Badtameez Dil 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rati telling Kuber that she will not let Abeer and Meher unite and says she will do anything to separate them. Kuber asks if you are talking about Nisar. Rati says I am talking about Nisar and me. He left me because of Abeer and went. He never wanted to leave and this has happened because of Abeer and Meher, and I will do everything to separate them. Kuber says you didn’t know and have a big misunderstanding. Rati says no, and says she knows that Nisar left because of Abeer. Kuber says Abeer and Meher miss Nisar a lot. Rati says they are just acting. Kuber says they didn’t betray, but I am the one who has betrayed everyone. He says I don’t want Meher and Abeer’s marriage to happen, and then I used Nisar to break their marriage. He says I am guilty. He says when Abeer

and Meher met again after 8 years, I sent Nisar to kill Meher in the hospital. He says I am guilty, I gave him money and Nisar got greedy. He left you for money and because of his insecurities. He says I am guilty and asks her to punish him. Rati cries. He folds his hands and asks her not to harm Meher and Abeer. He says they are separated because of destiny. Rati says this is a big mistake of my life, and ends her relation with Kuber, says it is all over. She tries to go, Kuber stops her and requests her not to quit this job. He says we will maintain boss and employee relationship, and asks her not to quit this job. Rati nods. Kuber thanks her.

Doctor bandages Ishaan’s head. Suman asks how are you? Ishaan says he is fine. Doctor says he will be fine and asks Ishaan not to do any mischief. Abeer goes to drop Doctor till outside. Meher hugs Ishaan and kisses him. Ishaan asks her to forgive Papa. Meher looks at Akshat and asks what do you mean? Ishaan says I came to know about my real Papa. Abeer comes back. Meher looks at Abeer. Akshat tells Meher to see, and says Abeer is instigating Ishaan against me. Ishaan says I have found your album in his cupboard, and says he miss you and want to apologize, please forgive him. Akshat grabs Abeer’s collar and asks what he is trying to do by provoking Ishaan against him. He starts beating Abeer. Abeer looks at Ishaan while beaten up by Akshat. Meher asks Akshat to stop it. Meher gets hurt while trying to stop Akshat.

Abeer pushes Akshat and goes to bring first aid box. Akshat is leaving. Meher stops him and says I need to talk to you. Akshat says there is nothing left to talk now, and says I might be taking revenge for the years, he waited for him. He says I know that you loves Abeer. Meher says it is nothing as such. Akshat says just stop it. He says until when you will lie to yourself, can’t you see that you still loves Abeer. You shows that you have moved on, but still you loves him. He says whatever was between is among you all. He asks her to take care of Ishaan. Devki asks Meher, how can you let Akshat go and says he is right guy for her. Suman stops her and says let Meher decide. She says Abeer has become responsible now and loves her very much. He has lost her once, but don’t want to leave her again. She says we shall give one chance to them. She says if you stop Akshat then it will be our big mistake. She folds hand and requests her. Devki nods.

Abeer applies ointment on Meher’s hand and asks about Akshat. Meher tells he has left. Abeer says it was good else….He smiles and says I am joking. Meher looks at him. He bandages her hand. Mere Nishaan song plays……..Meher looks at him and thinks of Akshat’s words that she still loves Abeer.

He asks what happened? Meher nods nothing. Abeer asks her to look at him and says he is saying everything again. He says I want to take care of you and your family. He says this is the last time you are crying, but not anymore, I will make you laugh daily and give you much happiness. He says nothing is important to me than your you and Ishaan. Ishaan smiles. Abeer asks her to accept his love and become his. He says I love you……Meher. I will die without you. Meher cries. Ishaan asks her to agree. Suman also asks her to agree. Devki also asks her to agree and says truth is that you still loves him, and says I accept this alliance and this guy. Meher smiles and hugs Abeer. Ishaan asks them to hug him as well. Abeer sings Mere Nishaan song. Meher and Ishaan looks on smilingly. Abeer asks Meher to dance with him. Meher refuses. Abeer convinces her. Abeer and Meher dance romantically Ishaan plays the guitar. Abeer and Meher smiles happily. Abeer asks for kiss. Meher says shall I slap you and asks him to have shame as he is father of a son. Abeer says he is not looking at us. Meher claps for Ishaan as he plays guitar. Ishaan goes to call Suman and Devki. Abeer asks Meher to give him a kiss, and pulls her closer for a kiss.

