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Badtameez Dil 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Appendix tries to frighten Ishan that Meher will torture him by locking in a room alone. Ishan asks why will she. Appendix says all stepmothers are cruel. Ishan locks Appendix in a room and laughs from outside. Meher with Akshath comes and opens door. Ishan says this bad uncle is telling you both will lock me in a room and mom is stepmom. Appendix denies saying that. Meher asks him to stay away from her personal life, else she will suspend him job. Appendix angrily leaves.

Appendix complains Abeer about Ishan and Akshath. Abeer starts overreacting. Appendix suggests him to hire a girl to lure Akshath and in turn prove Meher that Akshath is an womanizer and fraud. Abeer fumes and says he will do that to get back Meher, but from where will they get girl. Appendix

says he knows a girl who will help them.

A girl enters wearing short dress and walking sensuously. All males gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Abeer asks Appendix when will his girl come. Appendix says that girl is your big fan and just wants to be around you. Abeer says he just wants to prove Meher that Akshath is a big fraud. Girl enters recording room. Abeer also gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Girl comes and tightly hugs Abeer and says she loves his music and is his biggest fan. she tells she is Aaliya dutt and continues praising Abeer. Abeer is surprised to hear all his likes and dislikes, etc. from a girl. Appendix separates girl and asks if she will do her task. She says she will do anything for Abeer. Abeer says it is a weird and difficult task and she should not feel bad. She says she will do anything for him.

Abeer flattens car tyre. Aaliya asks why is he doing this. Appendix says they have to tell everything to this girl and says this is Abeer’s film audition and she can be Abeer’s debut film heroine if she proves she can do everything. Abeer is surprised hearing Appendix’s lies. Aaliya asks what is film’s name. Appendix says mere mehboob qayamat hogi. Girl says it is a weird name. Abeer asks to focus. Girl stops Akshath’s car and says her car’s tyre is punctured and she needs help. He says he will change tyre. She says she needs auto. He stops auto. Girl asks if he will go to bandra. Driver says yes. She scolds if he cannot go,then why does he drive auto. She then goes to Akshath and requests him to drop at Bandra. He agrees. She hugs him repeatedly. Appednix and Abeer click their pic. Akshath drops her at Bandra. She starts flirting with him and asks his number. He gives number and leaves saying he has to pick up his son. Abeer with Appendix comes in car next. Girl hugs Abeer and says mission is successful. Abeer asks why she hugs him often and asks if she took Akshath’s mobile number and dropped her bangle in his call. She says of course and asks if her film role is final. Abeer says this is just 1st round, in second round she will call Akshath and invite him for a coffee. Aaliya calls Akshath and he agrees to meet her at a coffee shop around 6 p.m. to return her bangle. She tells Abeer that her role is pakka now as Akshath is meeting her at 6 p.m. in a cofee shop.

kuber comes to new his office and checks Abeer in all cabins. Secretary comes and gets into a cabin. He gets romantic and asks where is Abeer. She says she went out after lunch. He asks where is Meher. She says she is working from home. He says it is good if she marries and leaves Abeer. She asks if he hates Meher so much, then why did he stop her in this office and is so leniant on Abeer. He angrily looks at her. She says he can trust her.

Precap: Kuber tells secretary once Abeer starts hating Meher, he will show Meher her right place. Akshath takes Meher to a coffee shop and shows Abeer hugging Aaliya to console her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god u cheap akshat hate u … Get lost u and ur acting ….. and appendix get lost plzzz u r making more differences between mehbeer instead uniting them…
    Or is appendix linked with akshat ?? May B who knows writers at any time WIL turn the plot as they wish and worry us ….

    1. OMGGGG are appendix and akshat actually LINKED????

  2. h hasan plz write update in full detail every dialog because many people r unable to watch all episodes so plz put every dialog update
    U can also write in Hindi

  3. I love abeer so much……Akshath should go die

    1. I agree. I HATE Akshat SOOOOO much.

  4. OMG…What is this?..Abeer I already told u don’t do this cheap things..Appendix get out u r separating MehBeer and this Stupid Akshat is so cheap how can he do this?..Meher will now trust this stupid Akshat..Can’t tolerate it..
    Whose is this Secretary?.. Its that Rati ?..
    Firstly the Villain was Kuber,then Tayi ji,then Rati now Akshat, then who is going to come now to Separate MehBeer..Hating every Villain..
    Director and Writers pls let one by one villain out from the show and unite MehBeer..but pls first put out This stupid Akshat can’t tolerate him..
    Anyways waiting for upcoming epis..Love ❤ and Missing u MehBeer and BD…

  5. Nice epi!
    Love you Mehbeer.
    Hope they will soon unite.

    1. I know, its been too long since they have been separated; they need to get together now. AND abeer should find out about his son by doing maybe a PATERNAL test

  6. Nice epi…waiting for mehbeer reunion

  7. love the show but not able to watch through hotstar plz plz be detailed in writing the episode plz plz plz .love y MEHBEER

  8. Oh god!!! A big drama!!!

  9. Plsss e drama end karo and plsssss bring dis show to starplus dat hotstar app is crap

  10. Osheen Agarwal

    May b Meher will fell jealous when she see Abeer with another girl or may b she will misunderstand Abeer

  11. Seriously the repitive indian daily soap saga once again…….once Ishaan knows that abeer is his dad somehow he will reunite them. I jst hope that there are no more nautanki . And all the commented stop over reacting as if its ur own love life

  12. it was such a good drama… but they are spoiling it now

  13. Guys chill. Mehbeer has to unite, and I guess It will happen on Karwa Chauth or some festival….



  14. i have not seen bd since more than a month


  15. can anyone tell me how to write a fan fiction….. plz its a request

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