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Badtameez Dil 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar goes to abeer, abeer says wow that was quick, I didn’t know u were so dying to meet me, mehar says abeer what are u doing here, abeer says u are trying to take everyone away from me, nisar sasha and now my peace, mehar says abeer get out, abeer says first answer me how do u do it, why did u come to my channel, mehar says I will answer but tomorrow, abeer says no now tell me now, mehar pushes him in lift and says u go now, abeer doesn’t go and says mehar u shd leave my hand and plz leave my life, plz, mehar says u are drunk go now, abeer pushes mehar and goes close to her, and says I have forgotten u and moved on, trust me, u and me are over, mehar says enough lower ur voice and go, abeer shouts I have moved on and falls on mehar.
Kuber says to abeers mom I

wish I could bribe to give me ur life next time, she ignores him and puts on tv and sees its abeers show, she tries to change, kuber says let it be and says this is our son why change the channel, abeer narrating his story, they hear it, kuber says so he is telling his love story on the show so this is what was left, she says if u feel so bad abt it go talk to him, he is ur son too but u always taunt him and do nothing, kuber says madhvi I tried 15 yrs back, I told him to join family business but u took him to that music school and abeer life is mistake now and its bcoz of u, madhvi says he is doing on his own talent, he has reached heights on his own talent look at him, the world loves him but u just criticize him, kuber says fantastic, u do one thing, keep doing what u are good at, madhvi says u go to room I will get u ur tablets.
Mehars mom sees that abeer is drunk, she says mehar lets take him in neighbours are getting disturbed, suman asks mehar whats wrong with him, mehar says he is drunk and as usual a big trouble, tunno wakes up and says jiju, suman says slowly ur aunty if she wakes up , mehar says tunno don’t call him jiju, mehars aunty comes and mehar tunno and abeer hide behind curtain, mehars aunty asks suman what is the noise, suman says no nothing, why didn’t u sleep, mehars aunty says just headache good night and leaves,mehar says I will through him out, tunno says plz he is my jiju, suman says yes let him stay look at him god knows even if he ate anything, mehar says do as u wish, and I am calling mummyji I mean abeers mom, suman says I will talk u don’t, she says mehar looks like number has changed and since last 8 yrs I didn’t talk to her and so let him be here, tunno says not my room, but I can on one condition, u have to permit me to work with him, mehar says u go I will handle my problems, suman says mehar take him to ur room he is ur husband, mehar says mom enough as u think nothing such will happen, suman says see if he stays here ur aunty will see him so take him to ur room, mehar takes abeer to her room.
Mehar says abeer u cant come back in my life, abeer in sleep talks I have forgotten u, mehar looks at his leg and says abeer shoes on bed u still and memorizes an old incident where she sees abeer with shoes on sofa and asks him to take it away, abeer gets up and says wow u are looking very beautiful and hugs her and says I love u, mehar smiles.
Abeer on bed saying I have forgotten u and mehar sitting and crying looking at abeer talking all this, abeer says mehar why u came to my life, I have no feelings for u, go back don’t come day abeer wakesup and says someone close the curtain , pinto plz close curtain, where are all atleast bring tea, abeer goes to bathroom and says god this head ache he picks the toothbrush, and starts brushing his teeth, mehar enters and says hello what are u doing here and my tooth brush, abeer says what are u doing in my house, mehar splashes water on his face and says this is my house, abeer says oh crap what am I doing in ur house did u kidnap me, mehar says u don’t know how u came, stupid u came here last night all drunk, abeer says and u took advantage of me oh god, mehar says shutup abeer and leave now, suman comes and says abeer dear here is tea have it and come breakfast is ready and sees mehar looking at her in anger and leaves, abeer says here is ur towel and here is my shoe, mehar says get out u wont stay here, abeer says offcourse I wont my servants quarter Is better than ur house,abeer leaves and says aunty cant stay for breakfast my boss is getting upset and opens door and sees mehar aunty at door and smiles at her.

Precap: mehars aunty asks what is abeer doing here, mehar says he came here drunk, mehars aunty says what he was in ur room whole night, abeer says yes I was and even brushed with her tooth paste.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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