come an end. While the rest of unethical shows keep going forever.

  28. A few days back, Star Plus decided to shut down “Gulmohar Grand,” a weekend show starring Gaurav Chopra and Akanksha Singh. When we contacted Chopra, he said, “It’s the channel’s creative decision. The show was supposed to originally have 26 episodes, but we will only be airing 17.” We wondered if failing TRPs were the real reason behind the closing down of the show, but Akanksha clarified, “TRPs had nothing to do with this decision. In fact, ‘Gulmohar Grand’ is one of the highest ranking shows in the UK and is one of the top 5 shows to be viewed online.”A source informs that the channel is going to make some drastic changes to the channel that would involve changes in timings, more air time and some shows being called off. This change has claimed one more victim – Saurabh Tewary’s show “Badtameez Dil.”A confirmed report suggests that the time slot will now be occupied by Ekta Kapoor’s new show, “Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan,

    1. Wait a sec!!!
      Another ekta kapoor show????

  29. As for “Badtameez Dil,” the show will apparently end with Abeer and Meher reuniting… Starplus doesn’t know what is gud and bad THE MOAT BORING SERIALS ARE NOT AFFECTED ESPECIALLY SAATH NIBHANA SAATHIYA

  30. Plss don’t end such a beautiful serial,,!,,! Ist nauc then mmz n Now my too fav. Serial PHIR BHI NA MAANE…. BADTAMEEZ DIL##@@@&&%%$ %sucha fabulous actors and lead pair amazing chemistry###%%% plss its a humble request sp,,!!,

  31. Plss repeat at 11:30 pm

  32. How can we stop thm frm closin gof battameez dil ??

  33. Srsly fu** dis sp at frst dey stop manmarziyan jst becoz trp was low n now bd toooo
    Did they kno nodng els xcpt saas bahu serieses
    Der thoughts r vry old fashion n behenji……
    May b dere wives luvs 2 wtch dose behenji serieses

  34. Guys pls sm1 inform me wht is d meaning of d sen
    whenever i wanna wryt 2 d sp abt something dis lyn appear

  35. Yes, ialso agree wit u guys ..i donot want BD to end…

  36. Guys,i was actually SHOCKED to know that actually BD is the remake of a tamil serial called RVK or rettai vaal kuruvi ,it is aired in vijay tv(star plus’s tamil channel).RVK was remade in hindi bcoz it is a huge hit tamil serial among all the youngsters and it has the highest trp in south india after irumalargal(kkb tamil remake)..

  37. Guys,i was actually SHOCKED to know that actually BD is the remake of a tamil serial called RVK or rettai vaal kuruvi ,it is aired in vijay tv(star plus’s tamil channel).RVK was remade in hindi bcoz it is a huge hit tamil serial among all the youngsters and it has the highest trp after irumalargal(kkb tamil remake)..

    1. Do u understand Tamil to watch it. Who cares the fact is bd is very nice n I bet no one can play the Rockstar abeer better than pearl n star plus is a crap show n in indifferent Indian Television history any good show like bd has not been made only saas bahu crap n what is kkb

    2. Well rvk as u say started on 1 June 2015 while bd was launched on 10th July so the Tamil serial is a remake not phir bhi na maane badtameez dil. Have a look at the Wikipedia of the show.

  38. Why the hell is star plus like thus .sooo stupid..closing good shows. Like ek hasina thi, now bd.what is wrong with them

  39. Plss don’t end

  40. Plz don’t end this. It’s the only show we youngsters wanna watch on star plus.

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