Badtameez Dil 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, suman opens door and sees a parcel for mehar from office, tunno says I am going out and will be late and plz don’t call, I will call u, mehar comes and says mom here are ur tablets , suman says u are going party u didn’t tell, mehar asks who told, suman says here is dress from ur office a guy dropped it, mehar looks at dress it’s the same dress by abeer in fusia pink, mehar says its not mine I will return it in office tomorrow, mehar goes to her room and looks at the dress and remembers abeers words that he will reveal secrete, mehar throws the dress.
Mehar in clg days, sneha and mehar are short of room, sasha offers them her apartment along with her, mehar doesn’t know she has to share apartment with nisar and abeer.Mehar calls sneha and listens a whistles voice

and goes behind it, sasha stops her and says don’t go there, mehar asks why, abeer comes out in towel, mehar asks what is he doing here, sneha tells her they have to share the place with nisar abeer and sasha, mehar says no way I will ask my mom for some more money and stay somewhere else, abeer says good that’s the door go out catch a taxi and go away, mehar gets call from her mom and she tells that tunno met with an accident and they are short of money, mehar says no worry I will adjust here u take care of tunno.
Mehar tells abeer she is staying here and they have to follow some rules, nisar comes and asks all ok guys, abeer says sure meet our new roommates, mehar says u cant move in towel n no parties, abeer says oh plz every weekend there will be party and if u want to stay here get used to all this and don’t show me ur face and goes.
Mehar in her house, mehar decides that abeer and her secrete is 10 yr old and she had to stay with boys bcoz of money matters and before abeer tells she will tell everyone, mehar goes down and sees nishi and sani, mehar says sir u here how come, nishi says we are going dinner so thought that u could join us, meher says no thanku plz ,nishi says cmon I came for u plz, mehars mom says mehar they have come here for u go, nishi says that’s nice mehar lets go to ur room and see what u shd wear.
Tunno comes home ,suman introduces him to sani sir,sani says hi tarun nice to meet u do u like our channel, tarun says of course l like abeers show, buaji says sani why doesn’t ur channel have good shows, tunno says buaji plz, sani says buaji my channel is for youth, buaji says to spoil the youth right, plz show some good shows on education but u people will give bad boys mike and they will keep shouting mere nishan.nishi and mehar come down, sani says thank god lets go, buaji says mehar come home soon and sani keep in mind my suggestion, nishi asks what suggestion and buaji do u see our channel and abeers show ,sani says sure and leaves.
Sani nishi along with mehar in car, mehar asks sir where are we going,nishi says Chinese and sani says italian, nishi says I mean Chinese and Italian in one restaurant so we will go there ok janu, mehar asks why are u guys so tensed, nishi says nothing just, sani says here we reach, mehar gets down and says where is restaurant and turns to sani and says is this the even t abeer wanted me to attend,sani nods yes and says I am sorry but u know abeer he forces so much, and this event is very important its youth icon of year and abeer is getting award so u shd be here, mehar says but I said I don’t want to, sani says plz try understand its abeer our channels star so u have to be here, abeer walks to mehar surrounded by media , he smiles at mehar and says sani sir how was ur journey with boss, sani says nishi lets go and goes away, abeer says boss smile I am goona receive an award.mehar smiles for the cameras.

PRECAP:mehar with sani on table, abeer sings the song mere nisha song in the event.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Chinnu Johnson

    Tq tanaya fa fast update 🙂

  2. Mr. And Mrs. Sani was hillorious today awesome

    1. Also not to forget buajis tants on meri nishan song awe tat was so funny today

      1. at the end, has anyone got the utube link for the mere nishan he sang. The version was abit different x

  3. Nice episode……just loved it <3

  4. Pricap was so interesting…..
    I am waiting next episode for a great excitement

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