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Badtameez Dil 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer goes to sumans room, and says mummyji i gave tunno money bcoz he wanted to do something. Sham praises tillu for influencing tunno, tillu says dad we lost money, sham said we didn’t tunno lost, shams wife gives tunno juice and samosas and says have it ok, sham says tillu we have won, tunno lost u wont understand this plot just do as i said.
Suman says abeer this time u are wrong abeer, tunno is at age where he just wants to rush, so mehar wanted to control his urge for money and help him not fall in problem, abeer says sorry i didn’t realise it, suman says no worries next time be careful. Sham says tillu go to tunno and convince tunno to take mehars signature on blank papers and then we will fraud and make money,tunno is tensed abt losing money, sham says tillu

all blame will be on abeer that he spoilt tunno and we will get money from kuber for this and so we will be rich, and money from mehar and kuber we will have lot of money, tillu says tunno i have an idea to recover money, sham says devki u refused to give me land now see how i take all land with help of tunno.
Madhvi at mehars house, madhvi says till when abeer will stay here and i know we both wish them to be back together but i see no hopes, suman says if that was so both mehar and abeer wouldn’t have fought for eachother, mehar sees madhvi and come downstairs and asks when did u come, madhvi says just now came to meet abeer and find out how much he troubles u, abeer comes and says ma how will a cute boy trouble this lioness, madhvi says mad boy now come lets go home, abeer says ur mom says stay and my mom says come home , what shd i do now, mehar says drama, and i shd go i am getting late, madhvi says even i shd leave now, suman says no one leaves i have thought something, mehar asks what ma, suman says jagrata tonight, mehar says tonight why and how, suman says u don’t worry abt it, i know theres lot of work but u have to go office, abeer says don’t worry ma i am here i will help u,let her go,mehar says abeer keep quite, abeer says miss akhdu calm down, mehar says abeer stop troubling me,abeer says hello, madhvi suman look at eachother, mehar says enough, ma i am staying here to help u, will call bua as well and leaves, abeer says ma even i am staying, and ma(madhvi) we will inform dad u chill.
Sham at kubers house, kuber says sham u said u will throw abeer out of mehars house but what he is still there, looks like no one respects and listens u there, sham says these tricks wont work bcoz i know how to play my games and abt ur son , my son tillu is influencing tunno into betting and abeer will be held responsible for it and when tunno will be caught till neck then abeer will have to face the blames and will be thrown out and then mehar and abeer will not see eachother forever, kuber says u shameless man u are using ur son to do my work, sham says money can do anything, kuber says sham the moment my son will be out of that house i will pay u a lot, sham says yes he will be out soon and leaves.
Madhvi and suman making arrangements for jagrata, madhvi says do u think this will work, didn’t u see how both still fight and fight as if wwill eat eachother raw, suman says u see them fight, but i have seen love behind their fights and i have made a plan to bring that love out with help of cards.
Mehar in kitchen cooking, she sees a sorry card, she reads it sorry mehar from abeer, abeer too finds a card saying sorry from mehar,madhvi says sorry card,suman says yes now see how they will melt, come i will show u, abeer in kitchen, mehar asks do u want anything, abeer says water,do u need help, mehar says no i am fine, abeer asks cooking kheer,mehar says yes, madhvi and suman hiding and watching them.
Madhvi says kheer, suman says yes and that to abeers fav, madhvi says may be bcoz she thinks abeer said sorry, suman says see the love and forget other things. Tillu says tunno i am more worried abt the ring then u are, and see tomorrow is rakhi along with ring give her a nice gift but make sure she signs this paper. Madhvi says i just pray to see them back again, sumanji ur efforst bring them close temporary they both have to work for their relation too, suman says they have to forget past and move ahead towards future together and i know god will help us, and todays jagrata will bring some spark back, bet, madhvi says ok done.

PRECAP: abeer says see buaji u will miss me the most when i will go, bua says i wont miss u even if u leave this world, madhvi hears this and asks bua u so hate my son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Superb epi except tillu nd his stupid dad scene..

  2. i wish to punch tillu n sham on their face stupid ppl making serial bad

  3. I like rati and nisar love story more than mehbeer

  4. Nice epi!
    Hope this show is always going to go good,

  5. How can a father do such bad stuff to his son n daughter. He should be kicked out when he comes next time home. Love Abeer as always. ?????? Mehbeer rocks.

  6. no nisar rati scene today nd i wish to slap tillu , sham and kuber making the show dirty

  7. And Buaji very rude.??? U don’t say bad to abeer. He is there to save u n ur pyaari Meher ??

  8. Plz sham and his stupid son ki scene mat Lao .kuber iss se accha hain.

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