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Meher tells Abeer that she told him repeatedly that she does not want to talk to him. He says when she stopped him, he stopped. She says she remembers and says after marriage, when she pleaded him to not leave her, he failed and left her and after divorced, he tricked and stayed. He asks what he should do to stop her and says if she has problem with her, he will not trouble her and takes music’s promise. She asks him not to create more problems and she did mistake by joining this office. He says she will see him only on TV from here on and he will inform staff that their boss is not going. Meher says she is going finally and he should stop forcing her.

Abeer angrily walks out. Satish asks if Meher agreed. He angrily says no. Satish says if his channel’s CEO leaves, his

profit will come down from 100 crores to 20 croes. He says he considers Abeer as his brother and son and he should do something. Abeer breaks things and says his own children don’t listen to him, then how will he.

Rathi goes to Meher’s cabin with teary eyes. Meher asks what happened and if she is thinking about Nissar. He left without informing for a new job and she could not reach him over phone and asks she is in contact with him. Rathi thinks Meher is very manipulative and is making drama as if she does not know anything, but however she acts, truth is Nissar left because of her and Meher and she will never forgive them both. Meher asks what happened. Rathi nods nothing .

Abeer apologizes Satish for overreacting. Satish say he is his rockstar and can hynotize anyone and make them dance on his tunes. Abeer says he needs Meher more than him, but she is more egoistic than him, so he should find out another CEO. Meher is trying to go away from him, but he will love her so much that she will come back to tell him not to love her. Satish praises her and asks him to make sure his channel’s profits don’t drop. Abeer says if that happens, he will not take his salary. Meher comes and says Satish his office’s 3 month’s experience is more than any work experience for her and thanks him. Abeer says everone brags during farewell and suddenly she is praising Sattu sir. She says Satish bye and then to staff. She turns back and looks at Abeer. Abeer asks if she really has to go. She stands silently for a few seconds and then leaves.

At bar, Abeer drinks heavily and asks waiter which place is this. Waiter says it is a 2-star bar at a highway. Abeer says when man’s heart breaks, he loses everything and asks waiter to continue pouring alcohol in his glass. A singer comes with guitar and tells he is singing Pancham da’s song. He sings Kya hua tera waada….song.. Abeer says not bad. A few men on table order tandoori chicken and scold waiter for keeping AC low. One of them gets his boss’s message to send sales number. All 3 continue creating nuisance and singer gets disturbed. He then says he is singing a song which was sung on radio. He sings Abeer’s song..Neend udi thi meri raaton ki jo dur tu gayi..Men continue disturbing. Singer gets more disturbed and starts scolding them that they are corporate dogs, don’t have even fan at their houses and are scolding waiters for AC, etc..Manager tries to stop him. Men ask who is he. He continues scolding. Abeer laughs and interferes. Manager calls him appendix and asks if he came to increase sale with his singing or decrease it by his fights. Singer says he is an artist and will not tolerate nonsense. Manager says he will sue him. Singe says he is hire by his boss and not by him and asks him to go and beg tips from customers. Abeer laughs and asks him to apply pause button and asks why is his name Appendix. He says in school, his friends thought he is waste like appendix and in college also words spread, in frustration he changed his profile name as appendix. Abeer says he learnt new word corporate chomu from him. Appendix says even he is corporate chomu and sings as passion. Abeer offers him drinks. Inebriated appendix asks who is he. He says he is Abeer and does what he would be interested in. Appendix asks what is it.

Precap: Appendix asks Abeer what is the weight of girl they are kidnapping, if they can carry her. Abeer says she is very light. They knock door. Devki opens door and appendix falls on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  6. Nice epi!
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