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Badtameez Dil 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, jagrata begins at mehars place, mehar keeps her chit in bowl, abeer walks to her and asks did u ask god for me,mehar says i made a wish and not a curse, sham interrupts and says being the head of this house i would like to give the first chadawa, of 501 rupees and calls both his wives to join, suman gets surprised on being called by sham, suman walks to sham, but mehar stops her and says no ma, suman says mehar everyone is watching, mehar says let them but u wont go, bua says bhabhi mehar is right, plz don’t go and join him, sham says suman come here its for god come, suman doesn’t go, sham says anyways sulekha lets start and tillu come lets do pooja, people start gossiping that mother and daughter poor thing both are divorced, suman feels bad and leaves, abeer goes to

those ladies and ask where are u husbands , the ladies say they are busy, abeer says see we being ex husbands are their but ur husbands couldn’t make time for u any ways sit ,abeer goes to sham and says dare u trouble ma and if u cross ur lines again i wont spare u, sham gives him cold looks and walks, and then says lets start with the jagrata songs.
Suman hears ladies gossiping abt her and shams relation and goes to her room and starts crying, she thinks abt the ladies words and feels very bad, sham goes to her and asks what all is this, why are u crying , i was insulted, why didn’t u come when i called u, what kind of wife u are, don’t forget all these relations u have are due to me, suman says plz i beg u leave me alone, sham holds her hand hard and says i am upset and u are, abeer stops him and says i had warned u not to trouble her, sham says who the hell are u to stop me, abeer says i am her son, sham says i am her husband, abeer says u are her ex, and theres lot of difference between u and me, i don’t make fun of my and mehars relation nor do i make use of her and didn’t marry again too, sham says i come here bcoz i am the man of this family, abeer says they don’t need u they are fine without u, sham tries to attack abeer, mehar comes and says stop it and says abeer no, abeer says didn’t u see how he insults mom, mehar says i know abeer and u(sham) plz leave i don’t want any scenes here, abeer and sham leave, mehar hugs suman and says ma calm down.
Bua comes and says see theres jagrata down and two unwanted people here, sham says what are u doing here then, bua says my bp is low so i came to have food, sham says u shd have seen how that boy insults me, listen to me and throw him out, bua says first u leave, sham says i am ur brother how dare u talk to me like this, bua says plz and goes, sham gets angry and breaks a glass, later picks up the broken glass pieces and puts them in the bowl of dal, thinking abt kubers words that he will get money when abeer will leave mehars house.abeer says buaji i am hungry too lets have dinner together, bua says ok just don’t follow me sit here quietly.sham adds glass pieces and says dear sister u will serve this dal to abeer and then i will show him the pieces and then all will blame u that u tried to kill abeer and then big hungama and abeer out of mehars house and money in.
Tillu asks tunno abt a girl, tunno says i don’t know all this i am worried abt papers, tillu says u go and follows that girl. Bua serves abeer food, abeer says wow bua seeing u give me food god i am so emotional, sham comes and says oh my hands are itchy looks like i am gonna have loads of money, bua ignores him. Sulekha comes scolding tillu and says sham see this ur son flirting with girls , tunno comes and says buaji society office has banned tillu, sham says u two stop all this and go home, sulekha says we will leave only with u, abeer asks bua what did u ask god for, bua says shutup and eat food, sham scolds sulekha and she starts crying and says always keeps insulting me, abeer says so right auntyji, sham sees abeer going to eat dal and purposely pushes his bowl, mehar comes and steps on it and gets hurt, abeer see her leg wounded and asks how is this blood, sham picks up glass and says glass piece and looks at devki.

Precap: abeer says buaji u gave me dal, u really wanted to kill me, madhvi listen to this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I guess tat precap is nt actually wat it seemz to be.. may b abheer s jst trying to pull buajis leg!! Nyc serial.. interesting story line.. hope starplus dnt mak tis shw go off air.. as evry gd to say frankly bestt serials r gng off air.. and manmarziyaan is also 1 among them..

  2. Sham u r so bad to do this to ur own sister, jaisi bhi hai she’s ur sister

  3. abheer….u alwxz rockz.
    hum tumpe fidha hogayi

  4. nice episode but I don’t like sham

  5. I love the way abeer cares for mummy ji

  6. Lovingly amazingly faboulous episode ,!!!!! Abeer ur acting skills r just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!##@@&&∆∆∆∆°°°°°==¥¥€¢`|•℅℅℅]{}Πmehbeer rockzzzzz just loved it™™™™==°^¥€¢£

  7. Nice episode!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  8. Nice episode
    Loved abeer when he behaved maturely and brought out the difference between him and shyam which was very needed

  9. superb serial <3 chemistry of abeer and meher is superb mindblowing,
    I just luv to watch this serial again and again just only because of Charming abeer.<3

  10. Waiting to see ishuram own baby
    Fanzzz are expecting they shd hav own baby
    Nt surrogate baby
    Please makers make sure this one
    We not interested in surrogate mother
    Are ye makers dhimag kya such raha hai
    Fed up vit dis evil tracks

    1. Sorry dis wrong comment
      Dis comment is for yhm

  11. Meher & abheer’s awesome….

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