Badtameez Dil 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer opens door and sees mehars aunty and smiles and says buaji perfectly wrong timing and not only urs but also mine , she asks mehar what is abeer doing here, suman says he was passing and his health got little low so he came here ,mehar says aunty he, abeer says are mehar I cant wait for breakfast I have to go, mehar says he was here drunk,abeer so u could have called my home but u let me in ur bedroom, mehars aunty says what he was in ur room, abeer says yes I brushed my teeth with her brush too, mehars aunty says abeer just leave, abeer says ok see u in office boss, suman says didi u came early, mehars aunty says I will go back after lunch, and mehar 8 yrs this guy didn’t come home and now in just 15 days he is been here twice and this time in ur room and so u shd think

why is all this happening.
Abeer banging his head in office and says what this alcohol did and my head ache, rati comes and says sir everyone is in common room for nisar sirs episode but u here, abeer saysrati calm down why are u so excited, rati doesn’t answer, abeer says I need favor get me nimboo pani, rati says sure sir, abeer says thanku. Mehar reaches office,and sees abeer applying deo in her way she looks at him, rati comes and gives abeer nimboo pani, sani and nishi see abeer and mehar together, sani says see soon they will fight, mehar and abeer fight to get in common room, everyone take their seats, sani says ok start the show, everyone watches nisars episode, and applaud for nisar, sani says very good nisar and mehar thanku, nisar says yes mehar thanks for trusting my talent, mehar says u deserve it, sani says nisar get this list,nishi says no don’t he has to avoid all these, sani says I mean yes nisar avoid these things in list, nisar asks but where to avoid, sani says in ur party, nisar says off course sure sir.
Sani says so its party time and nisar location as u wish, rati says nisar sir I can help u in that, madhusudhan comes and says yes now double party madhu is back, madhu says sani sir bcoz of u I came back from holiday anyways lovely get all updates to my cabin, mehar asks who is this, abeer says did u like him shd I talk to him baby, he is sani sirs brother in law, mehar says u just stay away and leaves, abeer says oh just ask someone to get me nimboo pani, madhvi comes to office, jawahar takes her to abeers cabin, she waits for abeer, she reads mehars name and asks is that room mehars and says nothing,jawahar says ok and leaves.
Madhvi walks to mehars cabin and sees mehar talking to rati, mehar looks at madhvi and smiles and goes to her and takes her blessing, mehar says come lets go to my cabin, madhvi says no its fine, mehar says ma we met after 8 yrs plz come ,mehar and madhvi go to her cabin,mehar hugs her,madhvi says I felt so good to hear mom from u, mehar says will u have tea, madhvi says black coffee but, mehar says I know with sugar.
Abeer sees food in his cabin, jawahar says sir ur mom got it, abeer says my mom where is she, jawahar says mehar mams cabin, abeer goes to mehars cabin. Madhvi says mehar u have changed a bit but beautiful, abeer says and danger too and mom what are u doing here, madhvi says last night where were u, abeer says I was busy, madhvi says ur phone, anyways so I came to office, abeer says then u shd be in my cabin and not bosses cabin come, mehar says let her have coffee, abeer says she can have it in my cabin, madhvi says mehar come I brought aloo puri u like it come, abeer says ma she is boss she has lot of work, madhvi says but its lunch time let her come.
Madhu and sani working, madhu says many details are missing in new contracts and few documents too are missing and who is this mehar, I think I shd talk to her. Abeer yelling on mehar, why didn’t u say no, u aren’t any good girl stop acting like one, mehar says plz its between me n mom u don’t interfere, abeer says she is my mom but u all u wanted is aloo puri, madhvi enters and says come lets have food, abeer says I don’t want give her having it after 8 yrs right and let her become like aloo and leaves.
Mehar says ma u have it , abeer hasn’t eaten that means even u didn’t eat, madhvi says I am so worried abt abeer, he doesn’t come home and if he come his eyes are red due to anger or drunk, I am so worried for him, abeer calls mehar and says dare u do anything to my mom and make her on ur side.

PRECAP:mehar goes to abeer and says abeer ma is going, and then realizes all are looking at her and abeer surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Too boring….

  2. I cant understand…What is the intention of this makers…What they need to convey…

  3. First I had loved to watch this show.but now-a-days the series is dissapointing me.first I wont miss any episode…but now I dont want to watch this.

