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Badtameez Dil 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, taiji sees the pen kuber gifted abeer on ground, abeer takes mehar to room , abeer and mehar get close to eachother, taiji reaches home n rushes to abeers room n sees mehar in night gown and her saree on bed n mehar drying her hair,mehar turns around n sees taiji, taiji closes the door n leaves.
Kuber scolds abeer for coming home without completing contract, abeer says nisar is there he will take care of it, kuber says nisar is not my son u are, I want u to be responsible, taiji says kuber don’t scold abeer,mehar is responsible for all this, abeer says why are u pointing at mehar, kuber says abeer dare u, taiji says enough kuber I will promise that abeer wont act like this again, abeer gets angry n leaves, taiji says kuber u need to calm down,abeer is at tender

age n by blaming him we can lose him,see abeer listens to nisar n mehar n now we will use nisar against mehar n abeer, we should find nisars weakness n we will use that,and abeer will not bear this pain by nisar.
Kuber gives nisar cheque and says this is ur final payment n u will not work here after now with me,nisar says uncle tell me whats wrong I will not make any mistakes again plz don’t treminate me,kuber says ur mistakes list is huge so find a new job, which u may value bcoz I don’t want here abeers friend but an employ, I need talent n sincerity n u don’t have it, nisar says uncle plz I beg of u, kuber says nisar this is professional don’t make it personal u still are abeers friend and if u need money I will help u but now leave, nisar says sir plz I will work harder I need this job my family needs me, kuber says if this is so important why didn’t u take it seriously, u wasted ur time behind abeer n so now sign n leave,nisar says sorry sir, I promise I will work harder plz try understand,kuber says nisar leave, nisar signs the letter n leaves.
Mehar goes to room n sees abeer tensed, abeer says mehar leave don’t trouble, mehar says ok here is a song for u,mehar starts playing guitar,abeer says stop it mehar, mehar says why are u so angry, abeer says u wont understand, mehar says abeer don’t feel bad abt taijis words, abeer says first decide u are my wife or taijis, mehar says abeer I am ur side,abeer smiles,mehar says thank god u smiled but abeer it was ur mistake u shdnt have left work n come, abeer says ya but if I didn’t how would I surprise u n now show me tattoo, mehar says ok,abeer kisses her, taiji calls mehar, mehar leaves.
Nisar upset abt kubers word, abeer calls nisar, abeer asks nisar what is worng why sounding low, nisar says abeer bye not now. Taiji n kuber together, kuber gets a message by nisar saying sorry n asking for a chance, kuber says we are on right track, taiji says very good, kuber says but abeer n nisar are best friends n I hope this doesn’t go wrong, taiji says but for nisar there wont be anything more than family after all money does matters.
Nisar meets kuber n says thanku u gave me time to meet, plz give me a chance, kuber says nisar I have thousands like u in front of me everyday for such chances, u can find them in dustbin n may be u may find urs too, see nisar u cant work for me but I have a job for u and a lot of money that will solve all ur problems, nisar says I will do anything for u just give me a chance, kuber says can u betray abeer,nisar says sorry I didn’t get u,kuber says I want to break mehar n abeers marriage n want u to join me for that, u have to separate them such way that they cant even bear eachother, nisar says but uncle u accepted them ,kuber says nisar no questions just tell yes or no, nisar says no uncle sorry,kuber says ya I understand strong friendship,no worries u may leave and if u want to u can go n tell abeer what I asked u for but don’t forget he is my son but what abt u,nisar money matters so use ur head ur family needs money and if u have me as help think abt it.

Precap: taiji says to suman n bua that u broke my trust, suman says sorry plz forgive me, taiji says if I was in ur place I would be on knees begging for forgiveness, suman goes on knees.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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