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Badtameez Dil 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mehar ties tunno Rakhi, tunno says di I couldn’t gift u anything this Rakhi but next time surely give u something big , and ma I am ver hungry, Suman says surely u must be even mehar didn’t eat anything come, mehar says abeer, abeer says yes yes say it, Mehar says actually I am, abeer says cmon say thanku, Mehar says u have problem to say sorry can’t I have to say thanku.
Suman wakes up and goes downstairs, tunno memorises what all happened and gets scared, Suman sees him and goes to him and asks why hasn’t he slept, tunno says just abt to sleep, Suman says u are hiding something tell me what is it,something surely has happened, share it we will face it together, tunno says ma I am sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose and tells her everything, Suman gets shocked, and

slaps him,and says how could u do it, tunno says I will do all right plz forgive me, Suman says for what all I she forgive u and those papers Mehar signed where house papers, how could u do it tunno, Suman and tunno see abeer.
Abeer says ma I know we can’t change it but I will do all right, Suman says abeer u knew abt this, abeer says sorry but I will manage money , Suman says u won’t do anything, it’s our problem we will manage it and what abt Mehar,abeer says she would never know abt it, Suman says I have to do something to deal with it, and tunno I think u learnt ur lesson, tunno says yes I did but plz don’t tell do she will kill me, Suman says u didn’t recognise ur sister she would give her life for u,and Mehar will break down when she will know abt it so she will never know abt this, abeer says give me a chance I will do it right, Suman says abeer this house Mehar has made it with hard work and if I take ur help she will lose self respect so not ur help.
Nisar on call says to abeer, see aunts is right ur help will hurt mehars self respect, abeer says ok u come pick me up,Suman takes abeer with her, and gives her jewellery and says go mortgage it, Mehar goes to call Suman, suman gives her savings too, and says give all this and ask for some more time for remaining amount, abeer says ma listen let me handle it my way, suman says abeer try understand for Mehar, abeer says Mehar will never know abt it Mehar enters and asks what Mehar won’t know.
Abeer smiles and says I was b*t*hing abt u, Mehar says me breakfast is ready and I am leaving for office, Suman says ok take care, Mehar says everything all right are u fine, Suman says no just worried,Mehar leaves, abeer says ma I will leave too but promise u won’t take tension, abeer takes jewellery n money n leaves.
Abeer n Nisar together, abeer says I have 19 lakhs n u 8 , abeer the rockstar has just 11 lakhs,Nisar says Sani sir we will ask him, abeer says he will go tell Mehar n I can’t let that happen,Nisar says the. We just have jewellery mortgage option, abeer says I will mortgage myself but not jewellery.
Abeer meets a man, he asks abeer is he sure abt his decision, abeer says yes and signs on papers, the man transferes money to abeers account, Nisar asks did u do it, abeer says go keep this jewellery in locker and abt au the will manage her, Nisar asks why are u doing all this, abeer says I don’t know lets get to work.
Abeer calls tuunno. Sham comes mehars house n says I never thought my son will do anything like this, I didn’t teach them such culture, Suman tries ignore him, sham says I hit tillu so much but tunno can behave like this in ur presence n my poor Mehar she made this house with her hard work but these brothers, u take care of tunno, Suman gets angry n says I know what to do u don’t tell me what to leave n just leave from this house n pushes him out of house.
Suman in house worried, she sees abeer n tunno at door, abeer says u promised u won’t cry, Suman asks what happened, abeer gives her house papers, Suman very happy seeing them.

Precap: Kuber In his office angry n asks who selled abeers shares, his man says abeer himself did it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice serial

  2. I like this T.V show and I hope they keep it long bc they usually end good shows and keep the boring ones.

  3. Wow really a nice ep.
    Abeer you are so good ,you do this for meher hours really it’s a great job…
    Good luck

  4. nice episode

  5. nice episode and love you mehbeer

  6. meher will surely know about it soon

  7. Good lucky Guys and subh Rakhi to evyone 😀 😉 😛

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