Badtameez Dil 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sani reads the news and gets upset, nishi says relax, sani says this abeer will ruin everything and u too, nishi says I was just trying to unite two lovers, sani says I better die then deal with u n abeer.
Abeer enters office and finds the whole office gossiping abt him and mehar, he says no need to hide the newspaper make a hording and roam, rati shows nisar the news,nisar gets upset and throws the paper, abeer picks the paper, and says nisar listen, nisar says no I don’t want to I am done with u, u will never understand, abeer asks rati did mehar come, rati leaves with abeer.
Mehar enters office and sees everyone staring at her and ignores them acting she doesn’t care and walks to her cabin, lovely looks at her and says god she isn’t angry at all how come,

mehar goes to her cabin, abeer follows her,lovely says see look at Romeo and Juliet, abeer says mehar I want to talk to u, mehar says look u wanted this to happen happy right and I don’t want to talk to u, abeer says oh plz I didn’t do this and look at me I am talking to u, mehar says abeer it may be not u who gave the news but it was surely u who give me unnecessary attention and that’s the reason behind this news and plz leave, abeer says very good that’s what u think and now be ready to face some more such situations and yes if u think so then let it be its me who did it.
Mehar says abeer see what I do now, u black mail me on our past now just wait n watch, mehar goes out and gathers everyone and says since past few days me n abeer are talk of the office and town and so let me reveal the truth behind all this chemistry between me n abeer and ur discussion will end now, the reason behind our chemistry is bcoz me n abeer fell in love 10 yrs back, 9 yrs back marriage and 8 yrs back divorce, everyone in office are confused and shocked, abeer gets angry and looks at mehar, mehar says so stop the gossips bcoz all was over 8 yrs back and will never happen now, so sorry to end ur excitement and hope that u will concentrate on ur work now, that’s all and get to work,abeer nods at mehar in anger, mehar leaves in tears.
Mehar goes to her cabin, all in office start discussing abt it, sani and others look at abeer who walks to his cabin and is upset and angry,he has mehars words going all around his head, mehar breaks down in her cabin and so does abeer.
Everyone in office discussing abt abeer and mehars past,abeer hears the talk and gets angry and says talk in front of my mouth and dare u speak ill abt mehar or else I will break ur mouth get lost now out.abeer finds nisar in recording room, he walks to nisar and looks at him, and says nisar talk to me, don’t do this, just say what is it, talk now, nisar says do u ever listen to anyone, abeer says I know u think its me behind all this, so talk or else this will kill me n our friendship, nisar says yes all that happen was bad, this is not the way to deal, how low will u fall, why don’t u understand, abeer says n what abt u, u aren’t able to judge who is right n wrong, she brought the past back, nisar says but u provoked her to do that, abeer says she came by herself I didn’t call her why did she come to my work place, why don’t u see n if u don’t go to hell,and abeer leaves in anger.
Kuber is been informed that some one is here to meet him, he sees its mehars dad,mehars dad walks to kuber and says don’t scold ur security they haven’t seen me before so may be,and here is money for ur guards and where is madhviji, how good to see u, and how abt alcohol to begin with, kuber says u seem to be drunk to come to my house anyways why are u here what u want, mehars dad says i hope u have forgotten the past and did u see our kids are back together so how abt a drink to celebrate the moment.
Mehar in her cabin, she calls suman to remind her abt tablets, suman says all is fine mehar how are u, in office, mehar says mom all Is fine, I am busy will call u later, suman says mehar if u want feel free to talk, mehar says sure ma bye, mehar says I hope all gets fine.

Precap:mehar and abeer get calls informing that there has been an argument and they have to be at police station.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. feeling sad for abeer and meher

  2. No yr Meher ko arrest nh abeer ko kro he has hurt meher alot

  3. The Crazy Boy

    Damn…. The DAD THINGS -_- >.<

  4. The Crazy Boy Vivaan.

    But The Story is going cool… It’ll gonna rockz as like as the IPKKND 😀 😛 😉

  5. Love the story so far! Its like a slow mo movie!

  6. laishram Nitu

    guys I m loving it everything is cool

  7. Luv u MehBeer…Going Good…;)..

  8. meher should not have told the truth

  9. wow
    abeer cares for meher

  10. Yes, I too believe, Meher shouldn’t have reveal the truth to office. But now still I like the story, different from every other serials. This story we can see a real life people live in there. Not like an un imaginary or a fake ones.

  11. Wow ,,,,,!!!! Mehbeeeer and bd rock oxSS’s

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