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Badtameez Dil 1st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer hits the guys who try to touch mehar, and says cant u see and walk mehar, the guys remove knife, abeer holds mehars hand puts her behind him.
Kuber gets a call and ask him to watch news, kuber puts on the TV and sees sham on news saying that kuber malhotra damaged my car and I want justice and this is my fight against these rich people, and then theres news abt mehar and abeer and the media connects shams news to abeer and mehars relation.
The guys try to attack abeer and mehar, abeer gets into fight with then,mehar keeps shouting don’t fight let me handle,abeer says shutup and says u mad guys don’t behave like mad, the guy injures abeer with fork, abeer throws coffee on them and holds mehars hand and both start running, abeer and mehar go on the escalator

in reverse direction, abeer gets off but mehar gets stuck on it, abeer sees the guys behind mehar and mehar shouting abeer for help, he grabs her hand and runs away with her, mehar and abeer hide behind mannequins.
Kuber video calls sham, sham says I didn’t want to go to news actually but u forced me and are u giving my son job, kuber says I will but only when u do my work, Sham says sure I will, I will do anything for my sons job,sham puts a bucket of cold water on his head, kuber says very good, sham says so job done, kuber says I will give u a call and cuts the call, kuber tells his lawyer to make this video viral and show the world shams true greedy face, lawyer says why do u have to deal with such small man,kuber says it’s a personal issue and I will make sure I trouble him and his daughter to fullest, lawyer says ok ur work will be done soon.
Mehar says abeer u don’t have to fight with him, abeer says they were crossing the line, abeer and mehar get into an auto and run away.rati and nisar have lunch together, nisar says rati this is my favorite dish and plz don’t get food for me everyday I don’t like it, rati feels bad and says sorry,nisar says rati actually, lovely enters and says rati wheres the list and looks at them and thinks looks like something is cooking between them and says rati call us for lunch sometime as well, nisar says lovely u are taking it wrong u can join us u are most welcome, rati says excuse me I have lot of work, so , lovely says rati its fine I understand but atleast have ur phone with u in office hours, rati takes her phone and leaves, lovely looks at nisar and says next time.
Abeer sees his hand bleeding and says this is all bcoz of u, mehar says I didn’t ask to become superhero, abeer says atleast remove ur dupatta and wrap around it, mehar says are u blind cant u see I don’t have a dupatta, abeer says atleats wrap my handkerchief, mehar removes abeers handkerchief and wraps it around the wound.
Mehar reaches home, suman sees blood on mehars hand and asks what happened, mehar says mom its abeers blood I am fine, abeer tells madhvi this wound is bcoz of mehar without any reason fighting with people,madhvi says oh plz don’t blame her u must have troubled her and so, abeer says mom I am ur son and not mehar u don’t care for me, suman asks mehar is abeer fine is he hospitalized, mehar says ma barely two drops of blood but he must be behaving like he is gonna faint and why are u so worried for him, suman says look he fought for u he cared for u and mehar he saved ur life, bua comes yes mehar first he troubles u and saves u,suman says see mehar if someone saves u I will thank him and he is abeer and so as humanity I shd ask him whether he is fine and also ask why u two fight so much and close windows its gonna rain.
Mehar in college days trying to study and abeer playing his guitar, mehar walks to him and says abeer plz stop, abeer says why, mehar says I am studying, abeer says why do study so much and do u really study or just act to, mehar ignore his talks and says plz abeer I am trying to study, abeer says I pay too and look at the climate its beautiful so I will play, mehar says ok I will go out, abeer think god whats wrong today no fight nothing and says mehar chill why do u take so much tension have fun party chill relax, mehar says bcoz I cant afford all this my ma and bua has worked a lot for me to get me here and abt party in my house even we order food from outside my bua walks for her work and I want to change all these situations and so study so much.Mehar crying ,abeer feels bad he put his guitar to side.
Abeer in his room gets call from mehar looks at his phone and smiles.

PRECAP:abeer and mehar reach office, nisar rushes to him and ask yesterday what happened u fought with someone, abeer says yes but why, nisar says he is local goons brother and his brother is in office taking sanis class, abeer says shit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Lol abeer no guy tells a girl to wrap her dupatta or a hanky on his hand 🙂 😉

  2. Haha Meher got stuck in the escalator

  3. Interesting!… bz of Mehar’s dad Abeer’s dad annoyed that was the reason behind their devorce and hatred with each other..

  4. it was a funny n intrstng episode. …MehBeer rokzz together…

  5. please don’t stop badtameez dil serial this is a lovely and beautiful serial please continue love you mehebeer

  6. Luv abeer’s humour
    The fight scene was hilarious

  7. shifa(shakira)

    this serial intrsting

  8. The way he says his face could get hurt. Hahah love u abheer. Heard hes gonna go a stay in meher house now. Intersting. Best serial ever! ??

  9. Pearl V Puri

    Thank u so much guys……I am pearl akka abeer…..Glad to know that u love Badtameez Dil…

    1. R u really pearl v puri????

  10. Abeer u r so handsome I just love u muah…

  11. Abeer you are so sweet l really love you much

  12. Coool serial Ya I think only badthameez Dil and tere sheher mein are two good serials having cute couples as lead with awesome chemistry I wish soon abeer and meher unite ,excited to see more interesting sequences in your show dude especially eager to see abeer at meher home

  13. wherez d update of 3rd august ? am waiting since long time
    plz da do update on d same day

    Msg from Team: Tanaya is away today, so update will be done late by backup.

  14. This serial has got such an interesting line…. I dnt understand y is the update so late everydayy while other nonsense updates ill b put up so fast!!

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