No Precap. May be the show ended……

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Reader

    Aww it was awesome but the show ended seriously ????
    Plz someone say no I love mehbeer and there was hardly any mehbeer moment all due to that stupid akshat. I hate star plus they keep stupid shows like saathia Diya bati and etc etc idk the name also they have been running for years but they couldn’t keep a show like BD which was just phenomenal. Star plus hardly has a good show except Siya ke Ram.

  2. Thank u so much ? H Hasan and TU for updating PBNMBD..I was worried when it got transferred to HotStar..thank u so much for updating..

    Fab,Fantastic,Awesome,Amazing…epi… Finally my MehBeer united..I was waiting for this..Ishu baby u rock..u made MehBeer united…Guitar ? scene was too cute as u played Ishu baby..
    Thank God this Langoor Akshat left and Rati finally understood her mistake..
    I missed Madhavi mam yaar..if she was there then she would have been the Happier Person..
    Devki bua u changed on one day..Good..
    Suman Mam u are d best Mom-in-law..U always Supported Abeer..No matter what the Situation was..
    I missed Tunno too..where was he?..

    MEHER u r CUTE and ADORABLE..ASMITA U TOO ROCKED YAAR..without u guys we couldn’t have imagined MehBeer..
    I wish to c u both Soon as #MehBeer again in Other Serial ..pls come back..
    I am crying ? yaar..pls come back..
    LOVE ❤ AND MISS U MehBeerAn and BD always…??
    Miss u guys aaaaaallllllllooooooottttttttttt……??

  3. rajvi

    Miss u Mehbeer n hate u star plus cz u Always stop my favorite serials like IPKKND, PBNMBD,PKYEK……. Miss u Mehbeer alottttttt

  4. wow superb but Why tis show is stopped very early tis is so bad plz dont stop we want mehabeer&ishaan sweet moments plz dont stop ti serial we r addicted both mehabeer, i dont watch any show of the tv i will watch only bd but tis is stop why some show r runnig many years very boaring.

  5. aanjana

    the show has been awesome lkin I hate starplus for removing the show & keeping jerk saas bahu drama ………………..thanx for update:)))

  6. khushi

    Yes..the show seriously enden..just a moment ago I watched the episode on… The episode was so nice…but I feel so sad… IPKKND was my most most favourite serial.. And I know it very well that no serial can take it’s place… Never nor… The serial also had a unfinished end… And now battami

  7. khushi

    Sorry..i couldn’t complete my comment… I was saying that BD has a unfinished end… I don’t know why Sawrab Tirawi’s all shows end without finishing the story…. I’ll never forget IPKKND, RR, and BD as well…. I’ve all episodes of IPKKND… Insha’Allah I will download RR and BD’s episode also…

  8. Dharu

    I love this seriak very very much which serial i like it is soon ended like iss phyar ko kya naam dhoom, manmarziyan, thu mera hero and now my favourite barthameez dil i really miss u abeer and meher in my heart i love the small rock star and miss the team of barthameez dil and i miss deviki’s comedy i love u BD.

  9. Star

    At last Mehbeer united..but it ended so fast and seems like unfinished… Pls continue the show..y this star plus doing like this??all stupid serials they keep for long and great aweeeeeeeeeeesome serials like BD they finish it so fast…Miss u BD…plssssssss don’t end this….

  10. Star

    I still can’t believe that BD is over..waiting for tomorrow 6am in UAE that time here BD is uploaded in UAE to know that it’s over or BD is continuing… Today’s episode Abeer itself sang mere nishaan…

  11. Ahana

    End so soon… Starplus ended all my favorite shows IPKND.. manmarzia.. N now BD also
    Firstly starplus moved it to hotstar .. N now its ended ..
    It was better than kuch tho tere mere darmiya which replaced Badtameez dil in star plus..
    Starplus likes to only sas-bahu saga
    Hate u star plus

  12. nish

    Wow!!its great Mehbeer reunited…awesome…plz yr plz continue this…its my favourite serial…plz star plus plz dont end it…it ends so fast..plz continue….
    waiting for season 2. .
    luv u MehBeerAn infinity….

  13. Jo show acha lgta use to tmlog tv se hata dete ho aur ab end b krdia hotstar pe kch din dheka ke …. wo ghatya ghtaya serials ko itne salon se gasite zare ho aek ye show pasand aya..use krdia bnd …. i love this show ….batamiz dil …nd i love mehbeer so plss dnt do this ….

