Badtameez Dil 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abeer looking at the boy Ishaan while the latter is busy seeing through the binoculars. He sits in his car and tells Appendix that the boy is Akshat’s son. Akshat and Ishaan leave in their car. Abeer thinks Meher and Devki must not know about the boy and thinks to surprise them. He comes to Meher’s house and asks Suman about Meher. He comes to her room and tells her that Akshat is a big fraud and asks her to break engagement with him. Meher asks what is the reason? Abeer tells he has a kid. Meher and Suman looks on shockingly at each other. Abeer asks you are shocked. Akshat brings Ishaan. Ishaan comes running to Meher and calls her Mamma. He shows the gifts.

Meher asks about his trip. Abeer asks why he is calling you mom. He says Meher is not yet married

to Akshat. Ishaan gets angry at Abeer and says no one can talk to his mum with loud voice. Meher asks Abeer to go and says we will talk later. Abeer gets angry at Akshat and Ishaan. He thinks Akshat convinced her by showing his son to her. Meher asks him to get out. Ishaan runs and collides with Abeer. Ishaan’s binoculars breaks. Abeer says I didn’t do it intentionally. Akshat says I will buy another for you. Ishaan makes Abeer fall as he throws the beads. Abeer says I will settle scores with you. Ishaan laughs and tells his school name. Akshat asks him not to say anything to his son.

Suman asks Abeer to go for her sake. Ishaan asks who is this made fellow, and says I will push him in pool if he comes again. Suman asks Ishaan to have food. Meher asks him to change the clothes. Suman gives him chole and asks to eat. Akshat and Suman ask Meher to go and relax. Ishaan asks if mum is angry with me. Akshat says no. Ishaan asks why she is crying then. Meher runs to her room and cries. Akshat goes to her room and looks on. Abeer watches video of their intimacy and romance, and smiles. He recalls Meher telling that she wants a baby and Abeer refuses to have baby and break marriage. He thinks may be I would have understood your wish.

Kuber comes and asks what happened? Your mum said that you didn’t have anything. Abeer tells Meher is marrying someone else. Kuber and Madhavi looks on shocked. Madhavi asks him to talk to meher and make her understand. Abeer says I tried to convince her, but Akshat has been controlling Meher well. He says Akshat has a son of 6-7 years old, and that boy calls Maa to Meher. He says if I would have left Meher 8 years ago, then this single father wouldn’t have trapped her. Kuber asks if Meher don’t want to return, then you can’t ruin your life. Abeer says he has no life without Meher. Madhavi says she will talk to her. Kuber says it will be an awkward situation for her. Abeer says he will talk to her. Kuber gets a call and says he has to leave. He asks Abeer to be strong and leaves.

Abeer asks Madhavi, if Meher really needed a baby, and says if I would not have left her then she would have been mine today. He cries in her lap.

Abeer tells Meher that they can have their own baby. He talks about Ishaan. Meher cries and says Ishaan is your son once he leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I told this before

  2. i can’t stop crying :'(

  3. I guess this kid is mehabeers.but ishanth accept his father was abeer,

  4. Plz we need more scenes of Mehbeer :<3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. Yaayy… My guess was right about Ishaan being Mehbeer’s kid! I m waiting to watch how Abeer and Ishaan bond in the upcoming episodes.. ?

  6. Oh Finally Now Abeer is known the truth that he has a Son..Now it will be interesting to know what is gonna Happen..Pls unite MehBeer soon..i want Ishaan to help Abeer and get along with his dad so todays epi it seems that Ishaan and Abeer won’t get well..pls,don’t do this..At least make someone to Support Abeer..miss u,MehBeer and PBNMBD..

  7. This show is so addictive.. This is d best show. Love mehbeer.. Hope they reunite soon. Pls get it back on tv..

  8. Nice episode

  9. Amazing epi….cant wait for abeer to find out the truth….hope for mehbeer reunion soon….

  10. How can we watch bad thameez dil on hotstar?

    1. Heyyy… I found you here finally… Dude did you quite watching Ishq ka rang safed??? I mean no comment..

    2. Sorry for mistake… Quit>> Quite….

  11. I am sure ki ishaan abeer ko jaldi accept nahi karega

  12. the soon unite the soon end i mean if meher and abheer get together to soon then this show will go off

  13. Hi frnd u may watch prmbd go to hotstargosolo then go to badmeejdil while u watch it.

  14. I am sure after few episodes of fighting between abeer and Ishaan they will surely start bonding… My another guess is that Akshat got some papers signed from meher na in that he would have done something like adopting ishaan so in future that may come as a prob and he will surely turn into a villain…

    1. Akshat is already the villain! Hate him…

  15. I can’t believe it but may be Ishaan is going to unite Meher and Abeer.

  16. Hey wow interesting twist tht cute boy is mehbeer’s son …. But PLZ reveal it sooner to abeer rather he be coming more and more angry on tht kid. ….. It will B good if abeer and ishan keep a good bonding but writers u WIL not make this happen … It’s really sad to c abeer’s state no one by his side to help him or motivate him … Evn suman never put forth abt abeer’s child to abeer ….. So sad abeer is not having any helping hand …. Meher PLZ give abeer a second chance …. Plz … If not Atleast dnt Mary tht kabuthar …… Or else u WIL repent aftr marrying him

  17. Why why why I am constantly crying , I don’t even like this ishan but you could tell that he was abeers son cause he was naughty , but if Mebeer have a son the love between them won’t be good cause it’s like saas bahu and child but Mebeer are deffo unique .
    And Also the kid won’t know that abeers his dad will he because he called akshat dad and it will be hard for him to accept abeer cause he left meher.
    If miracurasly ishan likes abeer then how will they get rid of akshat or how will meher tell ishan a 6 year old boy tha for 6 years he does not know his dad and his dad left him and me (meher). This was some thing I just did not want to happen because it makes everything complicated and emotional.

    SOS if I hut any ones feelings I just said the first thing that came to my mind.

  18. Pls…… pls…..pls……..pls………..pls……….pls…….
    Reunite meher n abeer soon

  19. Crazy fr d show………
    Love them together in jodi

  20. Mehar kya kiya ab,abeer&ishanth milsaktahe kya.writers plz abeerko some one help karo

  21. Plz hhaasan 7th written episode bejdo

  22. Plz aj ka baag bejdo

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