Badtameez Dil 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer is in recording room, abeer calls omi who looks upset, nisar says he is upset bcoz u were leaving, abeer goes to omi and says I am not going omi cmon, omi doesn’t talk, abeer says I am ready to accept ur punishment tell me, mehar and mrs sani come in, mrs sani gives abeer kada and says this is good for ur throat, abeer says thanku but did u meet mehar mam, mrs sani says ofcourse I did she is good looking right, abeer says yes she is but not like u, sani smiles and leaves.
Abeer starts his recording, friends here I am with new show, with a old love story from pune, with a boy who loved music and a girl sad one, attitude types, with no adjustments, geekish, and these two people with different natures meet, and yes do note one thing the guy is like me and the girl

god knows like whom, abeer starts singing:
back to college days, abeer playing guitar and crowd enjoying it, some girls performing on abeers song, nisar joins abeer, abeer in jeep singing his song, stops by a train passing, playing guitar and singing, mehar looks from the train. Abeer back in show, and this is how the heroine came into the picture, and slowly slowly I will reveal other things its enough for today,cut. Abeer looks at mehar and smiles.
Mehars mom with abeers mom(madhvi) in a café, mehars mom order lots of sweets, madhvi asks how is sugar now a day,mehars mom says fine, but what to do with so much sadness, these things make me feel good, and u know seeing abeer I am so happy, and I think and pray they will come back together, madhvi says do u still believe, mehars mom says yes, after seeing them back together after 8yrs, I still have hope, madhvi says ur hoping too much, mehars mom says whole life I have been alone and I don’t want my daughter to leave similar way, madhvi says u are right.
Rati in office sees nisar and blushes and says he is so handsome,nisar says let me have coffee, and rati how do u know I like black coffee, rati says I know everyones likes, and starts blushing,nisar says impressive, rati says thanku sir, nisar says u know when one needs what, u know everything, and I say thanku for what u do it means a lot and gives her casual hug and leaves.rati faints after nisar leaves.
Jawhar gives mehar a certificate and says I made with grt difficulty, mehar gives him money, jawar says I will always serve u like this thanku, mehar says u may leave now. The certificate is death certificate of dsouza. Abeer stops jawhar and asks where is it, jawhar says look there I got it, abeer says good and gives him money and says go in taxi not bus, abeer goes to mehars cabin, jawhar behind him with a box, mehar asks jawhar abeer what is this, abeer says jawhar leave now and dare u hear anything from outside as usual and if u do I will u know what, mehar says abeer enough of ur rudeness, abeer show it’s a cat in a cage, mehar asks why this, abeer puts a mouse in other cage and says this is u baby, the cat is me and the mouse u baby.mehar says abeer take this away the cat may kill the mouse, abeer says no it wont but will just scare like I scared u yesterday and u complaint to u aunty, mehar says I didn’t, abeer says this game will be just abt scaring the mouse I mean u, and in show slowly as the story moves forward ur fear will increase and then u will become fearless and then I will give a big bomb fear , so remember nazar hatti durghatna ghati and till then leave with this fear and enjoy the game,mehar looks at abeer in anger, abeer looks at her smile, mehar pushes her chair at him, abeer smiles back and pushes chair back to her and leaves.

Precap: abeer with mehar, she slips, abeer holds her and says careful if u die all blame will be on me as a revenge u see.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Luvng this show

  2. Epi was good with Killer Abheer’s attitude..
    I agree with Abheer that story and Suspense should reveal slowly then will be interesting to watch….
    Precap looks interesting… Eagerly waiting for Monday’s epi..
    Love ❤ u MeherAb and BD(Badtameez Dil)..??

  3. Very interesting story…line…luved it..

  4. Ya really eagerly waiting…. Fr Monday episode

  5. Does anybody know good dramas that aired 3 years ago or something

    1. Iss pyaar ko kya naan doon it was and is an amazing show ever

  6. Abheer u r just killing us with ur looks and smile

  7. U r awesome abheer

  8. Precap is on the mountain at n8 where ab says tum khud khoodjaogi ya meh madad karun then she slips and he holds but the stars shining behind are too gud at n8

  9. Nice episode. Abheer is getting more cute day by day and love his attitude and killing smile

  10. Interesting serial abeer wth ur music i was amazed

  11. Wow abeer really you are looking so handsome

  12. Superb smile of abeer

  13. Oh wow!!!!!!!
    wat to say abt this beautiful love story…true love never dies it jst hides due to the clouds of misundrstndng,,,,its lyk da sun: eternal….true…

  14. Nice epi

  15. super killer attitude…………. love u abheer ………………….

    suspense ……………….. suspense………………suspense……………

    enjoying it………………… awesome…………..

  16. Vry nyc epi i lyk it interesting serial waiting 4 monday epi

  17. Abheer ur smile was awesome

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