Badtameez Dil 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar gives madhvi gifts from her ma, madhvi says this wasn’t needed they are here that is enough for us, taiji enters n asks mehar how long will ur ma n bua stay here, mehar says they got an appointment so will stay till then, taiji says ohk n see since ur mother has got so many gifts even we need to give gifts so help me chose, mehar says ok, taiji checks her gift n says this is not my style but u don’t feel bad mehar I will use it for sure, I will go see the jeweler u come soon and leaves.madhvi says mehar ur moms choice is very nice I loved my gift do tell her.
Taiji with jeweler mehar joins her, taiji says this is for ur ma n bua n now chose a good necklace for them, mehar choses one, taiji asks for bill n says I will get chaque soon n says oh god I forgot

my cheque book is finished n madhvi isn’t home too mehar will u lend some money I will return later, mehar checks the amount n says to herself god it’s the same amount I have in bank how will I manage, taiji says mehar were have u lost I will return money soon, mehar says no issues n gets cheque book n signs the amount.
Taiji gives ma n bua gifts, abeer says cmon open n see them, suman opens it , abeer says u will look prettier then mehar in this saree, suman says its very pretty thanku, bua says mehar is so lucky to have u all as her family, taiji says this is all mehars choice and next time u ask mehar when u buy gifts for us she has a better choice than u two, suman n bua feel bad, taiji says I was joking and gives necklace to mehar, mehar asks what for me,taiji says I felt I shd gift u too,abeer says oh wow nothing for me,taiji says mehar is ur gift, abeer says right, mehar takes the necklace n taiji says open it mehar, suman says yes mehar open it its her blessings, mehar opens the box.
Mehar opens the box n sees it’s the same necklace she chose, taiji says u selected it remember, abeer says so smart taiji just like me, taiji asks mehar why are u upset, I thought u will like it actually we have a relatives wedding n I wanted u to wear something good bcoz all ur jewelleries are so common, mehar says yes the necklace is good.taiji says to herself now u will not be able to help ur ma.
Mehar tensed, abeer asks what is it, mehar says I need money can u lend me, abeer asks how much, mehar says 1 lakh actually bua had taken education loan for me n tunno and due to wedding arrangements bua couldn’t pay installments, abeer says no worries I will ask dad or taiji, mehar says no abeer I cant take money from them for my education loan, abeer says mehar enough of ur moralities, taiji knocks the door,abeer says taiji come, abeer says taiji I need some money, taiji says did I ever say no to u for money, but remember u are a married man now and I was passing by I heard u two talk n I am so happy to see that mehar cares for her ma n bua I am so happy so mehar come with me.
Taiji takes abeer n mehar to kuber, taiji says kuber tell me how many employs we have,kuber says a lot but why, taiji says see remember u told me mehar is very intelligent n when we have such good employ why relay on others, mehar says taiji no, taiji says mehar I want u to work n u will not worry abt house anymore, and I know u wouldn’t take favor from me n kuber but its not a favor but a right, so kuber will u appoint mehar, abeer says taiji wow u are the best, taiji says mehar go get ready for ur new job, mehar says taiji thanku so much, abeer n mehar leave.
Kuber says wow bhabhi I want her to get lost n u are asking me to take her office, taiji says see they are new love buds, make sure u make her so busy that she has no time for abeer n when abeer will see that mehar is getting more importance he will leave her, and this is how we will break them.
Mehars morning alarm rings, she wakes up n gets ready n starts working in kitchen to make breakfast, she prepares breakfast for everyone,makes grocery list and arranges breakfast for abeer n leaves.
Abeer wakes up n calls mehar, he sees his phone , mehar has message for him that she has gone office n breakfast is on table, abeer sees that mehar has also arranged his clothes,abeer says mehar I am missing u so much, abeer gets a message from mehar that she is missing him.

Precap: taiji says kuber to break this relation keep praising mehar n abeer will soon start hating her n we have nisar to increase misunderstanding between them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Ireena

    all my friends,having Twitter and follow pearl or asmita plz convey our message to them,on behalf of those fans who can’t download hotstar in their country(like me)
    what will we do after 26th??plz expand it on other online channel too.plz provide It on deshitvbox or deshitashan or something like that.
    I DON’T GET ONE BIG THING.WHY CAN’T STAR PLUS PROVIDE A 30 MINUTES SLOT FOR BADTAMEEZ DIL.IT MAY BE AT 11.00 OT MORE LATE night .even at noon,morning or at 6.00 sharing slots with mam.
    WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?????????

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