Badtameez Dil 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sham picks up glass piece and says this is what hurt mehar and who put this in dal, how grateful abeer didn’t eat it, abeer looks at bua and says buaji u gave me dal, u wanted to kill me, bua gets scared and says i didn’t, madhvi listens to this and gets shocked, madhvi walks to bua and says u tried to kill my son, few minutes back u said u wish abeer dies and now this dal, suman says madhviji calm down, mehar says yes bua wont do anything like this, madhvi says mehar ur bua hates my son but this way, abeer says ma relax, bua says i too was having dal with abeer why would i do that, madhvi says i don’t care abt that all i know is u served a dal to abeer with glass pieces, suman says madhviji plz calm down didi wont do this, but who must have done it, sham says the glass

wouldn’t have jumped by its own and my sister is a lawyer she is cunning and wont do anything like this, and we shd be thankful that abeer is safe, madhvi says to suman i am sorry but i think the hope we both look for wont happen, for mehar and abeer to be together, i cant danger abeers life, and i think they both will never come together bcoz there are our own people trying to separate them, suman says plz don’t say such things, madhvi says i am sorry but thats true and i am leaving with abeer, suman says plz don’t do this, madhvi says abeer lets go,abeer says ma listen, madhvi holds abeers hand takes him along with her, suman faints, abeer and madhvi rush to her, abeer calls doctor.
Doctor examines suman, and says she needs rest and needs to be away from stress nothing major, sham sees doctor leaving, madhvi feels bad and says i am sorry i got emotional and lost control i am sorry, mehar says no ma plz its normal anybody would do that, madhvi says but i knew she is a bp patient still, tunno says di everyone is waiting for arti, madhvi says this pooja was for mehar and abeer so u two go for pooja, i will stay with sumanji, abeer says ma i don’t believe all this i will stay here, madhvi says abeer i know but for sumanji go, she will feel good and happy go, abeer says ok, mehar says but how will i leave ma alone, madhvi says mehar plz go, mehar says ok,sham hides and listen to all this and goes down and says this drama, i have to do something and sulekha tillu come lets go home,tillu takes tunno to a side and asks is ma ok, tunno says yes, tillu says u take care of her and prove urself in front of everyone.
Mehar and abeer go to pooja, panditji says lets begin with arti, mehar says god ma organised this jagrata and this arti wouldn’t be right without her plz make her fine. Suman gets conscious, madhvi says sorry sumanji and how are u feeling, suman says trust me devki didi didn’t do this, madhvi says i know that i just got emotional and said all that, plz forgive me. Abeer says mehar arti, mehar says no till ma comes there will be no arti, this arti ma will do it, abeer says mehar doctor has asked her to rest try understand, mehar leaves, suman asks madhvi where is everyone, madhvi says downstairs for arti, suman says will they do arti together, mehar comes and says ma are u fine and come down for arti, madhvi says mehar she needs rest ,suman says i will come and feel good when will pray to god, madhvi says ok but careful.
Madhvi and mehar come with suman, abeer walks to them and helps suman go near arti, suman prays plz keep ur blessings on my family and keep them happy.arti begins, suman feels uneasy and guidy,madhvi says she needs rest and so hands the thali to mehar and abeer and steps back, abeer and mehar continue with the pooja, seeing this suman and madhvi feel happy.

Precap: tillu calls tunno and says if u don’t take signs today the jeweller may sell the ring, tunno goes to mehar to take signatures and while she reads the papers, distracts her and takes her signature.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. tunnu so bad u stole her ring ur own sister’s ring such a shame

  2. nice serial. 😀

  3. Tunnu has gone mad. How can he trust his greedy father n brother. Hope good for abeer n meher.

  4. tillu sham thier all family is cheap

  5. Nice ging
    Hope trp aunties will find it interesting
    But tunnu pls don’t do foolishness and pull meher into trouble

  6. Nice going
    Hope trp aunties will find it interesting
    But tunnu pls don’t do foolishness and pull meher into trouble

  7. Please Tunno don’t listen to Tillu

  8. Think tunno shares d wicked essence of his father…. tricking own sis..

  9. nice episode

  10. Hope Abeer will find out about Tunnu and stop him

  11. nice going
    feels like tunno has gone mad how can he trust that tillu blindly it seems he has no thinking sense
    mehbeer are superb hope from today’s epi they will understand deir mom’s wish & be together

  12. Love Abeer’s hair style… he hanged it from Elvis Presly to Abeer 🙂

  13. i love pearl puri so much .I whatch this show everyday.

  14. i love pearl puri…………

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