Badtameez Dil 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer walks to mehar and says smile boss after all I am receiving an award and cameras are here too, mehar smiles, abeer says so bad I gifted such beautiful dress but u didn’t wear but no worries next time, I will have lot more ways for it and todays score abeer 1 mehar 0, abeer signs mehar to hold his hand, due to cameras mehar holds abeers hand and walks with him on red carpet, mehars dress gets stuck in a hook, abeer goes on his knees and removes it, mehar remembers a past scene where abeer on his knees proposes her with a ring, abeer calls mehar and says ur free lets walk and holds her hand, mehar leaves his hand and goes alone.
Suman hears door bell and sees its mehars dad, he says so good to see u two awake and sister how are u why eating tablets, buaji says why

are u here, mehars dad says I went agra and got this(it’s a taj mahal) and says I would bring the real one but u know, buaji says u are smelling alcohol, mehars dad says u are so sharp, actually I was at friends retirement party and what abt the bhopals place, see do something I am ur brother, so as a rakshabandh gift give me that land and suman tea plz. Buaji says no bhabhi don’t give him anything, mehars dad says so that land u will give me right, buaji says plz our dad had divided that land in two and u have already sold ur part and so u will get nothing from mine so plz leave, while leaving he asks how is mehar and abt land I will talk to her and where is she, buaji says plz leave.
At the party abeer surrounded by girls asking for pic and autograph, mehar and abeer giving cold looks to eachother, abeer winks at her to tease her, the host announces its time to felicitate abeer so plz welcome abeer malhotra on stage, everyone start cheering for abeer, abeer looks at mehar and walks to the stage, before receiving award abeer says I would like to receive it from someone special ,from my senior, my boss my mehar, I mean from mehar purohit so mam plz come, sani says meharji plz now I know why he brought u here, this is to put gossips abt u n him to a stop so plz go,mehar walks to the stage, mehar gives award to abeer,everyone applaud for abeer, abeer smiles and hugs mehar and says thanku mam and says I brought u here bcoz its grt to receive appreciation from ur wife even if its ur ex wife, the host request abeer to sing mere nishan, abeer says boss, I mean I follow my boss rules like a husband follows his wife, so boss may I sing for my fans and channel followers, mehar tries to go, nishi stops her, abeer says sit boss plz let me sing and I would like u to be here when I sing, , mehar sits, abeer asks for a guitar.
Abeer starts singing mere nishan, and goes near mehar, everybody at show start enjoying abeer sing except mehar who gives him cold looks, abeer finishes his song and everyone applauds. abeer takes his jacket back and takes a rose and takes it to mehar, mehar looks at abeer surprised and shock, abeer smiles and takes the rose forward to nishi and says for u and says so boss did u like my song, mehar leaves in anger, sani says abeer why do u do this, look how angry was she, u always cross the line.
Mehar walking away, she reaches the pool and abeer stops her and says why so angry baby, sorry I gave flower to nishi mam but grow up don’t be upset, mehar says I came here just bcoz of sani sir, abeer says baby I am so hungry and mom says when two people have food in one plate love between them increases and we need that, mehar says dare u touch me and don’t be in that thing that I came bcoz of u, abeer says careful don’t step back or else u may fall in my love, mehar steps back and falls into pool, abeer rescues her and lifts her in his arms and says don’t u have brains when u cant swim why did u go near the pool, mehar has sprained her leg, all click abeer and mehars photo together.

Precap: abeer and mehar in atm machine room and the guard shuts the shutter and both get locked in the room.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. 1st I like this serial but in Tamil it is awesome

    1. Thamizh la indha serial a ?

      1. tamizha rettai vazh kuruvi in star Vijay

        Bala and Nila’s love and hate story

        Same story line.

      2. But started 1 or 2 week or 1 month before Badtameez dil…

    2. Thanks, But I feel Badthameez Dil is a bit more interesting and the artists selection and their acting are amazing!

  2. awesome episode waiting for tomorrow……thanks tanaya for update

  3. Todays episode was superb !!!!!!!
    Abeer-meher scenes were superb
    When meher fell in the pool abeer was so concerned …
    Precap is more amzng

  4. Best part abt this show no vamps…..
    Just a pure luv story

  5. Plz abeer,don’t bully meher anymore. when will u develop feelings for meher???BTW,WHERE IS TODAY’S SPOILER? ??

  6. tulasa sharma

    Abir just show he hates meher bt he still love meher . Once again he will also falls in love.

  7. Lakshmikiranmayi

    Abheer is so sweet

  8. Oh abeer nd meher jst remember aftr evry dark night sun rises…der love is jst ovr shadowd by der ego bt da shadow wud go away n de wl b 2gether…waitng 4 dat day.

  9. narendran in which channel its coming in Tamil??

    1. star vijay..

      1. wat time and wat is the title in tamil

      2. In tamizh its rettai vazh kuruvi

  10. I have a doubt. Did abeer do it intentionally as usual his regular deeds? ?there’s a 20 percent possibility of it.but awesome precap. ??

  11. They both love each other, probably Abeer’s dad or Mehar’s buaji played in the past. Mehar came to this work to bring him back to her life

    1. i think abeer’s dad and and meher’s buaji were lovers before

  12. sooo coooool,the best thing is there is no villain, its good otherwise it will be too bad for their love, but i think whatever happened with abeer and meher becouse of abeers father. i think he will be the villain.

  13. radhika srinivasan

    thanks for the update guys

  14. radhika srinivasan

    father villian haha hoho amazing villian…..

  15. What a chemistry between abeer & me her…..

  16. Amazing episode I am just loving this show

  17. And also mehbeer

  18. gr8 episode

  19. radhika srinivasan

    everyday the show is getting interesting abeers acting is awesome.

  20. Luv u a beer and me her u both look awesome together. waiting for next episode

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