Badtameez Dil 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisar goes to mehars cabin and says why are u troubling urself, u know I am with u always, so wont speak much but, mehar says I know that, nisar says ok take care mehar.
Kuber asks mehars dad why is he here, mehars dad says my son is jobless I want job for him, kuber says ur daughter is at such a big post why don’t u talk to her, mehars dad says I am not talking abt tarun but my other son tillu from my second wife, and here is a petha for u, kuber stops him.
Sani is tensed at the new situation and says I hope mehar doesn’t leave the job, mehar comes and asks sir are u fine and why didn’t u come to conference room, sani says mehar abt u n abeer, mehar says sir lets meet in conference room in 10 and leaves, sani says nishi if she resigns we have to go haridwar

for retirement, nishi says lets hope for good.
Kuber says to mehars dad u are so shameless, mehars dad says I am not asking for any big job but a job, kuber says I was insulting u but u, mehars dad says see actually we have a lot in common, like u take care of more business and I take care of two families and if I am not wrong a rich man like u must also be having affairs, am I right, kuber looks at him in anger, mehars dad says oh how abt tea atleast, kuber picks his phone and calls guards, mehars dad asks why are guards here, kuber says u will know, the guards push him out of house, kuber says throw him out he is scrap that keeps coming here and dare u come back.
Mehar asks rati to get everyone in conference room, jawahar says rati lets bet I think mehar is gonna resign, rati says I think u shd better work, nishi says sani now I know why abeer and mehar keep fighting I mean think marriage divorce, sani says I just hope mehar doesn’t announce resign, jawahar says sir we are betting on that, nishi says u fool get out.
Abeer playing drums, rati enters and calls him but abeer is busy playing,and stops and looks at rati, rati says sir mehar mam has called a meeting, abeer says go tell her I am busy playing drums. Everyone gather in conference room, mehar asks where is nisar and abeer, rati says nisar sir is busy in recording room and abeer denied, mehar says ohk we will continue without them, lovely says mehar may be abeer is disturbed bcoz of the morning, mehar says I think we shdnt concentrate on my personal things, sani thinks just don’t leave job, mehar says i am leaving no job and so lets begin with work, mehar says so we have changed abeers slot and its having trp as before and abt nisar, sani says I know abeer is best so its fine abt nisar,girls are mad behind abeer and so he is the best, he is my superstar,mehar looks at sani and says u are right abeer is a star and we have to promote him more and abt nisar, sani say see its ok that nisar is at abeers slot but he doesn’t have abeers charm, rati gets angry and drops tea purposely on sani,abeer enters conference room and rati leaves.
Abeer says did I miss anything, and smiles, mehar says the whole meeting, sani says abeer no worries come sit, u know ur show is hit and loving the story, abeer says so u all liked it, abeer says if I say it’s not a story and reality what will be ur take, sani asks abeer do u know that couple, abeer says even boss knows and today morning boss just told u the climax and so boss not good to reveal the climax, abeer says so guys the hero and heroine of my story, nishi says that means its urs, sani says what hero is abeer and heroine mehar, abeer and mehar get a call informing there has been an argument and both shd arrive at police station and both rush, sani says where are u going, but both rush.
Mehar calls driver, abeer says we are going to same place so lets go together, abeers car dashes buas car and she starts yelling, abeer gets down, bua looks at him and says u, what can I accept other than such act, mehar gets down, bua asks mehar what are u doing with him, abeer says relax we weren’t on some icecream date.
Mehars dad complains abt kuber and says first he threw me out of his house and then he dashed my car, kuber says no he dashed my car and now lying I am warning u sham(mehars dad).sham says kuber this is india its demography here, police says its democracy, lawyer says this man is trying to harass my client mr malhotra, bua scolds mehar why is she with abeer, bua abeer and mehar walk in the station, sham says here is my dad, mehar looks at kuber with cold looks.

Precap:bua says this son and father duo always troubles us, abeer says oh really and ur brother this man, mehar says abeer don’t cross ur lines, theres news on tv that abeer and mehar the old love buds looks like love is back in the air.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. wow ! Abeer and Meher together.. love it.. The reason for their divorce is Mehar and Abeer’s dad and Bua.. Nehar’s dad is a shameless person it seems. lets see how they come together out of the mess.

  2. Mehar just lectured her mom and bua, mom should not care about dad, forget her memories like that.. Now Meher is caring for her dad in the pre-cap. Abeer while looking at the news paper and talk to dad (yesterday’s episode) he was wearing white dress shirt with belt but when he reached office he is in casual. What is it ?

  3. Oh the DAD things 🙁 damn et… Its so… I mean.. That “TILLU..” how could he… *wordless* </3

  4. I felt negative shade in Nisar’s role, may b he loves mehar. Anyways eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.

  5. that nisar interfering so much his interference makes an issue and what a sudden change in rati i’m sure she is going to b the vamp against abeer for nisar

    1. Yeah…. U r right abt rathi…. She loves nisar… So she can do anything fa nisar

  6. ☆Twinkle05★

    Anyonevsee new promo ??? Abeer shift to meher house ………… INTRESTING ♥

  7. ☆Twinkle05★

    Anyone see new promo ??? Abeer shift to meher house ………… INTRESTING ♥

  8. Sree u r absolutely right . Nissar is not good . He loves mehar and he created all the misundersting between abeer and mehar .

  9. Hope Abeer and Meher will pass a good time in their office,
    Nice episode!

  10. The new promo was exciting……
    Abeer shifts meher hours….

  11. Plz anybdy can send d new promo link …

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