Badtameez Dil 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, suman offers sweets to taiji, taiji asks where is ur husband, madhvi says bhabhi, taiiji says i will take two spoons sugar in tea, suman says mehars dad isn’t, taiji says oh no more so sorry, suman says no he is alive but doesn’t stay with us, he stays with his second wife, taiji says oh sad and looks at bua and asks where is ur husband, bua says no i am not married i stay with bhabhi mehar and tunno.Taiji says u may feel bad abt me asking question but its necessary u see bcoz afterall we are gonna be family now,don’t take it wrong, suman says its ok, taiji says abeer n mehar have chosen eachother, we aren’t so open abt it but what to do if u are poor no matter we are fine with this relation, madhvi go get sweets, madhvi leaves.
Taiji says we don’t believe

in dowry but u shd know what status we have so marriage shd be according to our status, i will give u a list accordingly, suman n bua says ok, madhvi comes with sweets, taiji gives them sweets, abeer sneaks out and then calls mehar and says they have approved our relation,mehar says u were listening, abeer says no i guessed, like i also guessed in a hotel room a girl is all alone, mehar says oh really, abeer says n mehar seriously its late don’t open door to anyone, mehar says but its just 8, abeer says mehar still its Mumbai, mehar says ok ok, mehar hears door bell and says abeer someone is at door u stay on line i will check, abeer says who it must be bcoz bua n ma are still home, be careful while u check.
Mehar opens the door n sees abeer, abeer on phone asks who is it, mehar says some handsome guy u bye now i want to spend time with that guy, abeer smiles and says give me my kiss now, mehar asks what kiss, abeer says u said u want to kiss me when i am in front so i am here, mehar says abeer plz if some one knows abt it, abeer says ok u don’t kiss i will, then revenge for my kiss u kiss me back, mehar says abeer u go now, abeer says ok bye, mehar says abeer stop and kisses him, abeer says wow now my turn, mehar blushes n says abeer plz, abeer says still all girls in college die to kiss abeer, mehar says oh then go to those girls.
Kuber says taiji how could u say yes to that girl, taiji says do u remember that day when ur brother died behind bars due to heart attack, kuber says plz i don’t want to remember those bad days, taiji says mehars bua is devki purohit who put ur brother behind bars, this is chance to repay all the pain.
Mehar n abeer walking, mehar says god brought us together, abeer says why god, i came by myself, mehar says oh really , i am so happy. Abeer says u have no idea mehar how happy i am to have u, mehar says abeer when i close my eyes, i see my whole life with u, a perfect family, lots of love and we two always together, abeer smiles.
Taiji says i can go n tell abeer abt devki, he may feel bad at first but then he may say what is mehars fault in it, abeer loves mehar and so will use no brains in this case u leave all this to me.
Abeer says mehar i know ur dad broke ur family but i promise i will always be there for u n ur family, mehar hugs him n says i feel so safe around u, feel like spending whole life in ur arms, abeer smiles n says whole life that to in arms.
Taiji says marriage means lot of expenses and emotions and so see what i do, i will make them kneel in front of us, beg n say we cant afford this wedding, see what my engagement list would do to their finance, bua n suman reading taijis list and find out that just the shagun expense goes to 10 lakhs, bua asks how will we manage all this, i think we shd talk to mehar we cant afford such huge budget, suman says don’t tell mehar abt this list n expense, mehar entres with abeer, bua n suman hide the list, suman says will u have something abeer, abeer says when i come Bhopal u do all this, now relax, i will leave now, abeer acts as if he is gonna hug mehar n hugs suman n says i am marrying mehar only bcoz i love u, suman smiles, and says mehar go leave him.
Bua says mehar is so happy with abeer, for her happiness we will bear any expense, suman says thanku didi.
Malhotra house all decorated for abeer mehar engagement, sasha says to nisar this engagement is so unbelievable, nisar asks but where is abeer, abeer looking handsome comes down with taiji, nisar n sasha congratulate abeer, taiji says see mehar and her family is here, abeer looks at mehar who is looking beautiful. Sasha n nisar walk to her n congratulate her too, suman says sorry we are late bcoz watchman didn’t allow our taxi in so, taiji says why are u sorry, we shd be sorry we forgot to inform guards abt allowing u guys in, bua feels bad, taiji says to herself now see what gift u return with.

Precap: suman says taiji that she couldn’t afford gold coins, taiji insults suman, says i forgot to write abt cars in it and looks like if i did u would replace it with cheap mixers n juicers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. Too much romantic

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    Mixture of taiji and mehbeer teenage romance

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  9. Friend do something a new show dharmiyaan is going yo replace our bathameez dil…. even ayub khan who is the dather of abeer also confirmed it… so you can vhech in india forums too… plz do some things its hardly 2 months…. go to hell starplus

  10. Friends,
    Starplus is ending this beautiful serial. If you want to stop this serial pls tweet with this Hashback.

    This is the only one serial with logic and new beautiful love story they want to end it…

    ‪#‎DontEndBadtameezDil‬ is the final Hashtag..Let’s go on & Trend it…and use it in ur tweet and tag @StarPlus

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    Hate taiji,kubeer malhotra

  13. Whether Badtameez Dil is going to end or whether the timing is going to change???plz reply if any1 know

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  15. Am a big fan of badtameez dil pls don’t end it now.

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