Badtameez Dil 26th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, taiji says mehar I am so sorry ,i didn’t ever think abeer would do this to u, madhvi gets call from abeer, mehar takes it, abeer says ma I went Singapore away from mehar, mehar gets shocked.
Abeer sitting beside mehar in hospital, says I shdnt have gone Singapore mehar, I shd have waited n spoken to u, I shdnt have misunderstood u n left u, if I wouldn’t go u wouldn’t be here, mehar cmon plz wakeup say u love me plz, doctor comes n says mehars reports are normal that means mehar will be fine soon,abeer says see mehar u will be fine soon, doctor says abeer ur love has played a major part in her betterment, u are here since 14 days all day all night, she must be responding to ur love, she is getting well for u, take care now.
Abeer says mehar

see u will be soon with me, cmon enough now get up, lets go home I cant take this hospital food anymore n lets go home, I am going now will come soon, I have to go tell all u will be fine soon.
Abeer tells tunno, mehar will be fine soon, go tell ma n bua, taiji gives kuber tea, kuber asks where is madhvi, taiji says went to see mehar, mehar is getting better, n abeer is back in love with her n didn’t u see how happy he is to see her getting well, kuber says I cant even do anything don’t u remember his warnings, just for a girl he wants to leave all this luxurious life, taiji says if mehar gets well, it will be dangerous for her, we cant let her be alive, she has to die, kuber says its not easy to kill her, taiji says hospital has so many accidents, like ventilator gets worse or mistake from doctors or nurse, kuber says who will do it, taiji says the one who helped us before , kuber smiles.
Kuber says nisar here is money a ticket to new Zealand n 2 lakhs in ur account, nisar says this means u want me to do something, I wont 8 yrs back I had problem n u took advantage of it but not now, kuber says ok I will tell abeer u helped me to separate mehar from him, n then ur friendship will be over n don’t forget I will ruin ur life u know I can do that,use ur brains,I will change ur life go abroad open ur own music station, nisar asks what shd I do, kuber says good, so u will have to go switch of mehars ventilator, nisar says what u want me to kill mehar, kuber says yes u will n u will go new Zealand n no one will know abt it, nisar says sir its dangerous, kuber says nisar if u get caught u will take my name n so I will make sure u wont come in picture, u have to go hospital n switch off ventilator, message me abt it n then straight to new Zealand all the best.
Abeer with mehar, nurse says wow u love ur wife so much, abeer smiles to her, nurse leaves, abeer thinking abt his good times with mehar n smiles. Nisar reaches hospital, he has flashes abt what all he has done wrong with abeer in past n how always abeer has been for him, nisar sees abeer with mehar in room, he hides.
Abeer calls tunno n asks is he getting bua n ma, tunno says yes, abeer checks theres no water n goes to get water n informs nurse to look after mehar, nurse abt to go in doctor calls her n she leaves, nisar takes advantage of this situation n goes in n looks at mehar n remembers how she helped him n says I am sorry mehar I spoilt every thing I am helpless plz forgive me, abeers dad is making me do all this,I hope god forgives me, I am sorry mehar n switches off the ventilator n all machines ,abeer forgets his wallet n goes to get it.

Precap:Doctor checks mehars health getting worse, suman n bua reach hospital, nurse doesn’t allow them ill, abeer sees them n goes there, bua says why did u come here see bcoz of u my child is again in trouble bcoz of u she has already gone through a lot enough leave her alone now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. They told it’s last episode ten hw cum precap

    1. No continuation will air on hotstar frm mndy onwards

  2. Oh nisar no need to d this…u go t abeer tell d truth..abeer will forgive u

  3. Oh nisar no need to do this…u go t abeer tell d truth..abeer will forgive u

  4. plzz keep updating daily
    even if it goes off air
    i am thankful to tanaya for d daily updates.

  5. Hate u nisar….im nt able to watch on hotstar..atleast plz update the written update.miss u mehbeer

  6. This was the last episode of Badtameez dil.
    So Badtameez dil is going to come on Monday or not.
    Why are they ending?

    1. end hoga to season 2 ayega n its confirmed

  7. I hate u mean u r*

  8. we can watch it online not in hotstar app.
    i think its gonna come on hotstar orginal

  9. kya yr sala doggy nisar yr go n die kuber taiji n nisar fed up of u yr plz dont kill meher plz dont take away this innocent doll from the show plz

  10. I think tomorrow episodes last ep.

  11. I love mehabeer! Hope the my get back together ASAP

  12. Shraddha Sharma

    Can anyone tell me is this show ended today or they were making fool of us, by showing precap….
    And aaj ka seen dekh kr to aisa lgta h k show flashback me chal raha tha…
    Kya kisi ko samjg aaya k actually hua kya h isme yeh sb, jo na to end tarf gya or na hi samjg me aaya…. I am to totally confused with today’s episode….

    1. Jumior Rajput.

      Show kaafi days se flashback mein chal raha tha… Aj present ka scene dikhaya… Jismein meher ka accident ho chuka hai…. Meher k accident k din se abeer purane days soch raha tha…. N ye k unki marriage kaise hui n dicorce kaise hua……N I dnt think k show end hone wala hai….

  13. Nisar i cant believer u and abheer ur sucha coward ??

  14. Hey..please keep us updated with your written updates! Everyday it would not be possible to watch on hot star!

  15. Oohh plsss sp don’t end on TV!! Bcoz everyday on hotstar its quiet not impossible to watch online everyday!!! Plss accept my request!!!! Otherwise I m really upset of this and stop watching sp and hotstar forever !!! Plssssssssssssss

  16. Plz do something boz hot star don’t open in Pakistan is there any other Web site?

  17. No yr..its not posibl for me 2 watch in hotstar..n i love tis serial..cant plz do smthng hlp me..written updates shud nt b stopped

  18. guys,New song I coming!!!!!! it!!!!!I m so excited!!!!??????♨

    1. look,as a result of excitement what I have done!!!!ha..ha..Anyway it should be right link now

  19. This means that Phir Bhi na manne badtameez dil is going to air on hotstar.
    In Pakistan may be it is not available.
    Please don’t stop updating.
    I really hate star plus they should end SNS not Phir bhi na maane badtameez dil.

  20. Is there any new time of Badtmeez Dil OR this show is going to be end????

    1. The show is not going to end it will come on hotstar every morning a new episode

  21. Pls update it daily from hotstar.

  22. ITNA BAKWAS ENDING HOGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It has not ended it is being contd on hotstar they will show new episodes at hotstar every morning so if you want to see you can see it on hotstar every morning

  23. new serial 8.30pm..
    Show was end:-O..
    Tn y parecap..

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