Badtameez Dil 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer watching his own show and says this guy is so handsome, bua enters and thinks it tunno on sofa and says tunno stop watching that bad boys show and keep volume low, abeer increases volume and turns to bua and says buaji its me, bua says what are u doing here,suman says didi calm down, bua says what is abeer doing here i agree he saved mehars life but that doesn’t mean he stays here, mehar says i told ma she didn’t hear, abeer says plz i needed some place to hide, suman says didi he needed help, mehar says abeer go leave, bua says see u, suman says didi plz let me stay, bua says mehar how did u allow him, abeer says she had too bcoz i am in danger bcoz of her,bua says enough and looks with anger and leaves and says remember one thing when abeer will leave he will surely

break something, even this time he will leave us in pain and go.
Sani in office says nishi abeer is in mehars house, i am here hiring costly bodyguards and this two are troubling me , nishi says calm down lets go home. Mehar wakes up listening some noise, she wakes suman and says did u hear the noise, suman says ya noise may be from out, lets go see what noise is it, mehar and suman go downstairs to find from where is the sound coming, they see bua is also following noise and even tunno is finding out, all four slowly follow the noise with torch and are scared, they go in kitchen and put on the lights and see theres no one, mehar asks tunno to search around they find nothing, suman says tunno go check in lobby, tunno says no i wont mehar says i will go check, all follow mehar and the noise starts again, they think may be theres an animal in, all pick up something too hit the animal and see a shadow coming out, suman says may be its robber lets hide and attack together, tunno puts on the light and they find its abeer.
Suman asks abeer did u wake too by the voice, abeer says oh voice i was gargling, suman says oh, bua says plz stop all this and goes, suman says abeer will u have tea, abeer says no no aunty i am fine and why did u wakeup so early and mehar why are holding rolling pin, oh cooking for me, suman says abeer u go sleep.mehar looks at abeer in anger and leaves.
Mehar meditating with suman and bua, they hear abeer playing guitar and get disturbed, bua gets angry and goes to abeer, suman says oh god and keeps meditating, bua says abeer we are trying to meditating, abeer says buaji shanti, peace, mehar says abeer what is this wet towel on sofa, bua says this boy is gonna be a big mess, mehar says abeer u used my toothbrush again, abeer says baby what mine what urs we are one, mehar gets irritated and leaves.
Mehar in her bathrobe getting ready, abeer plays awargi song, mehar gets lost in his song, and remembers a past scene.
Nisar says mehar plz don’t get upset with abeer , mehar says he plays guitar and disturbs me while studying, nisar says abeer is asking permission so that we can practise, mehar says but where is he, abeer comes and says here i am plz let us practise, mehar says ok i have to study in an hour and abeer plays awargi song.
Back to mehars room, abeer enters and says baby thinking of me, mehar says u go out i need to get ready for work, abeer says going work in an bathrobe, mehar says shutup and leave, abeer unplugs her haid dryer and says baby plz don’t go, come sit with me and tunno, i will play a song for u and even bua will be going so it will be all peace, mehar says no i am going to work, abeer says every wife keeps saying that husbands dont spend time with them and see i am here but u, mehar says abeer stop all this, abeer says mehar u wont go today and for a week, mehar says u will not tell me what to to do i am going, abeer says mehar its dangerous and i am saying no means no and u know how stubborn i am, i have no interest staying here so better listen and stay, abeer leaves.

Precap: mehar says u always pointed me, but ever thought what u did, who left me mid night and went away, i keep quite doesn’t mean i am week, so plz don’t let me open my mouth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thank u so much tanaya fr fast update

  2. Tdy epi ws gud….waiting fr tmrw epi

    1. Lenin aakhir kisne kisko pehle chhora ?

  3. thanks tanaya for fast update

  4. Abeer rocks

  5. What could be the reason 4 there divirce

    1. I think abeer’s dad did n’t like mehar so creatng misunderstand bw them

      1. I feel like averts dad n me here dad did something to separate them n plus I think Meyers dad took money from averts dad for the divorce

  6. abeer rockzzz…..

  7. In love wid dis serial??? dis n manmarziyan r d best !! Possibly cos dey hav jus begun recently ? won’t take much tym for these serials to get borin .. But unlike others .. These two look way more promisin .. So I truely wish dey keep us entertained throughout ?

  8. thoda rude
    thoda cute
    killer tera attitude

  9. Nice epi!
    I just can’t think of any reason why they have divorced each other.

  10. Divorce reason -I think CV’s also do not know and are trying to come up with something. That is why we have no indication as to why they divorced.

    1. If they tell us in a short time or indicate them (its too early I think) we will loose the interest shortly. Thats why they r not showing or indicating anything. But I still can smell that Meher’s dad misused Abeer’s dad for his chunk of money. So he created some ruckus between them and family and gained some big amount. Now he figured out they are working together again he is creating issues to make use of it to make money from Kuber (abeer’s dad) Kuber’s dad dodn’t like the cheap behavior of Meher’s dad (Mehar’s dad also probably put Meher in the spot) and thought Meher is also doing this to get his money. So he get rid of them by rifting their relationship and paid money. Bua also helped her brother in this case. Both the mom’s, Meher and Abeer don’t know anything.

  11. ☆Twinkle05★

    Today epi was really funny meher mom and abeer are best sasu and jamai 😛

  12. thankx fr d update Tanaya 🙂

  13. Interesting epiii

  14. This n manmrziyan are the best serials nowadays

  15. Aww abeer is a hearthrob no lie ?

  16. its very confusing did anything happened with meher on that midnight i don’t get their words

  17. In precap meher also says u left me as tum zindagi Ki sachai se Dar Gaye the..
    Which truth is she talking abt?

  18. I love u guys….Thank u for all ur support and love…..u get new turns and twist every day…
    i hope u like it…..Thank u so much…I love u all

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