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Badtameez Dil 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sasha telling Kuber that she will always be there for Abeer and asks him not to worry. Kuber says I always felt that you would have become our bahu. Sasha gets uncomfortable. Kuber apologizes and asks her to be with Abeer as his friend. Sasha agrees and asks where is he right now? Kuber says he is at home with Meher? Sasha goes. Kuber smiles at his plan. Rathi comes and asks about the reason for his smile. Kuber tells her that Sasha will make Meher’s game over and will become his trumpcard. He says Meher will not know it. Abeer gives water to Meher as she is crying. He says what would have happened if I had poison really. Meher says anybody would have cried in this situation and says it was a sick joke. Abeer promises her that he will not joke with her. He asks her to accept

that she loves him. Meher says I don’t love you, but I care for you a lot and don’t feel for you like that. Abeer asks what shall I do for you, shall I expose, or strip for you. He gets close. Meher asks him to move away. Abeer says you will come close to me soon. Madhavi comes and asks them to have food. Abeer says he will serve lunch for the two most important ladies in his life. Madhavi smiles. Meher looks on.

Devki asks Akshat when will Meher come back? Akshat nods no. Devki says you should have stopped her. Akshat says you are her bahu and should have stopped her. She asks him to call Meher, but Meher doesn’t pick the call. Akshat says she might be busy. Abeer brings gravy dish, and it falls from his hand. Abeer asks Meher not to cut his marks and tells everything is falling from his hands. Meher and Madhavi smiles.

Ishaan comes to Akshat and asks him to make science project. Akshat says I am busy now and will do in the night. Ishaan insists and says he has to watch cartoon in the night. Akshat loses his cool and gets angry at Ishaan. He says don’t you understand that I am busy right now, and will do project in the night. Ishaan cries. Akshat apologizes to him. Devki and Akshat follow him. Ishaan locks the door and cries. Akshat asks him to open the door. Ishaan picks his tap and sends audio message.

Madhavi talks about Abeer. Meher talks about Ishaan and says he is very possessive about her. She asks Abeer to get her phone from his room. Abeer calls servant and asks to bring Meher’s phone. Abeer tells Meher that she has to eat icecream. He goes to bring it. Meher gets her phone and sees Akshat’s 11 missed calls and Ishaan’s audio message. She is shocked to hear that Akshat shouted at Ishaan. She tells Madhavi that Akshat never shouts at Ishaan and says something happened surely. She says I have to leave, and says my issues are affecting my son. Madhavi looks on surprisingly. Meher is about to leave. Abeer comes and asks where she is going? Meher apologizes to him and says she can’t do this. Madhavi thinks Meher might be hiding something and wonders about her relation with Ishaan. Meher calls for auto on the road. Abeer asks did I do anything wrong. Meher says she can’t ruin her life. Abeer asks for a chance. Meher explains to him that she has moved on and asks him to forget her and move on. Mere Nishan song plays…………Abeer holds her and asks to say by looking in his eyes. They stare each other. Just then Akshat comes in his car and takes Meher with him. Abeer looks on.

Meher comes home. Devki informs her that Ishaan is not listening to them and have closed the room. Meher knocks on the door and asks him to open the door. Ishaan opens the door and says Papa. Meher tells him that Akshat loves him. Akshat apologizes to him and promises never to shout at him. Meher holds her necks and says she will never leave him alone. Akshat tells Ishaan that they will play video game. Ishaan goes. Meher tells that it is all over between Abeer and her, and says she will never go to him. Akshat says it is okay. Ishaan tells Akshat that he will play game first. Akshat says it is cheating and takes her. Abeer thinks about his romance with Meher, and then imagines Meher with Akshat. She recalls Meher’s words asking him to move on, and breaks the glass angrily. Just then Sasha comes and comforts him. She asks what happened? Why you are crying? Abeer hugs her and cries. He says Meher is leaving her and he is unable to stop her. He says I will die. Sasha says this phase will end soon. Abeer cries again hugging her.

Meher tells Suman that she is fed up of fighting with life, and says why Abeer came back to my life again. She cries and hugs Suman asking her to give reply to her questions. Suman asks her to question her heart. Meher says I will go mad thinking about this, and says I have moved on. She says she has home, Ishaan, Akshat, you all, and asks then why I am not happy still. She asks if you have answer for my questions. Devki says I have answers for your questions. She says at one side is Abeer, and other side is Akshat. She says time has come to take a decision. Meher says yes, you are right and thinks to end this game.

Devki brings shagun plates to Kuber’s house, and asks the men to keep it safey as they believe in uniting. Kuber and Madhavi greet her. Devki tells her that Meher is getting married and she came to invite them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice, very angzity wat happend next really mehar wants to kabutar ,abeer&ishanth beach me kuch scens plz.very bad kuber ideas,dont spoil shasha&abeer childhood frnd ship madvi is know about ishaan’s birth secret

  2. Me her is too much. Abeer is dying for her and she is leaving him. She can’t give him one chance. Sometimes I doubt does Meher really love abeer but when I saw’ them together then my doubt get clear. But meher should tell abeer that he has a child.

  3. So Sad for Abeer…Because of that Stupid Akshat Meher took out this decision and Meher y can’t u c Abeer is changing for u and taking care of u so much..this is not fair..This bua too always force her Decision on Meher..So mean yaar..Y can’t u listen to your heart and take some firm decision of ur life..Ishaan is Abeer’s son too he has equal rights on him. this Kabutar don’t have any rights..waiting to c when Abeer knows the truth..
    Love ❤ and Miss u MehBeerAn and BD..

  4. Abeer will be know the truth soon.

  5. abeer and meher looks awesome together.

  6. meher and abeer looks awesome together

  7. Its Sad to know about Meher’s decision to move on with Akshat. As per my opinion, may be she loves Abeer but since because of her last experience with Abeer father, she don’t want to make relationship with him & also don’t want Abeer to cut relationship with his parents. Also, she don’t want to disclose her secret with Abeer (i.e. about Ishaan), as she fears that if Abeer knows then he will demand for his son legally. This is the only reason, she wants to marry Akshat in hurry & later on she will make arrangement for Isshaan’s custody to Akshat.

  8. Now, as per precap, Meher is about to marry Akshat within 2 days. But since Abeer’s mother have a doubt about Ishaan & Meher relations, she will tell to Abeer & Abeer may came to know about his son & on the marriage day or before that, one legal paper for Ishan custody will receive by Meher (the statement may be like that since Meher is marrying to other man, Abeer would like to take the custody of Ishan for his bright future). Because of this legal matter, may be Meher & Akshat marriage will postpone or abandoned.

  9. Are yaar very exiting wat next.mehar when believe abeers love,he is really changed y dont she gave another chance,devaki forced mehar with akshath, why dont show some scens of abeer&ishaan

  10. Hhasan plz todays epsod bezdo

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