Badtameez Dil 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bua and mehar abt to leave, kuber stops them and asks them to return his 60 lakhs, mehar asks which money, kuber says stop acting that money u and ur family took from abeer, mehar says we didn’t take any money from abeer, kuber says u did i am not lying, here is proof, abeer sold 80 lakhs shares in 60 to save ur brother, and if u don’t believe call n ask ur brother and devki why are u quite, mehar calls tunno, kuber says keep phone on speaker, tunno picks up phone, and says i am in room why are u calling, kuber says i am abeers dad, u didn’t tell ur sister abt ur money matters, mehar says tunno tell me did u take money from abeer, tell me the truth did u take 60 lakhs from abeer, kuber says tunno don’t be scared tell ur sister such things happen cmon tell her she

will forgive u, tunno says i actually, kuber says yes tell since when u started betting, tunno says yes i lost money, kuber says yes u lost all money and u needed more money and u mortgaged ur house for more money right tunno, tunno says yes, kuber says and u also took mehars sign on blank papers n then u used that money for betting n lost them all too, tunno says yes.kuber says and then u went to abeer for help and then abeer gave u money to save ur house n ur mom knows this too right,tunno says di sorry i wanted to do something in life, plz forgive me for once, tunno starts crying.
Kuber says to mehar ur brother did mistake n u whole family and i very well know its all ur plans, miss mehar purohit till when will u keep playing with my son, 10 yrs back i gave u my number but u came to my house, by great difficulty i threw u out but u are back to ur plans, bua says enough kuber malhotra enough no more blames i was quite till now but not anymore mehar is my and my familys pride and dare u say anything abt her i am warning u no single word u will speak abt mehar and if u do just watch for me, i agree tunno made a mistake and i will pay u back all ur money, mehar lets go, kuber says thats what i want my son n my money and get lost of our lifes, u people just know to fool rich boys, bua says ur son came we didn’t call and now just beware if ur son comes to mehar or my house just watch what i do, mehar lets go.
Bua says to mehar why did tunno go betting, what wrong we did that he took this step and bhabhi knew abt it and why didn’t she tell us, mehar says ma would never ask abeer for help, there is something fishy, it may be that even ma doesn’t know, we cant just believe kuber malhotras words, bua gets sick, mehar says u sit here i will get car, bua says no i will come, bua walks n mehar sees a car approaching towards bua n bua unaware of it,mehar pulls bua and says what are u doing, bua gets scared, mehar says are u fine, u sit here i will get car, mehar walks looking towards bua, a car dashes mehar, bua rushes to mehar,mehar all injured, bua calls for help, people gather to help them, the car owner stops her car n asks to reverse the car, she peeps out of her window n sees them, she sees bua n says devki, bua cries for help, the lady in car also recognises mehar, she stops her driver from getting out and says people will not leave us just leave from here soon and goes away.
The lady stops the car and says take a u turn and take to accident spot but the other road and just keep quite i will handle the situation, the lady with car goes to them and says devki mehar what happened, devki says u, u go away from here, the lady says forget our misunderstandings and lets take meha to hospital.
Abeer wakes up with a bad dream, he goes down to take water, mehar bua and that lady reach hospital, mehar is taken to operation thearter, the lady asks bua to calm down and says this doctor is the best and she knows kuber well too, bu starts crying, abeer in kitchen with glass of water n says why am i getting so stressed he sees phone and sees tai calling he says taiji calling so late n picks up, taiji informs abeer abt mehars accident, abeer goes in tears and shouts mehar.

Precap: abeer asks bua where is mehar, bua says go and ask ur dad why did he call mehar home so late, abeer looks at operation theatre.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Mehbeer fan

    Not again why do meher n her family always gets abeer wrong. He did so much for her family n they r really thanks less. They should thanks abeer for saving their house n meher u better thank him. Really meher n her family’s attitude need to change. Love Abeer ????

    • priya

      Hai frnds
      From some spoilers it is said that mehers mother and bua gets angry on abeer and he will go back to his house and he will realise that he still loves meher

  2. [email protected]@

    what nonsense whatever abeer does he is always taken wrong what wrong did he do that he only has to clarify bua always shouts worse
    at the end how abeer shouted meher showed his love and his tears just speechless with abeer’s expressions

  3. swapna

    Why abusing abeer for evrytng…..nonsense……they lov each other a lot….even they care for each other……bt people like kuber manipulating a beautiful relationshp bet them……relly……there ll b evryver people like kuber in evry family……holy shit…….

  4. Sri

    Will Bua punish Tunnu the idiot and Bua’s brother the great brother Sham for doing this tells at them ? She just yells at Abeer all the time

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