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Badtameez Dil 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer sitting alone thinking abt mehars words saying he is equally guilty, suman walks to him and says abeer don’t do this to urself, whatever has happened is past don’t think upon it too much and if mehar didn’t care would she allow u to be here, do u know when mehars dad comes here, i allow him bcoz may be we aren’t together but he is my children father and i know why u are here, abeer says ma what to do i am so charming, suman smiles and says i trust u and leaves.
Abeer memorises a past scene, mehar cooking, abeer says how poor mehar learning cooking, mehar says leave me alone i am trying to learn cooking, to surprise my mom but u wont understand all this, u are good to trouble others thats all, sasha says abeer don’t be rude to mehar, sneha and nisar say

yes u are too rude to her, abeer says its fine ok, sasha says ya why will u go n say sorry to her, lets go guys, abeer thinks upon it and slowly goes to mehars room and says did u eat anything, mehar says i am not hungry, abeer says i was just joking in kitchen, its good to learn cooking, even i can cook noodles, mehar says i am studying leave, abeer says ok and theres sandwich in fridge eat it if u are hungry and leaves.
Sasha nisar and sneha look at abeer, abeer asks what why are u guys starring and i felt bad for mehar and i know i crossed the line, sasha says let me tell u one thing u are falling for mehar, abeer says what. Abeer in kitchen burns food, nisar says what are u doing, get back, abeer says i will cook and gets angry and says yes i cant cook and leaves.mehar studying in hall sees abeer and says if u spoil kitchen make sure it clean it too, abeer says here is dal makhni, i tried 5 times but couldn’t prepare so got it from out u like it right,mehar says i am busy, abeer says i am bad at cooking but really good friend if needed, mehar says i am not hungry and thanks for trying to cook for me, abeer says no worries, abeer eats the dal makhni.
Abeer in mehars house(present situation), mehar in her room upset, thinking abt the ladies talking abt mehar and abeers past and the news, and says abeer u will never change but i will, i wont let u affect me,mehar smells dal makhni and smiles and says ma u know how to make me happy and walks to kitchen and says ma thanku for dal makhni yummy, abeer joins her,and sees mehar enjoying her food and smiles, suman says u liked the food, mehar says yes its perfect, suman says i didnt make, mehar says then who made, ordered it, suman says abeer made it, mehar looks at abeer, he winks to mehar, mehar says no abeer didn’t cook, bcoz he cannot prepare, abeer says oh hello don’t u remember u used to love my dal makhni, mehar says i used to lie in past so that u shdnt feel bad, abeer says what kind of girl she is.
Abeer walks behind mehar and says u cant insult me like this mummyji tell her, mehar says ma u told him abt our recipe, suman says so what, u shd praise him but u, mehar says what do u mean by that, suman says u cook too but abeer cooks better, abeer says mehar ur purple dress remember, even i use to lie abt it, u looked fat in it and now u have put on a lot, mehar gets angry and leaves, suman says why don’t u stop fighting, abeer says ok when crow will have horns i will stop fighting.
Nishi and sani fighting, sani says what do u want, u want me to fight with that pinky and we need to record abeers show or his fans will make mess out of my channel, so lets get abeer here slowly and record his show, nishi says what no we cant put abeer in danger, nisar says we will do something, nishi says i got an idea nisar as a special show u do abeers slot, rati says yes, nisar says no we cant betray abeers fan, sani says yes nisar u do it,nisar says i got an better idea lets record at mehars house, rati gets angry and leaves, sani says this idea is good i will talk to mehar.
Mehar in her room, says to suman i knew this all will happen so i didn’t want him to stay, suman says mehar he did this for u, to cheer u up, mehar says i don’t care, i hate him and all this happening is bcoz of u, suman says ok lets throw him out,mehar says ma i didn’t mean, suman says just answer me, u said u hate him, but do u want him to fall in trouble,will u like it, did u forget u helped him when he was injured.

Precap: mehar on streets, pinkys brother and his goons see her and run behind her, someone pulls mehar in holding hand on her mouth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. i guess its not abeer who is gonna help meher from goons

    1. not shipping for this fiancee thing

  2. Tdy epi ws gud..fb scne ws nice

  3. Gurmeet chodhary will save mehar I think from goons

    1. Na see the comments below about the ring x

  4. hoping that “someone” is not GURMEET atleast
    will be good to see ABEER saving her again

  5. Abeer cooking dal makhani for Meher that too 5 times. So sweet. Love the chemistry between them. Abeer is so cute n handsome. I hope there are more present romantic scenes than the flashback.

  6. Im sweety..u also sweety

  7. Its abeer

  8. Meher in danger oh God

  9. Oh god plz it wd be abeer..

  10. Gud episode..
    Hope everything gets fine quickly….

  11. link for online watch

  12. Guys anyone plz give d link to download all d episodes of BD.hotstar is nt available in my country

  13. Guys….. I too want link to watch all episodes in online….. Plz help me……..

  14. Track is gonna b awesome day by day

  15. Meher in trouble, who is going to save her.
    I donont know any website but when I type Written epi of badatameez dil there is also a website which says you can watch episodes of badtameez dil.

    1. Desi tashan is a good site x

  16. Guys u can watch b.d on desitashan or

  17. If gurmeet is the one who will save meher n if he is engaged to her then this show is stupid bc one side mehers moms abeers mom r trying to reunite them. If meher is engaged to someone then how does her mom expects her to reunite with abeer. I mean her mom shld at least knw that she is engaged to someone n have committed herself to someone else. Hopefully gurmeets entry news is wrong. Don’t want anyone to come between mehbeer

  18. Don’t you guys see the green stone ring in the hands which covers Meher’s mouth… Abeer is the one who always wear that ring. I love the jade ring. 🙂

  19. Its abeer starting of the episode itself his band or thread in his hand shown and that same band is there in the one who saves its sure it is abeer who saves meher…….

  20. No its Abeer for sure……

  21. I think it’s gurmeet

  22. Hey guyss……SOme were correct to guess that who is the man who saves meher ??…..
    But if the show get twist…plz don’t get upset…..and keep watching because after some time abeer and meher falls in love again……

  23. abheer was very cute and nice…….abheer action was excellent and he was very romantic……

  24. Ankita Mohanty

    Why are you casting rati in opposite of nisar,while she isn’t beautiful and she does not act well…I think sasa n nisar are perfect for eachother…so plz change the girl acting in opposite of nisar..

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