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Badtameez Dil 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar dances with abeer and says the dare is done and leaves,abeer starts dancing on badam pe sitarre song troubling and forcing mehar into dance, nisar feels bad for mehar, and while dancing with mehar abeer pulls her and her dress tears from behind and abeer sees his names tattoo on her back, abeer says u still have this even after our separation, why this mehar and leaves her hair and the tattoo hides, mehar says some things u cant get rid of even if u want to and this is one of that, mehar walks away.sani says wow abeer u won, nisar goes to mehar and gives her his jacket, mehar is in tears, nisar says take care mehar and leaves.
Nisar takes abeer along with him, lovely drunk stops mehar and says I know abeer is hot and u know, mehar ignores her and leaves.nisar takes

abeer with him out of party and says abeer why did u do that to mehar,abeer says that was just a game, nisar says plz u did that on purpose, abeer says it was fun, nisar says abeer think what she must have gone through.mehar in washroom thinks abt the tattoo and abeers words and starts crying memorizing her past.
Nisar scolds abeer and asks why that dress why did u tear her dress, abeer says that was by mistake and u are over acting and whose side are u.mehar is broken and is crying and feeling bad,she washes her face.nisar says abeer its not abt taking sides, abeer says its not side it’s the old crush that is coming back and its also bcoz of that 9 pm slot,nisar says how could u say that, abeer says bcoz u are mehars puppet, abeer and nisar get into fight,its raining, rati reaches there and sees abeer and nisar fighting and thinks on why are these two fighting and decides to call mehar.
Rati goes back to the party and asks lovely where is mehar, lovely says must be upstairs, rati goes to mehar and says abeer and nisar sir are actually figting out there, mehar says sorry I cant help u let them sort on their own and leaves.
Next day in office mehar along with nisar, nisar has is nose banded, mehar says I could wait yesterday but I left bcoz I wanted u two sort it by ur own and not come in between u two, nisar says I don’t know why is abeer doing so, I tried telling him but he doesn’t understand, mehar says i know , see he is ur friend and if u will take my side this is what will happen I don’t want to be the reason of ur fights, nisar says mehar all this is true but abeer has to move on he is still in his 8 yr old past.
Madhvi goes to abeers room and wakes abeer and sees his face and asks what is all this how did u get hurt, abeer says mom plz and goes to washroom, abeer comes out and sees madhvis face and says nisar gave this tattoo friendship tattoo, madhvi says nisar no ways, abeer says why don’t u believe me, madhvi says I don’t believe u, anyways u never share anything to me, abeer asks what does that mean, madhvi says didn’t u go to mehars house drunk, abeer says oh so that day in office u came to gossip, madhvi says don’t talk foolish, abeer says u don’t believe ask nisar, madhvi says abeer what u did at mehars house was not good, she is quite that doesn’t mean she is week and stop insulting her every next day and I treat her as my daughter and I wont accept this behavior of urs with mehar or any girl, abeer says that’s what she wants she came to my office now also troubling me here in house through u, madhvi says she didn’t tell me to trouble u but to calm me bcoz I was worried for u, and abeer let her live her life, the pain u give her also u have to face it, ur dad never respect any women don’t be like ur dad, u really disappointed me, stop all this, live and let her live, madhvi leaves,abeer says mehar first nisar , sasha and now mom, u will have to repay for all this.

Precap: abeer gives mehar a dress and says u will have to wear this dress, mehar says I wont don’t think by all this I will leave this office, abeer says baby remember ur secret abt the night after a month in clg, no one knows it and if u don’t come for party this secret will be on my show tonight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Just want to give a tight slap on Abheers face

    1. so that he realize what he is doing. hurting Meher and breaking friendship.. he is turing out to be like his dad…

  2. Is abeer the main lead or villain of the show

    1. Main lead!! He is not a villain. Hes just troubling her as he thing that she betrayed her.

  3. This is so ridiculous I just want to see the flashback moments soon

  4. Superb episode
    Batmeez dill rockzzzzzz
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Really a beer is doing to look much.I agree that he is good at heart.but that doesn’t mean that he is allowed to do anything with meher .?

  6. poor meher.feeling sad for her

  7. awesome… mehbeer rockzz

  8. Haaa epi waz ohk

  9. Ahahahh superb acting by abeer. U rockzz man. ❤ my badtameez abeer. Title ne ek dam sahi rakha badtameez dil 😉 . No complaints against abeer. I love him. Precap was really superb. Poor meher no choice 😐 . But want mehar character to be most powerful than abeer. She must handle him in her own way. Tab patha chalega yeh badtameez abeer ko 😉 . Anyway I’m deeply in with this show and mehbeer. Juz rocks babies muwaaah ?☺ . Juz getting interesting day by day. Wana c there fb scenes more. 🙂 nisaar and rathi too luks gr8 together. Nithi 😉

  10. Suerb going… First ARNAV KHUSHI…. Then MANIK NANDINI… And now… MEHBEER… <3 <3 really its a BADTAMeeZ D¡LL 😀 😛

  11. who are manik n nandin? which serial pls tell

    1. MTV KAISI YEH YAARIAAN one of the top rated Youth Based Show. 😀 B|

  12. Now ths is too much abeer u r actng immature….

  13. I love u abheer. But try to understant yaar.

  14. Abeer u sent divorce papers to her n it was u who were after her from day1 of college not her OK, she didn’t betrayed u neither u did, u still love her, stop hurting her, plz! Dear writer, unite mehbeer, n i have heard dat nisar’s marriage will happen with meher, i hope nisar unites mehbeer by making him jealous, by the way nisar is cool.

  15. I love abeer I m his biggest fan, don’t give him negative role plz writer ?? show their flashbacks plz ?

  16. I hope his guilt gets to him soon.

  17. Best luck meher.. U hav to realize abheer the faults on his character. He would change by you and only u hav d power to make a blast on his character. Love both abeer and meher

  18. Abeer is being given un due importance. He appears to be a street gunda who is taking undue advantage of Mehar’s softness. His behavior with Mehar is a great insult to the women. Track must be changed. Abeer’s mother has described his character well.

  19. Anyone know why abeer and meher got divorced??? Its confusing? Looks like they both are still stuck in the past 🙁

  20. No1 knows the exact reason y dey divorced . Its yet to reveal in the story . It will reveal slowly. And ha u call abeer as badtameez I’m ok but he’s not negative y dont u c abeers for her. He’s hurted too much he’s broken . He felt mehar betrayed him so he’s doing all this stuff to mehar. Btw I love his childish behaviour wana c more scenes like this. The chemistry b/w the couple is awesome . Haha go on abeer baby. I’m with u letz bring the truth out . Mehar loves him so much then y she divorced huh. Let him tease her and its fun to watch their nok.joks. Btw he’s not only hurting her he’s hurted too. So letz enjoy abeer badtameezi. And hahahh nisaar abeer fight also funny. Especially abeers expressions at the time of fighting was awesome. Juz go on abeer. ❤ Mehbeer and BD . Waiting for todays epi wat that mehar will easily agree by his blackmailing and go to date or she will do something else. Eagerly waiting 🙂

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