Badtameez Dil 22nd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bua gets angry on organising jagrata and asks suman why this, suman says my children are safe now so, bua asks then why abeers mom is here, first abeer and now his mom , invite his dad as well, see i don’t like all this,these malhotras are troublesome.

Abeer gets ready and hears mehar calling ma to help her to drape saree, abeer says ur and my ma both are busy making arrangements, and i am here to help u tell me, mehar says abeer, abeer looks at her and smiles, mehar thinks abt the sorry card and then says actually saree, no worries i will manage and walks but trips, abeer catches her,abeer gets down and helps mehar with saree pallu right, suman sees them both together and smiles and slowly calls madhvi and shows her,madhvi and suman smile looking at abeer and mehar.

Abeer says now its perfect, u still cant wear saree properly right, mehar says and u still can make it right, suman says see look i told u they still feel for eachother, madhvi says i know but u know them both u cant say what will they land next in.abeer says mehar u looking nice, bua sees them together, abeer smiles and says buaji u will never change, u still look at me as a criminal, bua says u are a trouble for us, abeer says u are questioning an innocent, mehar says abeer quite, abeer says u quite, and buaji trust me u will miss me the most when i leave, bua says i will not miss u even when u leave this world, madhvi asks bua u so hate my son, bua ignores and leaves, abeer says ma don’t be upset it was just a joke relax, suman says u two are ready, mehar says yes we are but ma(madhvi) u come with me i will give u a dress u change too, madhvi says no its fine, mehar says plz for me and plz don’t feel bad abt bua, she doesn’t meant what she said, we all know abeer helped me and everyone in pinkys case and even bua knows it, so she didn’t mean those words and now u change ur clothes and mood too.
Tunno calls mehar and says i urgently need sign on these papers, mehar says first tell me did u take money from abeer, madhvi calls mehar, mehar says tunno not now go we will talk later.
Abeer asks what all is there for prashad, mehar says patience, abeer says u know i don’t do pooja and all, madhvi comes with suman, the pooja starts.ladies in society ask abeer are u still staying here, abeer says yes, bua says what to do some people forcefully stay, panditji says everyone write ur wish and prays on a chit and keep it in gods feet, abeer says buaji go write i don’t want abeer, suman write plz bring mehar and abeer back together, madhvi writes same, mehar thinking what to write and sees abeer with a chit and says u are asking for prayers too, abeer says u really think god will read these chits cmon don’t u know god helps those who help themselves, mehar says abeer , mehar writes my, abeer says what my, my love, my abeer, mehar pushes him, abeer says slowly or else u will send one more sorry card, mehar says i didn’t u did, abeer says even i didn’t then who, mehar sees suman and both abeer and mehar walk to her,abeer says mummyji so sweet, mehar says ma i will talk to u after jagrata, sham enters with his family, mehar says why is he here, abeer says really ma why do u bear him, bua says for the same reason mehar bears u,sham says so bad organised jagrata and didn’t call ur own family.
Madhvi calls suman and says panditji is asking whether everyone submitted chits so that we can start jagrata, sham says oh nice to see u and suman u called ur divorced daughters mother in law but not ur husband, mehar says u come here whenever u need money, bua says mehar u come with me, sham says what is this abeer doing here, abeer says ex sasorji i am here to help mummyji, sham says i am here u can go now, abeer says some people come here forcefully but i am invited.
Tillu asks tunno did u get sign, tunno says didi saw all that we shopped, tillu says do one thing tell her that shopping is for friends gift and tomorrow is rakhee get paper signed.

Precap:abeer says buaji i am hungry lets have dinner together, sham hears this and slowly adds broken glass pieces in bowl of curry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Lovely epi..mehbeer scenes r superb..abeer lv u lv u lvu so much..

  2. Saaaaari Scene <3
    Promo OMG waiting to watch.

  3. Pleaseeeeeee Tanyaa post pictures too like you used to post earlier.

  4. The epi was good as always . And Abeer looked so handsome.
    This week the shows trp was only 1.5. Actually the fact is if the trp get a low then the show will end like manmarziya is ending. I love this show very much but the low trp can lead to it’s ending. People may not have the time to watch the show at 8:30 but if we don’t watch it at it’s original airing time then it will not get trp. We rather ask for repeats n watch it online. But watching it online will not increase the trp. The fact trp is very important for these channels they don’t care if the show is loved only they care is about trp. Due to this stupid trp games Nisha aur uske cousins ended n now manmarziya. Mehbeer is loved by so many fans but it is important to watch the show on airing time so that this stupid star plus don’t end. If we watch it online then after few months there will be no episodes to watch bcoz the star plus will shut it down due to low trp. Or maybe the makers will change the plot to some family drama like Nissar told in an interview as most audience are housewives n youth don’t have evening time to watch it.

    1. Yaa it is true
      All fans pls watch it at 8:30

    2. Im also big fan of mehbeer..plz watch bd increase trp…

  5. nice episode

  6. Nice episode
    But wat is this bua upto?
    She gives comparison between mehers father and abeer but behave to them differently
    She is always blaming abeer but abeer just takes it casually
    Sweet of u abeer

  7. trp will only increase if the serial is having too much irritating drama unwanted twists and turns ……………

  8. Superb epi!
    There will be no episode on Sunday I have to wait till Monday that’s not fair.

    1. Same pinch rumaisa
      That Sunday is full of irritating
      I can’t wait one day

  9. Ya krishy..many of d people watchng stupid saas bahu serials

  10. I always watch this show at 8:30. You all plz watch….
    Afterall nobody would want such a superb and youthful show to end…
    I dont know why housewives like exaggerated dramas”””’,,,,,,,

  11. abeer u r d best. ..lov u…..
    nic episode..

  12. badtameez dil fan

    thank u tanaya..thankx for updating the written episode ….but can u add episode pic to it as it will make reading more interesting for every written episode plz add that episode pic …

  13. I just love this show and want this show to be at the top.

  14. Meheh father was a disgusting man………

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