Badtameez Dil 18th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer calls mehar and asks her not to influence his mom as he is not interested in making her his wife again, mehar cuts the call, madhvi says mehar I am sorry u must be busy, mehar says ma yesterday abeer was at my place all drunk and he wasn’t on any roads, mehar holds madhvis hand and says I am sorry I didn’t want to hurt u I just carried away and I told u this so that u shdnt worry, madhu knocks and says mehar I need to speak to u abt the contracts and missing documents, and so plz fill ur personal details and documents like ur marital status and all, so what is ur marital status, mehar says I am single,madhvi looks at mehar, mehar says actually I am divorced and plz lets talk abt it after lunch, madhu says ok and leaves, madhvi says I will take a leave too, mehar says

why so soon, madhvi says don’t worry I will see u again, mehar says let me inform abeer, madhvi says don’t he must be busy u take care and remember divorce doesn’t mean that it has to affect our relation and leaves.
Mehar sees abeer and calls him, abeer puts on his headphones and ignores mehar, mehar says abeer ma is going and then realizes all are looking at her, mehar says I mean ur mom I going, abeer says ok, mehar slips and abeer catches her, all stare at abeer and mehar,lovely smiles looking at them, mehar looks around and gets up and leaves.
Abeer goes to mehars cabin and says what boss looks like u are mad behind me after yesterday but baby not in office, mehar says enough abeer think before u speak, abeer says I talk through heart n not brains and smiles and leaves, lovely looks at all this and says rati did u see abeer and mehar , rati says I was busy mam, lovely says how boring, abeer calls rati and says transfer the call to mehar, lovely listens all talks, abeer says boss ma sent pinapple pastry u like it right will u have, mehar says u just shutup and keeps phone, lovely says something is surely cooking, mehar says rati next time ask me before u transfer me any calls.lovely texts sani abt what happened. sani exercising, reads lovelys message.
Sani asks jawahar did abeers mom come here, jwahar says yes she did and she was with mehar mam and that too in abeer sirs cabin, sani forwards lovelys msg to nishi, nishi says how exciting so good to see something cooking between mehar and abeer.
Suman and madhvi on phn, suman says sorry I couldn’t inform abt abeer at my house last night, mehars aunty comes and says bhabhi is this abeers, suman says yes it is, she asks who are u talking to , suman says u don’t know, she leaves, suman says madhvi ji I am so happy that abeer was home, madhvi says u know what I went office and met mehar do u know mehar hasn’t reveled her relationship status yet in office, suman says oh u shd have told me even I would come to office, madhvi says bye now but I hope they come together again,suman says I too, all will be fine bye.
At nisars party, abeer asks nisar didn’t u call ur sister in law, nisar says stop pulling my leg, mehar enters party looking very gorgeous, abeer looks at her and smiles, lovely says guys attention lets have fun , we are going to play an interesting game, so who will be here first how at sani sir and nishi mam, nishi says I don’t want to play, sani says cmon lets play, lovely says u both have to aim at target and when u miss one u have to have a glass of beer, nishi distracts sani sir, so he has to drink beer, nishi aims the target.
Rati congrats nisar, she is looking very pretty too, nisar looks at rati and says thanks and u are looking so beautiful and ur name, rati says its rati, nisar says sorry I always miss it and u have a pretty name and look pretty too and so have fun and thanks for coming, sani losses to nishi, abeer says to himself, sani sir u lost but the game I am gonna play I will win for sure.
Abeer goes to sani and says sir shdnt mehar mam join us, sani drunk says meharji u look lonely come with me and play here the dart game don’t be scared be a sport cmon, all force mehar to join, mehar joins the game, abeer says sani sir u lost to nishi mam but don’t with mehar, mehar aims , abeer says sani sir remember she is ur boss.

PRECAP:abeer says if I win boss has to dance with me, mehar says agreed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Abeer I just ❤ ur killer attitude ?. Wow I hope mehar yaar jaayiyeh ye game. Thabi tho game mehbeer ka dance dekhne ka moka milega ?

  2. Nyc episode?

  3. Mehar haar* jayiye na plzzzz 😉 . Rati ur luking gorgeous yaar. Rati+Nisaar= Rani 😉

  4. I luv u pearl aka abeer

  5. Ab vo promo wala scene ayega jab aberr mehar k back par abeer likha Hua dekhe ga

    1. Promo I didn’t watched. Can u have the promo link plzz. Btw mehar is abeer x wife na so how he couldn’t know dat mehar had abeer tattoo on her back 😕

    2. What tatto plz yell

  6. guys can anyone tell me where to download this episodes

  7. Suprb mehbeer scenes wre jst amazing.. LOVE IS IN THE AIR

  8. hyyy lol susi nd sugarfree miss u

    1. Me too richu 🙁 hru ???

  9. abeer & mehar have nice chemistry

  10. East to west mehbeer is the best ?

  11. I like mehbeer more than manan

  12. @tapasya manik+nandini=manan

  13. Omg juz now I saw that promo on tv. I’m really super excited for tomorrow’s episode 🙂 .

    @alina: abeer and mehar were dancing on party by mistake meher zip will come down . Then abeer sees tattoo named ♥ABEER♥ on her back and he asks sab nishaane mitaa diya tune phir yeh tattoo kyu nai mitaa di.

  14. I love abeer n meher very much ? what a serial

  15. Love u pearl…..really…ur amazing…..???❤ i ❤ u….

  16. waiting for their dance …………………… 😛

  17. i love mehbeer………

  18. i ♡ meher and abheer……
    waiting 4 their dance..

  19. i am also waiting for their dance

  20. Yeah I’m super excited for todays episode. Wana c my lovely couple dance ? . And really excited how abeer will react after seeing tattoo on mehars back. Thanq sooo much star plus. Another worthy dho to watch after yhm. I love both serials. Bd and mehbeer rockzzzz ?. Tanq saurabh tiwary for giving such a beautiful drama. And bg song alwayzzz amazing. Mere nishaan ?

  21. Mehaba (liya)

    Intresting precap

  22. I like the way abeer teases mehar ?

  23. Where is todays update . Fast please author. Eagerly waiting to read todays episode.

  24. I thk meher has to improve her acting skills..

    1. Agreed feeling same. Her acting skills are poor not expressive like abeer. But I like her in serious mode. Yesterday episode was superb. Dono wats wrong wid dis TU, no comment box in ydy episode. Hahahh he purposefully distracted mehar and she lost. Like his attitude 😉 . Waiting for todays epi. ❤ mehbeer

  25. Pricap is so interesting the tattoo looking nice……..

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