Badtameez Dil 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, suman says to abeer that its a bad sign and she is worried abt tunno, abeer says relax i will call tunno, sham scolds tillu for not taking care of tunno and asks him to call all tunnos friend, abeer calls tunnos friend, friend says now a days tunno is always with tillu and not with them, mehar calls suman to ask her to send tunno, suman says he is not home and isn’t picking phone too, abeer says to mehar i am going to search for tunno.
Tunno on railway station thinking abt mehar and how he cheated her, and his promise that he will try be her best brother, tunno sees call from mehar and breaks down,he shivers and phone falls off his hand and says di i am sorry i don’t know how i did this plz forgive me, abeer goes to tillus house and calls him, sulekha says how come

u here, relax sit, tillu isn’t home he is out with sham, sham and tillu reach home and see abeer, abeer asks tillu where is tunno, his friends told me he is with u and i noticed that u two where cooking something during jagrata too, sham starts acting as if he is worried for tunno, tillu says tunno lost money in betting and so he ran away, sham hits tillu and says u do betting how much u lost, tillu says 10 lakhs, abeer stops sham and says tillu call tunno, tillu calls tunno, tunno picks his phone, tunno says i broke didis trust i will die but not go home, abeer asks tunno where are u, tunno keeps phone aside and walks away, abeer says trains noise, tillu where did u see him last, tillu says jogeshwari.
Mehar keeps trying tunnos phone, a police man picks tunnos phone, he tells that he found phone on railway station, mehar asks which station and runs to the station.mehar reaches jogeshwari station, abeer and sham reach too and start searching for tunno, mehar calls abeer and tells that tunno is at railway station, abeer says why are u out of office i told u i will search him, atleast once trust me and stop always blaming me,and cuts her phone, mehar meets the constable having tunnos phone, they hear people shouting abt a accident, people around say a guy committed suicide, mehar walks slowly too the place, she looks at the body scared, and sees , constable asks mehar is this ur brother, mehar says no, tillu sham and abeer are searching for tunno, mehar gives constable her number and asks her to inform if any news.
Tunno walking on a railway track, abeer sees him and rushes to him,tunno sees abeer rushing towards him and starts running away, abeer pushes him, tunno says i want to die leave me, abeer slaps him and says go die, don’t u worry abt ma, bua and mehar and hugs him, tunno tells abeer everything what he did and says plz save me i lost house, ring everything, abeer says how did u go there, tunno says i started with 20000 u gave, tillu shows sham abber and tunno, sham starts hitting tillu and says look what all u did, abeer asks how much money u need for house, tillu says 60 lakhs, tunno says how come we took 10 lakhs, tillu says i took 60 lakhs i had old money to return, sham says tunno don’t worry, abeer takes tunno along with him and says sham to stay away.
Sham asks tillu to keep quite and both laugh when tunno and abeer leave.mehar in car worried abt tunno, tunno calls her from std, and says my phone had lost and i am coming home, sorry i am late, mehar says ok i am coming home, tunno cuts the phone, abeer says see relax no one shd know abt this i will take care of it and promise u will never do betting and study hard, tunno says yes and hugs him.
Suman gets happy seeing tunno, mehar comes home and rushes to him and scolds him, tunno says i went to see match, mehar says did u forget abt rakshabandhan and what abt forms did u submit, tunno says i did, i am sorry, abeer says match actually, mehar says i am talking to tunno, tunno says he brought me home don’t scold him, mehar asks this phone, abeer says he went by train must have falleb down, mehar says tunno next time don’t do this, always inform, tunno says i am sorry i wont do it again, mehar says ok and hugs him.
Mehar ties tunno rakhi.

Precap: tunno tells suman abt betting and house on mortgage, suman gets angry and slaps him, somebody sees them and they both get shockd.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. nice episode

  2. Nice and lovely episode abeer rocks and meher is still cute

  3. Abeer looks so handsome..

  4. abeer will do something now

  5. but who is that someone and i guess and hope too thai it be meher atleast she should know what abeer did for her by saving tunno

  6. Mmm.. Luvv u abheer?

  7. and luv u too abeer … I like abeer also… but unfortunately.. I can’t see 2shows.. at same time… jamai-raja… with…. badtameez dill.. but still I live this show also as I know what’s happening in it….

  8. Anyone knw about the new entry in bd..plz tell me

  9. lovely episode……abeer and meher you both rock

  10. Nice episode, hope tunno recover from his bad influences

  11. And B u a sees them 😐

  12. yhe abeer ko kitna lootegai
    poor abeer
    love you 2 much abeer

  13. Love it, Tunnu ‘a mistake will be revealed and resolved by Abeer.. Awesome Abeer with his acting

  14. Nice epi!
    Who can be the person?

  15. This is the third time of me writing the comment but my comment neve got posted. Didn’t expect this. How long is it still gonna take to post today’s update?

    Msg from Team: Updates are posted as soon as we can. Some days there can be delay and we don’t approve comments regarding posting update or speed up with the update.

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