Badtameez Dil 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,mehar opens door and sees abeer all wounded, he falls on mehar and winks at nisar and says brother help me, nisar and mehar take abeer in, abeer acts as if he is in lot of pain and says they hit me so much, suman says u just rest abeer, abeer says see mummyji i proved myself and completed my promise, mehar gets abeer water, suman helps abeer drink it, nisar says abeer shall we call doctor, abeer says no i will be fine i just need rest,nisar smiles at abeer.

Abeer in mehars room, abeer sees bua and says see buaji u always take me wrong see i brought mehar home safe, and ma i should go home now, i am worried abt my mom too, suman says no abeer till u become all well i wont let u go, abeer says no ma, u know mehar doesn’t want me to stay here, mehar says no abeer ma

is right u shd stay here u get well, abeer says and buaji, suman says abeer quite u will stay here till u get well, bua asks how long will he stay, suman says abeer u rest i will get u milk, all ladies leave.
Nisar asks abeer why all this, abeer says revenge time and all these wounds are real by the way, nisar says seriously u are unbelievable, madhvi comes mehars home worried for abeer, mehar says come ma i will take u to abeer, madhvi goes to abeer and starts crying, abeer says ma i hit them too, madhvi says enough of it lets go home,u said u wanted to stay for mehars safety now she is safe now lets go, suman says madhviji plz let him stay until he gets well, i will send him when he gets all well, abeer says yes ma i will come when i get well, ma u go home or else ur husband will u know, and if i come home in this situation he will scold me so, madhvi says ok take care, suman says don’t worry i will take care of abeer, come lets have tea, abeer says ma love u, mehar smiles at abeer, madhvi says love u too just take care, nisar teases abeer and says i love u bro bye, abeer says yes love u too bye.
Kuber asks madhvi did u talk to abeer, madhvi says he is shooting in mehars house, kuber smiles and says stop lying i know u went to meet abeer and what does he think of himself he went alone to pinkys house, stupid and commissioner had called and said that the matter is closed now, so when is ur son returning, madhvi says he is wounded and he went alone to save his wife, kuber says she is not his wife, the relation was over when she took 10 corers and what would u do if ur son was killed, and this mehar and her whole family is fooling abeer and ur son is getting trapped and i will make sure abeer and mehar wont come together again,madhvi smiles and says i just hope they two are back together.
Mehar goes to abeer and sees he is asleep, she helps him sleep properly, and looks at him, abeer opens his eyes, mehar says oh actually i came to call u for breakfast come soon, abeer says mehar did u really mean that u care for me and wouldn’t leave me alone, mehar says no nothing such and leaves, abeer smiles and says liar.
Tunno asks mehar didi what abt money, mehar says no means no, abeer comes down and acts as if in pain, mehar helps him get down and sit on dinning, tunno says di money, mehar says enough have breakfast and leaves, abeer says this conjus how will she give u money, tunno says jiju i want 20000, i want to do something in life and u need money for it and no money means no respect, abeer says oh really, tunno says yes jiju take me seriously, abeer says tunno money doesn’t give respect, respect is earned from hard work, i will give u money if u will work hard, tunno says but di, abeer says don’t tell her abt it, tunno says thanku, abeer says if u do something wrong with money i wont spare u.
Nisar sees his band watching cctv footage where rati hugs him,boys say what nisar bro going on love track, nisar asks what and sees the footage, nisar gets angry and says its not what u guys are thinking and gets angry, boys say its love or timepass, nisar says no nonsense and hits them, sani sees nisar fighting and stops them, sani asks nisar what all is this, i thought u are a responsible person but this u proved me wrong don’t forget its a office stay in ur limits.
Nisar tells abeer abt it, abeer says chill don’t take all this seriously and bye now its mehar time, abeer removes his bandage and goes and stops near door and mehar opens door, abeer acts as if he got hurt, mehar says i am sorry and helps him tie the bandage, abeer says tell me truth in pinkys house u were worried right, mehar says i am always worried abt others, abeer says but we are husband wife, mehar says we were, mehar stops and says ma will help u with bandage, abeer says why trouble ma, u finish it, mehar sits again and helps, and says stop starring, abeer says what to do u are so beautiful, mehar says why all this stop it.

precap : mehar sees ring missing from cupboard. Suman shows mehar and abeer tunnos shopping of branded and costly things.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. nice episode…. they will accept still they love each other quickly 🙂 🙂

  2. beautiii quueeen

    Nice episode abeer and meher live togther

  3. Yaa nice episode
    Both are full of attitude and I like so much the attitude…

  4. It was nice

  5. Oh I don’t able to watch bcoz stupid sp stop their repeat slot at @11:30 BTW aweso.e couple

  6. Really awesome show…full of fun , attitude,love…love abeer n meher jodi…..

  7. I love mehbeer..awsm show

  8. Badtamizi dil just get rock
    Day by day its going to interesting and romantic…..

  9. Abeer and Meher … both of u r awesome Guys … just like 2 watch ur show its really Nyc …. lots of attitute, nautyness, smartness r here to see .. Nyc Story line.. aacha laga yaha sav comments positive h serial k favour me … but doosre sav popular shows me v avi sirf negative comments parne ko milte k serial k baare me … sunne aacha nae lagta … yeh serial toh bohout mazedaar h but kuch dino baad jav purana ho jayega story line tohra hone lagega tav sav fans chillane laenge …. uff!
    itna kaam comments q h yaha fans kaam h kya … dont worry.. best of luck … agar asa maze se serial dikhata raha toh yeh v top serial me se ek zarur ho jayegi …… Luv u Meher & Abeer.

  10. Parso rath mere sapne me Meher, uski maa or Abeer aaye the … hehe

  11. story line jada change maat karna baad me … bohout fans ko aaacha nae lagta ok.

    Mere fav. show jo ki bohout famous v h unsav me bohout jada jada comments aata h lekin avi logo ko story line pasand ni aa rha waha ka ok bye.

  12. mene akela hi kitna comments bhej diya yaar..
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein or Kumkum Bhagya woh dono v mere fav. h but waha me comments nae karti unka bohout fans h already. yaha koi ni h toh me hu.

  13. M Alia’s & Varun’s Biggest fan

  14. Really amazing sho w and actors awesome

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