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Badtameez Dil 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, the cars tier punctures, abeer and nisar begin changing the tier, abeer sees mehar is feeling cold and gives her jacket and says this from an employ to boss bcoz if u get ill I will be the one who will be scolded. Everyone reaches mehars house, sasha thanks her, nisar says see u in office, mehar removes jacket, abeer says its very cold keep it give it in office tomorrow and leaves.
Mehar in her room thinking abt her past, a guy informs that abeer is auditioning for his band(college auditions) abeer sasha and nisar taking auditions, and are irritated seeing useless contestants, they find no good talent, a guy tells abeer that theres one person who didn’t take cake, sasha says ok tell him that sasha kissed it, the guy says it’s a girl, sasha says ok, abeer and others

go to mehar, abeer sits beside mehar , take a sip of coffee from her cup and says guys this is mehar purohit, from Bhopal, and friends this girl is a topper and also topped our college entrance exam and drinks black coffee, is from Bhopal but habits are Bombay type, and now my friends will introduce me, nisar says this is abeer my best friend, sasha says I am abeers childhood friend, abeer gives her cake and says have it and become abeers friend, mehar says no sweets, abeer says I like sweets and u have two options have It by ur own hands or have it by spoon, mehar says I am here to study and not make friends, and leaves. Abeer says that’s wow.
Back in show abeer tells this story in the show, abeer says now lets see further what happens, back in college abeer playing mouth organ, and everyone having fun except mehar, abeer sits behind mehar, mehar gets irritated, their lectures begin, their professor begins the class, he explains capitalist and socialist concepts, abeer comments god he has no other words, professor says so anyone would like to talk abt it, abeer raise hand says sir how abt miss mehar the topper, mehar gets up and explains the concepts, abeer disturbs her in between but mehar continues,and explains by criticizing abeer in terms of socialist and capitalist, abeer gets angry and says hey hello what do u mean, mehar says I was talking abt the concept, the class finishes and abeer runs behind her and says see I play pranks with many people u are special one or what that u are acting smart, mehar says see here I am to study and not waste my parents money and leaves.
Back in studio,abeer says this is how over smart the girl was and keep tuned for the further mehars house, tunno is being scolded for bad marks, his aunty scolds him and says ur marks are so bad where will u get admission look at ur sister, tunno says aunty plz, I cant understand all this I want to be like abeer jiju, mehars mom says tunno, tunno says why whats wrong talking abt him, till he is was here u people were so good to him and now just they have parted so , u are double standard people.
Mehar in office tells sani that lets give nisar abeers slot, sani says no he wont agree, mehar says I will talk to him, mrs sani comes and says here have pakodas, she creates lot of noise, mehar says sir nisar I know him he really is good I will talk to nisar I heard him college he too has a depth and I heard him yesterday too, sani says what abt abeer, mehar says sir abeer is ok with his new slot he wont create mess.
Abeer playing his mouth organ in studio and says nisar u sung very well yesterday,nisar says really thanks dude, abeer says nisar I think we shd use that song in show,nisar says thanks bro, rati comes and says nisar sir mehar mam is calling u, nisar asks why, rati says I don’t know, abeer says go nisar boss is calling u go,nisar leaves. Mehar tells nisar abt the slot, nisar says no mehar I know it’s a very good chance but no, mehar says I am not doing any favour but bcoz u are very good, and company will have benefits, nisar says I cant leave abeers band, he has done lot for me, mehar says nisar friendship is not on favors’ but on support and abeer will be happy for u, abeer enters and says very correct.

PRECAP: abeer says to mehar u showed ur true colors mehar trying to separate two best friends for channel benefits, mehar says ur wrong abeer don’t give urself importance I did this bcoz nisar I talented and his talent shd be showcased.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thank u tanaya for quick update

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  3. Thnx tanaya di.

  4. Good epi and Flashback scenes too…Waiting for next epi…Love ❤ u MehBeer and BD..

  5. Epi was awesome. But I don’t like mehar idea its insult for abheer. Abeer nai its abheer I saw in wiki .

    1. Don’t believe everything you see in wiki. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. Everything there is not true.

  6. Fb scene is 1st class. ?? love meharab/mehbheer pair.

  7. Oops sorry for mistake. Its abeer only. Sorry again. Mehbeer is cool ?

  8. Yh its repeat telecasting is @11.30pm tanq star plus If I miss @8.30pm I ll watch @11.30pm. ?

  9. Very nice episode

  10. Epoisde was very good

  11. started watching dis serial new concept i started loving it
    specially love to watch abeer nd mehar flash back

  12. Love u meher (ASmita sOod) ..??❤

    Hey guyz mah page is Batameez dil plxx ol of u like n invite others also…

  13. Thnx for the update, while seeing the classroom flashbacks I recalled my 8th std, I have faced the same thing lol now I laugh on those days ?

    1. Hehe same I faced in my 10th ?

  14. I love abeer,I wish there are more repeated telecasts

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