Badtameez Dil 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher telling Madhavi that she has a reason for hiding a big truth. She says you must have remember that when I need him the most, he left me and went to Singapore. She says there was struggle and fight going on between her heart and mind, and says heart have won. I wanted to keep this relation, but Abeer was arrogant to me in court. I had understood that Abeer is not going to change and then I had signed on the divorce papers. She cries and says she came to know that she is pregnant after few days of divorce. She says I was broken as no one was with me. She says I would have abort the baby, but I thought I loved Abeer very much and if he is with not me then his memory should be with me. Sasha asks Abeer about Madhavi. He says she must be in her room. Sasha says you are

looking lost. Meher says Abeer feels that he loves me, and don’t want to lose me, but he can again leave me on the half way. Sasha asks Abeer to think about his decision.

Meher says that time I was alone, but today I have a son and I can’t play with his life. She says for Ishaan, Akshat is his father and asks her not to tell anything to Abeer. She asks her to stay silent for Ishaan. Abeer tells Sasha that everything is happening fast, but he will come to terms fast. He calls Madhavi and comes to her room. He asks why the door is locked? Meher asks Madhavi to promise that she will not inform Abeer. Madhavi promises her. She asks Meher to hide inside. Madhavi opens the door and Abeer asks where was you? Madhavi asks them to come as she needs to show shopping stuff. Abeer says he was going to get ready. Sasha asks her to let Abeer get ready. Abeer looks at this clothes. He then happens to see camera. He connects it to TV and watches Meher and his romantic moment after their marriage. Meher looks at him from far and smiles. Abeer smiles too and gets emotional.

Meher tries to move and puts her foot on something. Abeer hears the sound and gets up to see Meher hiding in his room. Abeer is surprised says my love have brought you here. He tries to rekindle their love and says I love that you loves me. Meher says you will not understand. Abeer kisses on her forehead and says I understand everything. He says you can’t bear to see me getting married to someone else. He says I love you and kisses on her cheeks. He says I love you, why you are leaving me? Meher says because you will leave me again. Abeer gets teary eyed and asks until when she will punish him for one mistake. He apologizes asking her to forgive him and give one last chance. He says there might be definitely a reason as you came here. Meher gets teary eyed and cries. Abeer asks her to say something.

Sasha knocks on the door asking Abeer to come out. Abeer opens the door and comes out. Sasha asks why he is not ready yet. Abeer says just 5 mins. Sasha says you are looking good. Abeer compliments her as well. Madhavi comes and asks Sasha to wear her jewellery. Sasha goes. Madhavi comes inside the room. Abeer asks Madhavi to help Meher get ready and everybody should feel that she came to attend the function. Abeer goes to get ready in guest room. He comes downstairs after getting ready and is being greeted by the guests. Appendix hugs him and says should I congratulate you. A girl says that she knows a good girl and says it’s me. Appendix says Abeer is booked and asks her opinion about him. Meher comes downstairs dressed in a yellow saree. Abeer looks at her.

Madhavi brings Sasha. Meher congratulates her for the engagement and compliments her. Abeer looks on. Appendix signs the DJ to play music. He plays the song . Everyone starts dancing. Abeer looks at Meher and is sad. Abeer and Meher continue to stare each other. Sasha looks on upset. Akshat comes to the engagement venue. Appendix greets him and gives him drink. Abeer looks on angrily and goes towards Meher. Meher ignores him and goes towards Akshat. Appendix collides with Akshat and makes drink falls on Meher’s saree. Madhavi takes Meher to help her change saree. Abeer looks on.

Madhavi meets and hugs Ishaan. Abeer asks Madhavi, what is going on and asks what they are hiding from him. Meher goes. He gives him promise asking her to tell the truth. Madhavi tells Abeer that Ishaan is his son. Abeer looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Wow…I am waiting for tomorrow’s epi eagerly..Abeer finally gets to know the Truth..As usual MehBeer scenes are Awesome..Totally hate Akshat.
    After knowing the Truth what would Abeer gonna do..Kuber should accept Meher and Ishaan..i think he will misunderstand Meher that she wants to come back in Abeer’s life by using Ishaan..
    Lets c what is gonna happen..Till then I am waiting for Abeer’s reaction after knowing the Truth..
    Love ❤ and Miss u MehBeerAn and BD..

  2. karina

    Awesome epi…cant wait for tmrrw…i wanna see abeer’s reaction after knowing the truth…i hope this will happen for real and wont be some kind of dream of meher or madhvi…

  3. Devga

    Though I knw tomo only they WIL update the epi … Still I am searching for tomorro’s epi now itself … Hahaha just can’t wait til tomo…..

  4. khushi

    Oh!!! Finally Abeer will know the truth…. Wow!!! I am very happy today. I will eagerly waiting for the next episode… Oh!! When it will be happened?????

  5. kritika

    Was off tv for long time…so can some one tell tht r these update fan fiction becoz cant find theshow on sp i thought it went off air??

  6. Can some1 tell where I can the show with English subtitles. I love the show the but unfortunately I can’t understand the language at all. I used to watch wen it was on starplus so please I am eagerly waiting some1 to tell where I can watch it with Eng/subs…

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