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Badtameez Dil 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer says friends this is my last song on this show, I am leaving this job, company and channel but we will soon meet till then good bye. everyone is shocked and confused abt abeers decision, sani gets into recording room and asks abeer what is ur problem, lovely comes and asks everyone to leave the room and takes sani to side and says u shd talk to abeer in private, sani goes to abeer and says dear abeer try understand ur show is the most important thing on this show and u know I treat u as my small brother and we are a family tell me whats wrong with u, abeer says everything has its expiry date , sani says relations don’t have expiry date, abeer says relations are one which expire quickly, sani says listen to me I want u, abeer says not anymore best wishes mehar madam and

u must have found ur 10 more abeers and so abeer resigns.sani says meharji do something tell him to stop, mehar asks abeer is it ur final decision, abeer says yes, mehar says ok ur resignation is accepted ur papers will be ready soon, sani says meharji go to ur cabin and we shall talk there.
Abeer says to sani I will take some empty boxes from ur cabin, sani says u wont go any where rati don’t give him whatever he asks for.sani goes to mehar and says how could u accept his resignation, don’t do this, mehar says he is going on his wish, sani says must be he is upset with change in show timing, u know he is very popular and so lets give him his time back, mehar says we cant plan one thing behind one person,and I took this decision for company benefit, sani says this company is bcoz of abeer, mehar says ok if u don’t trust my decision I shd resign, sani says good all resign even I will resign and we all well shelf this company, mehar says I will work on my terms.
Abeer is packing his things, samar is upset abt it, abeer says don’t worry before we reach home we will have all channels waiting for us, samar says abeer u are taking things to extreme, mehar enters ,abeer says I usually don’t allow anyone in my cabin this ways but now since I am leaving all is urs baby, samar says see u guys and leaves, mehar says here are ur documents. Everyone in office is making fun of abeer and mehars resignation decision and bet on who will leave soon, rati shouts them and ask them to go do ur own work and says mehar mam will surely make some good decision.
Mehar says to abeer, u always run away u must be used to all this right, u run away from everything, abeer says what do u think of urself, and this attitude will soon be all vanished, 8 days u have try run this channel, mehar says I lived 8 yrs without u, this is just a company, and u know I thought u must have been mature but u were right some things don’t change, u never face situations and still cant and anyways sign these papers and we will be done,mehar leaves the room.abeer gets very angry.
Mehars aunty and dad are discussing money issues, her aunty says this is mehars house and ur house is one where u live with ur other wife, her dad goes to her brother and says my son how are u,mehar enters , her dad says wow my daughter is here, mehar says dad u have food and driver will leave u back. Abeer is playing his guitar and is thinking abt mehars words which call him a coward.
Mehars dad says I think we shd go on trip may be shimla what say,and I will talk to sudha abt it we all will go and have fun, right mehar, now u have a big job but ur dad isn’t as big as u are so he can afford just shimla, mehar gets a call from sani, sani says mehar plz put on tv its abeer, abeer went back to office and did new recording, abeer on tv, guys I am going away but not full bye, we will meet on new slot at 11, with a special one and now we will have a love story along with it, 8 yr old love story, mehar sees abeer at her door saying an 8 yr old beautiful love story.

PRECAP:abeer says 8 yr old story , a boy a rich one met a girl.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice ep…….
    abeer u r so much attitude…..

  2. Abeer u should not change ur attitude…..u luk good with this attitude

  3. Intresting 🙂

  4. nice epi
    meher and abeer looks soo cute

  5. Bestie

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  7. Guys hw is this combination..

    Plzzz rply ..

    1. Nice meherab

    2. meherab is nice

    3. How about Meheer?

      1. yea meheer is also nice

  8. Interesting story….. Abhir mehar looks so cute…

  9. Nice show going very interestingly

  10. Gud show

  11. yesterday i told about meherab.mehbeer is also good,kshitiz.both rocksssss

  12. if anyone knw, Pls tel th repeat telecast times..

    1. 5am and 2pm 🙂

  13. Lala lub abheer attitude. Got another RK(rishabh kundra) but abheer bit different . I like everything in abheer his killing smile, attitude, singing style, yo my rock star ?. But mehar aka Asmita ur nit really expressive u shud improve to reach him I know ur senior Dan abheer(pearl v Puri) but still u beed to improve ur acting skills. Abheer is expressing much through his face but mehar 😐 u must improve. Hope u 2 will rock d small screen. All d best BD team. My attitude king abheer Malhotra 😉 good that u decided to stay back in channel. Waiting for next epi. 🙂

    1. Urgh dis spell checker disgusting 👿

  14. Hi guys ..m new here

  15. Thanx sara 🙂
    Dont u thnk frnds …batameez dil is the best show inplace of nauc one can think of …i mean it has a unique storyline ..

    1. Yes, n of course frnds, on which t.u pages will u cum?

    2. Oh u were talking to every1 else saying frnds, I thought u r asking me to be ur frnd

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  17. This show is really going to rock. Love mehrab both of them are so cute . The story also seems to be interesting. Hope it continues this way.

  18. Its not fair
    mehar can’t compare between her life and a company….

  19. Oh sara …u will be mine 1st frnf here 🙂 <3

    1. I HV a frnd circle too miriam

    2. N v HV so much trust between us, they will make u their frnd also ☺

  20. Gud mrng all… Oh sorry @SARA juz now I saw ur comment in 1st July epi. I watch Yhm,DWTG,BD regularly 🙂 and qh biweekly or monthly once.

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    luks awesm………………………………………..

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  27. high voltage hatred love……………….
    cool concept…………….. like ahbeer’s attitude……………………

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