  4. I am watching this show only for my meher.I love to watch her.but its very sad to say serial is getting bad day by day. Abeer-meher pairing is good.but the story is not interesting and losing every interest to watch this.Meher plz come back with another good show

    1. Nh, this show is very gud, I like it, I watch this for my pearl aka abeer, but the serial is very gud yr, only I hate abeer’s dad

  5. guys i got spoilers dat abir and meher will dance in dat party and abir will c a tattoo (hus name) in mehers upper back he will ask her y is she didnt removed it….

  6. and guys sorry to say but wats bad in these 😐

    1. Nothing yr, I like it

  7. It is not at all boring…?

  8. Lovely epi.. Amazing

  9. Awesome episodes….just loving it,..

  10. Arey its gng well na.gud epi

    me too sorry 2 ask ‘whats bad in this show?’

  11. Superb episode I just luv it

  12. radhika srinivasan

    it is not at all boring yaar episodes are amazing as im able to read the comments.

  13. I love this serial ..alot!!!!

  14. The episode was great. Waiting to see todays…..

  15. Labon pe bat thi rehgai, zameen bhi adhoori behgai, khoya tu rah kho gai, dhoondu tujhe mil ja kahin,lafz de thora thora waise detaja,yaad de thori thori jeene ki Dua yaadein Teri mere jeeney ki Dua yaadein Teri mere jeeney ki Dua yaadein teri

  16. Richu di
    devu di
    su di

  17. What 2 tell dia di?tu is gng frm our hand nd even our frnds 😥

  18. Today is a very bad dayy


  19. Ri8 dia di..worst day

  20. ? I am about to cry badly

  21. Tujh bin khoye khoye feeki feeki khushbuein as k dekh tu, tujh bin kese hum jiyein? Yaadon k nishaan apne seene me liye yaadein Teri mere jeeney ki Dua yaadein Teri mere jeeney ki dia yaadein teri…?

  22. Liyuu…….v cn meet in fb

  23. Same hr assignment ll get destroyed so m not allowing tears 2 roll down..i can leave anything but not my dearones,our bestiee @lovely super song

    1. Athu went then shifa di went now sruthi also what to do yr

  24. Thats ri8 dia di 😀 ll meet u there.v should

  25. Susi pathu masala devga hg arjuni pragu..

    I planned to leave tu bcoz I have to concentrate in my studies. sorry guys. I m gonna miss u all very much. I have talked to u all only twice or thrice. but we became so close..don’t forget me..

    hg don’t’t say thanks or my partner will kill u. I shud not tell the word kill infront of pathu…

    I think u all come to badtameez dil.. page . so I said this..

    sry pathu I will not say that again .. miss u… n i ll really make our India proud in future

    thank u for your b day wish dear. I ll never forget u. miss u

    sorry arjuni I broke my promise of teaching u Tamil. sorry… miss u

    be happy maanu… talk with letters not with smiles and dots. and don’t do mouna viradhm…????miss u…

    Susi akka.
    best akka I got in tu. thank u. kandipa epayadhu time kidaikirapo peasuren. Liya Ku Tamil kathuthara innoru teacher irukkanga. so Ava inimel complain panna maata.. miss u akka. bye . ena marandhu daaenga…

    devga akka.
    neenga mail anupave illa kadaisi varaikum. paravala bye. miss u … pls don’t forget me…

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    richu di
    i luv u….u r d bstestt
    su di
    luv u too…..muahhh i’ll miss u
    my chhoti sis……luv u
    devu di
    i’ll miss u a lott….. 🙁
    dnt kno whr r u….but really u r my sis….
    nevr tlkd to u much bt i’ll miss u too

    maanu, shanaya, anu, shabbu, elsa
    i’ll misssssss uu alllll

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    Luv u Umaah dia di.ll miss u all frm the bottom of my heart.

  28. Nauc was a gr8 family 4 me.i spend many more months with u all
    richa di
    susi akka
    devu akka
    nika akka
    my aishu chechi
    athu(my tears r 4 u)
    asma di
    blossom di
    dia di
    stuti sis
    my chotti sis,froo
    my dear hny
    And all
    iam not getting any names so plz forgive me.u all gave me a lot of care nd luv.i ll never forget ur advices..i missed some names but u all ll be in my heart..nauc was replaced by bd but our family cannot be replaced 😀 c u all soon somewhere 😥

  29. Liyuu
    m crying

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