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Badtameez Dil 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abhir says so black coffee, mehar says good research abhir but I left black coffee 8 yrs back so rati get green tea, sani says ohk lets start the work, mehar says so lets continue and begin her conference. Mehar gets a message she reads it its from abhir saying cheers baby, mehar ignores it, abhir msgs back looking very hot, mehar ignores again and says so that’s it any questions, abhir says I have to say something, mehar madam u gonna take our company to grt heights so I have gift for u, sani says I like these gestures of u abhir and meharji plz accept, abhir says this gift is just from me, very special one, mehar opens it with a cold look, she sees it’s a shirt, abhir smiles at mehar, mehar looks at the shirt and remembers a past scene where she enters football ground

and sees abhir playing and working out,she walks to abhir and says abhir cmon its very cold lets go in, abhir says not until u agree to what I say, mehar says ok, abhir says see that’s why I love u,abhir takes off mehars shawl, mehar says abhir someone will see us, abhir says no one will see us and pulls shawl over his and her head.
Abhir is sneezing mehar says I told u not to do so any ways here is a shirt for u(it’s the shirt abhir gave mehar in conference room) abhir wears it and says so am I looking smart.
back to conference room, sani says abhir this is mens shirt, give it to me bcoz mehar wont wear it and meeting is over lets go,everyone leave except mehar and abhir, abhir says some memories don’t leave u and its good mehar u came back and now I will return u, ur memories one by one with full interest, but look at eachother in anger, abhir leaves the room.
Sani asks abhir why did he do that in conference room, that wasn’t right, abhir says it was a joke, sani says I know that wasn’t a joke I could see that, abhir says are mehar told u right we are college friends and we keep playing like this now u go back to ur cabin, samar looks at him, abhir says yes samar tell me what lecture u have now, samar says no thanku, abhir says ok come with me fast.
Abhir takes samar to beach and starts playing guitar, gals gather around him and ask him to sing song, abhir says sure gals specially for u and sings song, abhir calls samar and says this is my friend, gals take photo with them, abhir says this is my popularity look around, they treat me like god and so I think u understood and now madam mehar will see.
Abhir shows photo to sani, sani says very good lets frame it and put on wall near recpetion, abhir says ok I am going recording for the show special one, sani asks samar what is going in his mind, samar nods and leaves.
Abhir is in recording room, mehar enters the room, abhir looks at her and says guys today will be special episode it will be solo so leave , the episode begins and abhir says wassup guys, today is a surprise for u all and so enjoy this evening, sani looking at tv and runs to mehar, and says do something this abhir is gonna do something wrong, mehar says I will look after it relax, abhir starts singing song looking at mehar(the song is abt how mehar betrayed him), abhir walks to mehar and sings moving around her, abhir goes back to his chair, sani says today is some depth in his song, abhir finished his song and looks at mehar.
Abhir says so friends this show was my journey to ur heart and it was a beautiful one and now I have to say something and it is that this was my last song, I am leaving this job, this channel, this company, everybody gets shocked, abhir looks at mehar and gives her cold look.

PRECAP: abhir says to mehar it’s a challenge u have 8 days try run this company without me, mehar says I lived 8 yrs without u, this is just a channel.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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