Badtameez Dil 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar in her house, lies on her bed and thinks of abeer and how in pain was he in studio and his words of thanking her, she goes to her cupboard and removes a violin, she plays the violin.
Mehar in past college days trying to play violin, abeer says mehar hold it properly and teaches her and asks her to be gentle with it, mehar says stop disturbing me let me try, atlast abeer holds her and violin and teaches her how it is to be played.mehar and abeer come close to eachother and everyone clap for them, dsouza sir says abeer this is fantastic u teach very well, u know abeer I was scared to teach at first in this college and when I heard abeer is in this college I was so relieved, and so abeer u will join me from tomorrow and help me teach these students, mehar says sir

can I have some other teacher and not abeer, dsouza says mehar don’t worry he abeer is grt in music, he is born genius.
Mehars friend says u are so lucky abeer taught u violin. Abeer comes and tells ,mehar petrol prices and says remember u asked me, mehar says this library stop disturbing, abeer says u know people like me are genius and u book worm, mehar says stop following me and be quite, abeer says do u remember what sir said abeer is born genius.
Mehar in her room smiles and says born genius, mehar gets a call from abeer, she picks it, abeer says two things u wont tell anyone in office that I cried and u wont take advantage of this, u know I have rockstar image and rockstars don’t cry, mehar says ok and next, abeer says don’t think that I cried so I gave up our fight is still on and cuts phone, mehar says so like a dogs tail.
Nisar in office tells mehar that he needs some more time, mehar says ok u may but still be a little quick I have pressure from sani sir, nisar says I will surely tell soon. Mr sani and mrs sani in office, she gives sani boiled food and forces him to eat, mehar comes and says oh sorry,sani says come mehar plz tell me good news, nishi(mrs sani) says don’t get annoyed by him, sani says mehar plz hurry see the 9 slot what will I do with it be quick, and nisar he didn’t give any answer how can u play such big risk with that nisar, sani yells at mehar.
Abeer comes to office and sees tunno, he goes to him and hugs him and asks how come here, tunno says I have some work and need ur help and I don’t want mehar to see us,abeer says ohk come with me.mehar sees tunno and abeer together. Abeer takes tunno to café and asks him what he wants money, tunno says no money I want to become like u, I mean I want to work with u, mehar comes and says tunno, what are u doing here, tunno says I came to meet abeer, abeer says he came to tell me ur secrets, tunno says I am here to work with abeer, mehar says we will talk abt this in home come, abeer says I have opening in band ur sister did it, how abt it boss, mehar says tunno lets go and takes him along with her, abeer follows them, and mehar says stop following me, abeer says i need to go out gor fresh air and lift is only way to go out and goes behind them in lift.
In lift, abeer asks tunno any gfs, no beware chose the right one or else whole life u know an head ache,abeer starts irritating mehar by playing mouth organ, mehar and tunno get out of lift and abeer follows them.
Mehars car comes and she asks tunno to go home , tunno leaves, mehar goes back to office and abeer follows her, mehar says abeer u wanted air right, abeer says its not tasty will come later, mehar says disgusting and leaves. In lift again abeer starts irritating mehar, the lift breaks down and abeer panics, mehar starts smiling, abeer very scared tries calling but no range, mehar says abeer relax it will be fine, abeer says don’t smile , u are boss do something, abeer starts chanting hanuman chalisa and sits down scared.mehar looks at him and smiles, abeer stands up, mehar says u still get scared in lifts, abeer says u know its phobia, the lift starts abeer gets out of it and starts yelling at jawahar, he looks at mehar and says it happens sometimes stop showing ur teeth, mehar starts laughing.

PRECAP:sani says to mehar, nisars is a useless and he doesn’t deserve abeers slot and he is just an wanna be, abeer and nisar in recording room hear everything sani said.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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