Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abeer telling Meher that Akshat is really a cheap man, and tells he made him drink much on the press conference day and also bribed the lift guy to halt the lift. Meher says you don’t have anything to say that’s why you are lying about him. He asks if she said yes to him. Meher says it is none of your business and asks him to go. Abeer says nobody can love you more than me……Meher says I don’t love you. Abeer asks her to look in his eyes and tell that she don’t love him. He says you stop yourself as you gets lost in my embrace. He gets romantic with her and asks if she don’t feel like loving him again. They share some romantic moments. Abeer tells her that he will make everything fine and will never leave her. Meher recalls Abeer promising

him before. Rati comes to Meher’s room and see their romancing. Abeer says you should have knocked on the door before coming. Rati apologizes and says I don’t know some people are doing personal work. Abeer and Meher looks on.

Rati comes to Kuber and tells that she gave files to Meher. Kuber tells that it was Nisar’s file and asks why did he left so suddenly. Rati says he was thrown out of office. Kuber says I can understand, he might your first love and everything was new to you, then he left you. He says I hope I can do something for you. Rati looks at him and says you are a successful business, have many people in your office. You must have motivated your employees. She says I love my career too like I love Nisar. Kuber holds her and says I shall think about your career.

Abeer tells Meher that he loves her a lot and asks her not to punish herself. He says he will wait for her phone call and leaves. Meher gets emotional and thinks about Devki’s words. Abeer and Akshat’s voice echoes in her ears.

Akshat tells Suman that he is leaving, but will come occasionally. He tells Devki that he wants to give space to Meher for their future. Meher comes. Akshat says I was leaving. Meher says you had given me 24 hours, and is leaving before that time. She asks if he has changed his mind. She says lets get engaged……………surprising Akshat. He asks her to repeat. Meher tells her lets get engaged. Akshat hugs Meher. He runs to Devki and hugs her. Suman is shocked. Meher is teary eyed.

Suman comes to Meher and says you are very happy after saying yes to Akshat. She says he was waiting for you since 8 years. Meher says you also likes him. Suman says Devki is happy as she wanted that. She asks what do you want? Did you think about Meher’s happiness……..Meher tells that she got divorced after three months of marriage, and has been living with divorcee tag since 8 years. Suman says there is definitely some other reason behind your decision. She says I couldn’t forget your papa till now. You thought Abeer like your papa, but he is not like him and genuinely loves you. She says true love happens only once and says Abeer is your true loves and will always be. She says I am your mum and want my daughter to be happy always.

Rati does her make up in office and tries to take off Kuber’s tie. Kuber holds her hand and says I don’t let anyone come closer to my neck. Someone knocks on the door. Rati goes to check and asks someone to clean Kuber’s cabin after he leaves. She comes back to Kuber. Kuber asks if she wants to come for dinner with him. Rati says don’t you get scared, if anyone sees us together…….Kuber calls a hotel and asks to book suite on his name for the next 6 months. He tells our room is booked in a 7 star hotel and says young generation get scared fast, and it is your weakness. He says your career will reached on the top. Rati thinks she will ruin Abeer and everyone related to him.

Appendix asks how you will compete with Meher’s boyfriend. Abeer tells about art of war book and says it is written how to make the enemies lose. He says I will enquire about his weakness and will take its advantage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. OMG…what is all this??

  2. badtameez dil diehard fan

    luvv u mehbeer… nyc moments…

  3. How can meher accept akshat while abheer is dying for her?? Is she really loving abheer??????

  4. How can meher accept akshat while abheer is dying for her?? Is she really loves abheer??????

  5. jst get this show back on tv any how at any cost

  6. Deko abi rati tayaar mehabeerko barbaadkarneka,kya huva mehar

  7. I don’t think meher truly loves abeer. If she truly loves him then she should trust abeer once again. And wht the hell is that stupid rati doing. I can’t believe this. And bd is the first serial which didn’t bored me since it starts. Love this serial and hope that mehbeer unite soon. And plz writers, stop this akshat’ fianc√© track. I don’t want that some one come between them.

  8. They r gonna be together in the end everyone knows but plz take this akshat out mehbeer look cute when fighting n then romancing n it is a request plz take this akshat out

  9. Awee??????my abeeer I mean mehbeer…… Lub u both wen u r together??????????

  10. Very nice episode and many many best wishing that BD fullfill 100 episods.

  11. plz cm bck dis show on tv ….. in my view dis is d best show of telivision

  12. Todays episode bd plz

  13. wht time this show is come

    1. Its a online show.

  14. Plzzz…
    Get #MehBeer back on tv… We r eager 2 c dem on tv instead on HotStar…

  15. And that d hell is Rati doin’.. Never had such expectations frm Rati…

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