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Badtameez Dil 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, panditji gives Prasad and asks abeer and mehar to distribute sweets, mehar says panditji he doesn’t believe in all this so will u plz, abeer says no its fine i will do it,mehar says looks like someone is changing and having interest, abeer says yes interest in ladoos, mehar says u will never change, madhvi asks bua to forgive her, bua smiles, abeer says wow what an iconic moment bua is smiling, bua says madhviji i am sorry to, i know i don’t like abeer but that doesn’t mean i will do such thing i am sorry, madhvi says its ok.suman prays to god and says thanku.
Next day, kuber slaps sham, and says u are so shameless and worst, and dare u do anything which will endanger my sons life, sham says no i took care that abeer wont be hurt, kuber says shutup, next time

it wont be slap but will kill u, and leave.
Tillu calls tunno and says that jeweller may sell the ring now, so get the papers signed we need money soon, tunno says ok i will do it, mehar cooking, tunno goes to her and says di plz sign, mehar says first tell me abt abeers money why did u spent it, tunno says i didn’t that gifts are for my friends bday its contribution money and jijus money is safe i am gonna use it for business, mehar says ok and reads paper to be signed, tunno distracts her saying ur upma may burn,and mehar signs in hurry without reading papers, tunno says di see i will become the best brother, mehar smiles and says u already are, tunno thinks di i will tie rakhi only when i will have a big gift for u.
Suman says to madhvi our two children will be together and lets pray for it, madhvi says sure, mehar comes and says u going ma, madhvi says yes but u take care, abeer comes and says i will drop her. Tillu says to tunno this money lender is very private he allows only known people in, he knows me due to dad so i will go in, u stay here, tillu goes in with papers and shows lender land papers, he gives tillu money, the lender says if u don’t return money in 15 days this land will be mine, tillu says sure and divide money in two bags.
Mehar calls tunno for rakhi, abeer says he isn’t home, suman says yes he is out, mehar says when will he listen, abeer says calm down always hyper and teases mehar, suman says stop that and leaves, mehar says don’t u have office , abeer says actually my back is aching will u apply ointment, mehar says i am busy, and u don’t have recordings, abeer says nisar is handling my shows and trps are good too, see when i return i will return with a bomb, mehar says learn to respect time, and ma send tunno office for rakhi.
Mehar abt to leave sees sham at door ,sham says where is my sister i am here for rakhi, bua comes out, sham says sister see ur brother is here come tie rakhi, bua is surprised seeing sham.tillu and tunno use the money for betting and lose all money, tunno gets shocked and starts crying and says i want money for my sisters gift and says plz give me my money back plz, guards throw tunno out,tillu says stop crying tunno chill, all will be fine, tunno asks how, what will i give di now, its rakhi today and i lost all money, tillu hugs him and says no worries and smiles.
Bua ties sham rakhi, sham gives her 500rs, and asks where are sweets, bua gives him sweets, bua says stop acting we all know u don’t mean all this, and this money give it to some needy i don’t want it,god knows how u must have earned it.sham takes money back and puts in his wallet and says suman get me tea, tillu calls him and says papa tunno lost 10lakh rupees, sham says very good, sham says to himself now abeer will be out and i will get 15 lakhs, and this house will be mine,and looks around the house, suman comes out and see theres no sham and goes in.
Tunno very upset and tensed starts running away, and says i have destroyed my whole life, i told d ii will be a good brother but see what i did, and runs away, tillu calls sham and says tunno ran away and i fear he will do something, sham scolds go find if or else we will be caught.
Suman slips with arti in her hand, abeer comes and helps her and says are u fine, suman says this thali its not a good sign.

Precap: abeer asks tillu where is tunno, his friends told he is with u, tillu says he lost money in betting and ran away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode!
    I think Tillu and Tunnos track is going to end.

  2. Story going good, now Tillu will be caught red handed and Sham the shameless idiot will be exposed. Abeer will solve all the issues and take care of Tunnu… Can’t wait for future episodes… Abeer your acting is Amazing.. Act and be the same as our Charming Abeet…

  3. Nice episode!
    And nice serial!

  4. Give some brains to this tunnu. N this sham I hope he doesn’t actually get meher house n abeer at tunnu rescue. Meher u better know what abeer did for tunnu & thank him. Love Abeer ????

  5. Didn’t like today’s epi

  6. Anyone knw abt new entry in dis show??
    Please rply…

    1. New entry is of abeer s maasi or bua

  7. nice episode but how can tunno trust tillu blindly

  8. Is it crct.. In spoilers abeer says i miss my behan so it wd be abeer’s sister

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