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Badtameez Dil 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshath speaks to Meher’s pic that he took care of her for 8 years and if someone comes in between them, he will not spare them. She forgot what Abeer did with her, but he will remind her.

Abeer nervously repeats he should be calm in front of Meher, say her sorry, should not get angry. He offers coffee to Meher and says he wants to speak. She says she does not want to. He angrily says that is why he gets angry, then tones down and requests. She walks into her cabin. He follows her and offers coffee again. She accepts it and asks what he wants to speak. He blabbers, gets angry, then tones down and says whenever he says something without thinking, he does mistake, so he will talk sensibly and apologizes her. Shhe asks what is the use of his sorry now. He shouts, then says be police,

be calm, be sorry… She asks why is he repeating it. He says he is saying sorry by heart for kidnapping Devki bua and spoiling her dinner. She says she has a lot of work, so he should go. He says he will never raise his voice in front of her and will apologize for each of his mistakes, will even apologize bua and Akshath. Meher asks not to. He calls Askath. Mummy picks call and he asks if kabutar/peon aka Akshath is at home. Mom looks at Akshath and says he is here. He asks to give phone to him. Mom nervously gives phone to Akshath. Abeer apologizes him for spoiling his and Meher’s dinner. Akshath says it is okay. Abeer invites him for lunch at same place and convinces him, Akshath agrees but thinks he will not forgive Abeer so easily. Abeer then convinces Meher who says she will only attend his lunch if he attends his dad’s business meeting with her. He agrees.

Abeer reaches restaurant with Akshath and Meher and apologizes them again. He makes them sit and says now they are friends, so there is no room for anger here. He then says let us have something and says here prawn fried rice is fantastic. Akshath says let us go for it. Abeer says he dropped orange mocktail on them yesterday, so he will order even that as an apology. Akshath looks at Meher and then asks Abeer since he knows Meher since college days, he can tell him something about Meher which he does know. Meher gets nervous and asks Askshath to stop. Abeer says there is a lot to tell, Meher used to wear specs. Akshath says she used to wear specs even during MBA and looked beautiful with them. Abeer thinks Meher is really beautiful, why is this joker praising her, then calms down. Akshath asks to tell more. Abeer says Meher used to drink Bhringham black coffee. Akshath says even he likes black coffee. Abeer says Meher was very cunning and used to note down every expense in diary and used to hide it. Akshath laughs and says Meher is confused and handles her investments well. Abeer fumes, but controls.

Akshath asks Abeer to tell more about Meher. Abeer says his day used to be very beautiful when Meher used to wake him up. Sun rays used to fall on her face and she used to look like angel. He continues that her hair strands on side used to be on her face and her perfect dimple smile used to be very beautiful. He cries emotionally while Akshath fumes in jealousy. He then co
ntrols himself and asks Akshath if he saw her that smile. Akshath nods no..

Meher gets embarrassed and says she has to leave for a conference now. Abeer tries to follow her, but Akshath stops him and says we became friends just now, so we can talk about Meher more. Meher tells Abeer that he has to attend conference. Akshath says he will drop Abeer on time. Once Meher leaves, Akshath says Abeer they should celebrate with a toast. Abeer asks he told he does not drink. Akshath says he drinks occasionally. Abeer says he is a chupa rustom and asks what all he is hiding.

Precap: Akshath forces Abeer to drink glasses of alcohol and thinks he will not reach conference meet with Meher. He drops alcohol into dustbin and acts as drunk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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