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Badtameez Dil 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer at mehars house says 8 yr old love story,mehar walks to abeer and looks at him, abeer says a story where first few pages are all abt love but the end is all pain, the story abt a girl from Bhopal and a boy a hero, the love story is from pune and so mehar do watch my show at 11 pm and rest story u will hear on the show, mehars dad says u scoundrel, mehar says dad driver is waiting plz go, abeer says bye, abeer goes to tuno and says wow no packs yet how will u impress gals, tuno tries to hug him abeer stops him and shows him mehars face and says sasu ma and takes her blessings, she blesses him and smiles looking at him, mehars mom says lets go in let them talk all leave, mehar says this is my house and not office, mehar gets a call from sani, she doesn’t receive it, mehar

says abeer u cant tell our story in show, abeer says I can u shifted my show and so I will, mehar says stop all this what do u want, abeer says not u definitely, mehar says look my family watches ur shows so not my story and it was all the past its over, abeer says stop u will not tell me what to do u aren’t my wife and so keep watching my show and abeer leaves. Mehars mom goes to abeer and says keep this shagun, abeer says why this, mehars mom says some relations are attached by heart, abeer hugs her and takes her blessings and says come along with me to my house bcoz ur daughter saw us, abeer smiles and leaves.
Abeers dad gets call from kanoon, he doesn’t pick it up(its mehars aunty), she calls back, abeers dad picks it up and she says ur son shdnt have come here and of he comes back again I wont leave him, mehar says aunty don’t do this, abeers dad says I would just say that go do whatever u want to do but remember one thing this will be private case right then who will pay u anyways bye and cuts the call, abeers mom listens all this and asks what is it why are u so tensed, abeers dad says me tensed.
Abeer laughing and telling detail story to samar abt what he did in mehars house and says she was so scared u shd have seen her face, she was right she made two mistakes one is marrying me n other playing around with me, samar asks are u really gonna tell the story. Mehar says aunty I don’t want her to talk abt us in show, aunty says its just a story don’t worry abt it, mehar says when people will learn that story is abt me n abeer they will start creating nuisance, but anyways lets see what he does but I wont step back.
Abeers parents having breakfast, abeers mom calls him and asks him to join, abeer sits down and says mom do u really think me and dad enjoy eachothers company, abeers dad says ur son went to his inlaws house yesterday , mehars aunty had called me, she was complaining abt it, abeer says next time don’t receive her calls, his dad says next time these matters shdnt come to me, u married and divorce all was ur wish but the 10 crore wasn’t by wish,abeers dad goes away, his mom says why do u keep fighting with him, abeer eats an apple and ignores her question, and says yes ask I know u want details, abeers mom says is everything ok at mehars house, abeer says yes one problem the sofa isn’t good, his mom says cmon, abeer says I didn’t go to chit chat so relax and here is shagun mehars mom gave it, while u sit for pooja use it.
In office, mehar sees everyone partying, she asks rati what is it,mehar sees kids all around the office, mrs sani comes and says have this ladoo mehar and u cant say no to me, these ladoos are made by my mom, she asks mehar why is she tensed, not anymore I am here so have fun, sani had made full discipline but when I am here its all fun, mr sani comes and asks his wife what all is this,she hugs sani and says do one thing u go to ur office and work,sani says everyone back to work finish all this and meharji congratulations u did grt job, abeer is back and has started working and he is so excited and credit goes to u.mehar thinks abt is really abeer gonna tell story on show.

PRECAP:abeer says to mehar slowly as our story will proceed ur fear will increase and slowly u will become care free, and remember, nazar hatti durghatna ghatti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Can anyone tell me what happened 8 years ago that led to their divorce?????

  2. What happened 8yr be4 is the base of story ll be shown in the cuming episodes.i cant even predict a single line.

    Nice epi.gng well.thnx tanaya di

  3. Nyc epi

  4. Hai guys..
    I think they have a child too.i have read somewhere before the show started.but now not remembering that site name…
    Love ❤ u Abheer u r damn handsome and Meher u r cute..?

  5. ankn dear relax u will get to know the story happened 8 yrs ago slowly and abheer himself is going to tell right so chill enjoy the stpry …………………

    well in short , 8 yrs ago happened is their story which they havent revail completely…………….

    cheers …………..

    liking abheers attitude and their hatred love…………..

  6. Wait for atleast 20 episodes,

  7. Wow thanks for fast update dear

  8. Yeah abheer’s attitude is awesome 🙂

    1. yup its really awesUm.. ☺☺?

  9. Iam watching it daily and meher loves ab but her dad maries second wife and his house is sold and ab dad offers 2 crores to leave ab she accepts to save family and abh don’t want to give div to hr bt stil at last his dad said abt 2 cr mater and he is broken he then frees her from their marriage

  10. Ab and abh meant abhir hope u understand it

    1. We’ll I don’t think this must be the story as if it was so why meher hates abir ??? Whatever it is the story is actually very unpredictable….

  11. I am loving this show and meherab . This show is unique from the saas bahu serials of starplus. Hope it continues this way . And please reveal the story sooner ..

  12. Abeer u just get great attitude

  13. Salma♥♥♥??

    Meher and abeer divorced because meher wanted money and that what had happened 8 years ago

  14. They spoke about it in the1st epi itself so concluded it drs and she is angry on him haha actually it s also a misunderstanding by her grt dad u know! Who lives with sec wife and wants money that’s it

  15. Oho fulla dramatic epi. Day by day in liking abheer. And very xcited to know about there past. 🙂 good going waiting for next epi. 🙂

  16. No no not sooner. I like suspense thriller like eht. Abheer Inna killer smile. 😉 I like u ?

  17. Yes meher saved family by taking money that’s it but seriously abheer character is gud who loves meher a lot

  18. good going:)i love the attitude of both lead characters:)

  19. Abeer u are sooooooooooo cute………..and meher is very prettty ………hope in cumming epi u both unite…..<3 <3

  20. 🙂

  21. its nisaar not samar! its confusing…plz change abheer’s frnd name frm next updates…

  22. Abeer loves Meher, Meher also loves him but her family’s sake (esp the aunt) she took the money as per Abeer’s fathers wish and left him. she wanted to bring him back to her life so she is inducing him with negative approach. They both will over come from their mistakes and will have a happy ending.

  23. Aman Chaudhary

    Can anyone tell me what happened 8 years ago that led to their divorce????? Nd what the end of the story

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