  14. Sowmya

    Serials like Battameez dil, manmarziyan, ek haseena thi were ending very soon:-( other are still dragging… :-O

  15. Ohooo!!!! Pls no!!! Don’t end the show!! Its my favourite serial!!! Pls requesting!!!! I love u pearl n asmita!!! Abeer love u a lottttttttt!!! Pls wapas aa jao!!!

  16. Anu

    Why star plus drop thi serial? My favorite two serial ended very quickly.. manmerzian and this. Star plus promote bad serial and their long lasting serials like saathiya,kuch tho there, mere angane, yeh rishta etc…. saathiya is the most worst one

  17. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    Why did it finish guys all of you please please pray that it will have a few more episode because saurab teewari posted on twitter that it will finish on Wednesday.

    I am so devastated that bd has finished that I can’t describe what I am feeling right now
    I feel sad
    Then emotional
    Then happy
    The upset
    Then happy again
    See what I mean
    I’m also getting tears that are rolling down my cheeks whilst I am typing this why!!!
    Randomly my eyes are watering

    My fav dramas were:
    Ek hasina thi
    Nisha aur uske cousins
    Badtameez dil

    I loved bd even though I loved nisha drama and the couple nisha and kabir they understood each other and guess what they never used to fight they only used to do knock joke

    But then I left them for bd and we’re not the biggest fan of mehbeer but still loved them!

    Nisha and kabir had a renunion with a proposal a hug a kiss on the head and hand
    And in bd only a hug even though they were apart for 8 years

    That is just sad and bad

  18. kairya

    I’m missing u guys u were only the couple that touch the heart pls comeback on guys finally u are United u r hottest couple I ever had……..??????

  19. Sk

    Arshi fans there will be a special episode of ipkknd aired on 30 nov 15 on hotstar .
    the cast is shooting for it currently .please reply if you can update the episode.

  20. Anaika

    Cant get over the fact BD is over. I m missing Mehbeer since yesterday. No doubt Star Plus is the worst channel. They air one of the most stupid shows for decades. Totally Saas Bahu types. Hardly any youth shows. I loved IPKKND then EHT and now BD but they ended it so soon. I feel like crying . I wnt Mehbeer Ki Jodi back on some other channel plz. Plz Pearl and Asmita work on some other serial together. It would be lovely to see you guyys together again. I love ur chemistry and your nok jhok we saw very little romance. And how can I forget Ishan . You are the most adorable kid seriously. Uniting ur parents and ur so cute. I wish u were my bro… Love u ishu m gonna mis whole BD.
    And finally Mehbeer rocks ✌ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I was Searching for today’s epi yaar…then remembered that it got ended..Wat to do..☺ Addicted?? to MehBeerAn and BD na.. Really missing u guys..? pls come back soon with a Great Bang…?? miss u alot by ur Craziest Fan AaLiyA…

  22. Amrita chaurasia

    kya BD ka end ho gya?? 😮 yr ye ni ho skta..muje or dekhna h..kam s kam un dono ki shadi to karaa dete..itti sade sade serials ko to saalo tak khhich dia..for ex- saathiya and vo akkhand jot (diya aur baati) or ek itta pyara sa serial itta cute sa serial start hua..usko itni jaldi khtm kar diya..not fair..we want abeer back..back back..back..back..back…back…

  23. swapnika

    watz tis pa cha I luv u abeer so much bt tis star plus its worst y thy tok off the show iam still unbelievable tht the season has ended plz come up with second season me nd al frndz r waiting love u abeer

  24. Isha

    Second season pls with d same cast….or atleast pearl and asmita together in another show…just luv their chemistry?

  25. yashvora

    lovely that it took AK to tell her that she loves AB still – is this was above her mother , son & AB’s request – let alone d senses against d mindless hatred

    even can’t understand d need of AK & IS staying with him – isn’t ME a independent woman with at-least her mom to take care of IS

    its simply hatred , ego clash & immaturity – hopefully next would b more of love

  26. sania

    No…… 🙁 this serial cannot come to an end why so fast I want more BD I want to see mehbeer again this is so fast plz plz plz continue it I just hate star plus why did they stopped it and put up that silly drama instead of BD I loved this drama 🙁 do not end it plz plz plz

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