Badtameez Dil 19th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bua n suman go on knees for forgiveness, bua says we will not disappoint u here after plz forgive us, taiji has flashes of devki confessing in court abt taijis husband, mehar enters n sees suman n bua on knees n glass slips from her hand, taiji looks at mehar n says see mehar plz tell them they are embarrassing me, plz don’t do this, u know I had lot of dreams abt abeers wedding but I gave up them and he is my life n if I crossed my lines in anger plz forgive me, suman says plz, madhvi says lets forget that past n finish the matter here, taiji says this matter will finish only if abeer doesn’t get to know abt it bcoz he wont talk to me if he knows abt it, suman says nothing such will happen u plz forgive us, taiji says plz enough of this now n mehar take care of ur

ma n bua, bua says we shall leave now we will stay in hotel,taiji says plz I insist stay here, mehar go show them rooms, mehar takes bua n ma with her.
Mehar starts crying n says I don’t like all this why did u go on knees, is it my fault that I married abeer, suman says mehar see its not ur fault taiji is right on her side after all abeer is like her son n not being able to come in wedding she was upset, madhvi enters n says no sumanji, its not ur fault n not even mehars its my fault, and u know mehar troubles me a lot, she behaves so formal but plz forgive me the situation in which kids married wasn’t normal n I shd have brought u along with me the same day, suman says taiji is not upset anymore that’s what matters n I am so happy mehar has u, mehar says ma have soup now,suman tastes it n says its very tasty, madhvi says thanku and I am sorry on behalf of abeer, suman says plz he must be stuck somewhere bcoz I know he wouldn’t do like this, madhvi asks mehar where is abeer, mehar says he is at nisars place.
Abeer reaches home n asks servant mehars bua n ma, servant says they are in ur room they came last night, abeer asks where is mehar, he says in kitchen, abeer goes to mehar n says sorry baby, I was with nisar he was upset n so I couldn’t say no sorry, mehar gives him nimboo pani n says drink u will feel better, abeer says I needed it n sorry mehar I didn’t understand when I got drank, mehar says abeer u could have informed me abt it, u have some responsibilities learn to follow them, abeer says mehar I am saying sorry why lecture n this headache n now tell me what shd I do, mehar says I went satsang bcoz u told me, u shd have informed me did u know what all happened, whole night ma n bua where out of gate n ma collapsed due to it, when will u understand abeer, taiji is hiding n listening to mehar n abeer fight, mehar starts crying,abeer says sorry mehar n is ma fine now, don’t cry I will never do this again don’t cry plz, I am sorry, mehar asks did u eat anything, abeer says I don’t remember, did u eat anything, mehar says no, abeer says first I will go talk to ma, smile plz, mehar smiles n abeer leaves, taiji says this mehar is fooling my son.
Bua gets a call and she gets tensed, bua cuts the call, suman says again, bua says bhabhi not now we will talk later, abeer goes to suman n says sorry for yesterday I was on my way but got stuck so sorry, suman says its fine abeer, abeer says I hope u are fine now, suman says yes but see we have captured ur room, suman says n my rent is bhopals favourite sweets,suman says here it is, abeer says thanku n where is tunno, bua says he got exams, suman says see I got u a watch, abeer says thanku so much u rest here I will see u later, abeer leaves, mehar enters, bua says mehar all ok between u n abeer, mehar says bua all fine don’t worry last night he was really busy, bua says mehar ganesh idol for ur in laws, mehar says why but, suman says mehar it is necessary u wont get it, mehar says ma, bua gets call again, mehar asks what happened n picks the phone, its from bank abt loan problems, bua snatches the phone n says we will return the money soon.
Mehar says bua what all is this, u pay installments right, oh u didn’t pay installments due to wedding gifts why did u do it, suman says it was necessary mehar, mehar says ok wait, mehar gets chaque book n says this is my savings account use this money, suman says mehar don’t so this we have no rights over ur money, mehar says what am I not ur daughter any more, suman says ok I will take money but not now and remember u are always my daughter,taiji hiding and listening to this and says I will make sure not a single coins goes from this house.

Precap: taiji buys some jewelry n says oh god my chaque book is empty mehar do u have some money plz, madhvi is not home too.
Mehar checks the amount it’s the same amount mehar has in her account.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. We want more mehbeer scenes..whole epi taiji taiji taiji …very irradiated

  2. We want more mehbeer scenes..whole epi taiji taiji taiji …very irritated

  3. 2 boring track as I know that they get separated but waiting for mehar 2get well n abeers reactions

  4. Taiji hate you….

  5. thanku tanaya di

  6. track is little boring …..but waiting for next track

  7. Today’s was better than last two episodes
    Atleast th ere was mehbeer fight and their patch up
    They were cute on fighting also. …

  8. Ya i think dey could do like hw dey usd to do before…show d past in between present…coz not able to digest taiji’s drama…atleast if it is mixd wid present nd shown it wont b boring…plz chng d track soon…

  9. nice episode but please come to present track soon missing that track

  10. Please get off the flashback it is becoming too much get to the point and move on

  11. Is next week te last for badtameez dil??? Noooooo!! I love this couple and don’t want this seriel to end!!!!

  12. It is not going to end….:)
    It will not be aired on starplus.
    But in hotstar.
    Main roles are the same.
    Some characters might change.
    Story line also might have a change.
    from ibtimes.
    Happy about it.

    1. hmm u r right ……heard the same


  14. guys gud news badtameez dil is nt going off air it ll b telecasted on starplus by 11pm.

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