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Badtameez Dil 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aksath mixing lobster in wine. Abeer says wine and lobster is not a good combination. Akshath says he celebrates his success with wine and lobster. Abeer gulps glasses one by one, but Akshath acts as drinking and throws wine into dustbin. Once Abeer gets inebriated, Aksath says let us go now to press conference.

Meher waits for Abeer and calls him and asks where is he as media people have already reached. He says he is on ground floor and will in a min. Akshath bribes liftman and takes out lift’s keys. Liftman says lift is not working. Abeer says he has to attend conference. Akshath says let us go by stairs. Abeer says there are 25 floors. Akshath says he promised Meher to bring Abeer on time, so they have to go by stairs. Inebriated Abeer climbs

stairs and gets very tired.

Conference starts on the other side and Abeer’s dad announces that his company has acquired 51% stake in Abeer’s channel. Reporter asks that means Abeer will be out of channel. He says no. Reporter asks Abeer is his son and gave statement against him some days ago, so he may remove Abeer from channel. Dad says it is personal issue. Reporter asks what is his next agenda and he continues explaining.

Abeer with great difficulty reaches 25th floor and then conference room. Dad greets him and addresses media that a rockstar whom they were waiting has come. Reporter asks where was he. Abeer cannot speak due to alcohol smell. Dad senses his situation and says next question please… Reporter asks how is he feeling seeing his dad taking over his channel. Abeer pukes and then goes unconscious. Akshath smirks and tells Meher he does not know why Abeer drinks so much if he cannot handle that. Reporters start that Groove channel’s rockstar Abeer is lying inebriated during press conferene. Dad leaves angrily.

Akshath says Meher if she wants him to handle press conference he will. He picks Abeer. Abeer wakes up and says he is okay. Reporters ask why did he drink so much. He continues repeating he is okay. Meher intervenes and asks them to calm down until their questions are answered. Reporters ask if Abeer is doing this because of her as she is his ex-wife. Meher handles them and then to Abeer. Abeer apologizes her and says he ate a lot and drank wine, lift stopped, so he had to climb 25 floors. Akshath says it is okay, but he should have drunk carefully and asks to get ready for press conference now.

Abeer sees lift opening and working fine. Reporters come out and asks what he has to tell about his dad taking over his channel. He says he does not want to talk anything and gets into lift. Liftman gets nervous seeing him and takes lift to ground floor. Abeer asks him to take lift up again and asks how can a broken lift work and asks when he came here, lift was working or not. Liftman nods it was working.

Meher asks Akshath to stay away from Abeer as he is mad and gets angry for silly reasons. He is a drunkard and unpredictable. Abeer says liftman let us take lift down again.. Akshath says Abeer’s hobbies are making him bad. Meher says he is crazy. Akshath says he does not feel threatened but feel pitty for these people.

Abeer then starts singing and expressing his anger and feelings for Meher..Narm narm haathon se zakhm jo tune diye hain..Meher gets emotional hearing his song. He then starts drinking more.

Akhsath goes near his car. Abeer stops him and calls daily soap ke vamp, he should be an actor instead of banker, and says he made a drama of friendship and made him drink and then bribed liftman and stopped lift, but he forgot that alcohol also gets off body. He thinks he can brainwash Meher against him, if she had to go away from him, she would not have come back, she is his and will always be his.

Precap: Abeer warns Akshath to go back to Honolulu as his plans to take Meher from him will not work and now he will not sit quiet until he fails his plans.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate akshat,abeer plz dont drik verymuch kya hogaya next mehar abeerko door hoga ya manena unko.

  2. Yes…this cruel akshat will never succeed… As there’s only one hero in a story… And our hero here is ABEER… 😉

  3. Nice episode. Star Plus bring our MehBeer back Plz…

  4. I hate you akshat…… how dare you try to separate them…..


  6. Same to u poorvitha.. This akshat is really a …………? Oh!!! I just hate him… And.. Best of luck Abeer… I love u.. Please don’t lose strength. Akshat will never break ur relation… He has to go from meher’s life.??

  7. who is playing the role of akshat??

  8. Ufff ye akshat bohot bara ______________ hai I hate him abeer best of luck h akshat will have to go from meher’s life

  9. Abeer has the guts to face all problems 🙂

  10. Getting angry ? on that stupid can he do this to our hero Abeer…Can’t tolerate him pls send him out…Abeer Yaar y u drink so much?..C how that stupid used u. but for now pls stop drinking..Writers don’t make Abeer look like Devdas can’t c him like this…pls Bring our old Abeer back yaar like he was in d earlier epis..
    Unite MehBeer soon…pls..Love ❤ u MehBeer and PBNMBD…Missing u guys alot…

  11. Plz send early post today episode dont drink toomuch abeer like a devdas u r abeer not devdas maintain fairy face &spontanious for stupid akshat be careful of him, mehar manena her frnd blindly so careful

  12. Mehbeer nice episode but we want bd to telecast on TV so that we understand and enjoy more…
    On any channel like star utsav,or on any time slot on star plus…plz its a request…
    And we do not think so that bd has low trp’s

  13. Plz todays episode jaldi bejdo

  14. Plz Send todays episode bahutlate hogaya

  15. Hasan jaldi postkaro yaar

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