Badtameez Dil 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, in college, abeer wakes up and sees its morning and wakes nisar and says its 8, nisar says what now what to do, abeer peeps out and sees there are many boys in corridor, abeer says we will manage don’t worry, mehar wakes up and sees nisar and abeer front of her and asks what are u doing in my room, abeer says madam u are in my room since yesterday, mehar says that drink oh god, u gave me that drink what did u mix in it and I wont leave u I will complain and goes out, everyone sees mehar in a shirt, rector asks mehar what is she doing here and asks her to get ready and come to chancellor’s office. Sneha says mehar don’t worry I saw abeer giving u drink tell the truth I am with u, mehars friend tells her that her mom has called her, mehar picks her call, her mom asks where

were u yesterday, mehar says mom I have class will call u later, she says ok take care.
Sneha says sorry mehar this is all bcoz of me, mehar walks to chancellors office, abeer and nisar outside the office, mehar looks at them, abeer and nisar ignore her, nisar says what will happen now, chancellor asks mehar what were u doing in boys hostel, mehar says sir yesterday someone I mean I drank a colddrink and alcohol was mixed in it and so by mistake I went to boys hostel, he says mehar every year many students get carried away but u were a surprise, yesterday u were the best student and now alcohol, rector says lets restigate her, mehar says plz sir plz I worked hard to come here, this is last mistake plz give me a chance, he says ok u have to tell me the boys names who got alcohol orelse ur scholarship will be cancelled, mehar says I don’t know who brought alcohol,sir asks who gave u the drink, mehar says sir I don’t remember who gave it, plz give me one chance sir plz, sir says since u are a bright student we give u a chance and this shdnt be repeated leave now, mehar leaves. A peon from cabin tells abeer that mehar didn’t take his name, abeer goes to mehar and asks why did u do this why didn’t u take my name, mehar says bcoz I don’t have a rich dad, he would save u, but what abt me I don’t have one and if this news reached my house my mom and aunty would lose trust on me,so plz leave me alone do whatever u wish but plz don’t trouble me.
Abeer in show, so this is how the girl was double standard instead of saying thanku, she delivered a filmy dialogue and went away making the hero feel guilty, that hero who let her sleep on his bed and and gave her his shirt,lovely tells sani what a story how interesting, I just hope that it kills his hatred, sani says hatred does turn in love and this story will also have that turn, nishi comes and asks what turn, lovely leaves, sani looking at lovely says a turn that may change everything, nishi says how dare u think of lovely, sani says nishi I was thinking abt abeer and mehars hatred, and I love u, sani says abeer and mehar were clg friends and after she joined the channel u saw what all happened, so this signs something fishy.
Abeer and sasha together, sasha says mehar does matter to u, abeer says she doesn’t, sasha says oh look at urself what have u done to urself have this story and all, abeer says she came to my channel and try to boss me and so I am repaying it, sashsa says abeer don’t lie, abeer says I have moved on and she is nothing to me, sasha says then how do u remember every detail of ur story and u aren’t lying to me but urself think abt it and sasha leaves, abeer gets angry and drinks alcohol and says mehar purohit I don’t love u I have moved on.
Mehars mom trying to do something on laptop, she says tunno look at this laptop its hanger, tunno says plz mom its hanged, mehar says tunno leave this mobile and study , tunno says no I wont I want to be like abeer jiju and not u, mehar and tunno fight on it, mehars phone rings, tunno says see ur phone ringing go get it.mehar sees its abeer calling, she picks it, abeer all drunk and says I want to meet u, mehar says are u mad, abeer says I am not far away just below ur house, mehar says abeer u are drunk and its 12 so I shall meet u tomorrow, abeer says come down what if i had done same way in nisars case when u called me at night, mehar says that favor is equal, abeer says right and its new case where I trouble u more and so get ready and come down or else I will be at ur door , mehar asks where are u, abeer says in ur heat that corner with hatred and so come before my countdown finishes or else I will be at ur door, mehar runs down to abeer.

Precap:abeer very close to mehar says I have moved on mehar moved on.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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